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Scamp Crump Clump Cramp Camps Clamp Ramps Prams Sumac Plume Remap Plasm Crams Palms Lamps Marcs Scram Ampul Psalm Musca Mucus Ample Maple Puces Mercs Sculp Culms Scrap Scaup Scarp Craps Carps Pumas Scrum Cupel Uncap Sperm Recap Slump Perms Caper Plums Lumps Rumps Place Spume Pecan Culpa Scalp Clasp Claps Macle Camel Cream Macer Capes Pacer Space Acmes Cames Scape Crape Clams Calms Maces Paces Pares Mural Larum Cures Marls Rumen Alums Parse Plans Ulpan Slurp Cruse Apres Mauls Asper Lumas Spurn Pause Usurp Sunup Pareu Puler Reaps Spare Pules Presa Lupus Sucre Ecrus Rapes Pears Lemur Mules Pulse Prase Curse Punas Praus Supra Aurum Sprue Arums Muras Ramus Super Uncle Lucre Cruel Ulcer Uncus Curns Purse Prune Apers Merls Purls Neums Manus Menus Serum Luces Clues Muser Mures Lumen Curls Unarm Spear Crane Nacre Smear Rance Acnes Carns Scena Narcs Canes Reams Spale Races Amuse Pearl Parle Paler Arpen Lapse Leaps Salep Pleas Peals Pales Maser Reman Ramen Amens Manes Manse Namer Sauce Escar Scare Serac Cause Means Mensa Acres Cares Carls Cauls Carse Marse Names Nemas Clans Mares Aspen Sepal Realm Almes Lames Males Carle Clear Lamer Laces Alecs Lacer Meals Ulema Clean Penal Plane Plena Napes Panel Scaur Arcus Lance Leman Scale Spean Peans Panes Neaps Caner Sneap Rules Nurse Lures Nurls Runes Lunes Leans Unaus Urase Saner Nears Ureas Earns Nares Luaus Usual Ursae Sural Snare Lunas Ulnar Ulnae Lanes Ulans Ulnas Laser Earls Arles Elans Lunar Snarl Aures Renal Learn Lears Lares Reals Seral Ureal Rales Usnea

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Definition of the word Supernaculum, Meaning of Supernaculum word :
adv. & n. - A kind of mock Latin term intended to mean, upon the nail, -- used formerly by topers.

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