How to Play Scrabble Game

Scrabble Game is played with two to four players. Each player will draw one tile from the tile bag, the player with the closest letter to a will get to play first. Player that is closest to a and will be first players that return their letter tiles in the bag and mixed up and each player will draw seven letter tiles to start the game.                                             

With the object of the game is to score the most points are scored by creating words on the board with the letter tiles. Each letter is worth a number of points listed on the tiles and scores can be increased by playing on premium squares on the board.                                              

There are four premium squares the double letter score, these doubles the points for the letter played on it the triple letter score marking squares triples the points for the letter played on it. The double word score doubles the total value of the wordplay and the triple word score triples the total value of the word played the game begins with the player.                                             

There are creating a word with at least two tiles and playing one of the letter tiles on the center star. Player that will play the word game after each turn the player will score for the word played the letter tiles played add up to seven and that amount is double as the middle star is a pink double word score fourteen points are recorded for the player. Thereafter scoring the player will draw letter tiles to get back to seven tiles. Player they draw four tiles play moves clockwise left to right, the player must play at least one letter tile and connect a new word to an existing word.                                           

Words by Letter Count