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Mache Munch Schmo Mouch Chums Mucho Chams Chasm Macho Mocha March Charm Machs Chemo Merch Shame Hames Ranch Herma Haems Harem Mahoe Nucha Ancho Nacho Homer Mensh Roach Orach Homes Chore Hance Amahs Ochre Chare Chase Aches Reach Marsh Ruche Humor Mohur Echos Harms Human Churn Rheum Ocher Sauch Herms Chaos Chars Chose Crash Hocus Crush Sumac Musca Scrum Scram Corms Comes Comer Mercs Mucor Mucro Acmes Cames Marcs Cream Cameo Comae Maces Camas Macer Comas Crams Camos Macro Carom Macon Hoars Horas Hours Surah Honer Heron Hosen Shone Hones Haars Sharn Horns Hansa Shorn Usher Ashen House Hoers Heros Horse Shore Shoer Hoser Hanse Shear Share Rheas Herns Hears Hares Roams Mourn Norms Muras Morns Muons Arums Ramus Amour Sucre Corns Scorn Cornu Conus Nomes Omens Neums Menus Rumen Uncos Curns Moras Meson Scour Enorm Recon Crone Cones Scone Ounce Meous Moues Serum Muser Mures Mouse Ceros Cores Omers Morse Mores Ecrus Curse Corse Score Cruse Cures Ramen Namer Scaur Canso Racon Carns Narcs Arcus Orcas Reman Amens Maser Marse Reams Smear Amuse Mares Morae Manse Manes Means Mensa Nemas Names Narco Acorn Maras Maars Canoe Ocean Crane Caner Omasa Aroma Sacra Areca Arame Manas Nacre Rance Scare Races Serac Cause Sauce Escar Carse Canes Acnes Scena Ocrea Cares Acres Roman Manos Mason Manor Unarm Soman Nomas Moans Manus Monas Auras Usnea Aeons Ruana Arose Sauna Snare Runes Euros Roues Rouse Nurse Anoas Nares Earns Ursae Saner Senor Nears Snore Rouen Saran Anear Arena Aures Ureas Urase Areas Sonar Roans Arson Ansae Aurae

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Definition of the word Rhamnaceous, Meaning of Rhamnaceous word :
a. - Of or pertaining to a natural order of shrubs and trees (Rhamnaceae, or Rhamneae) of which the buckthorn (Rhamnus) is the type. It includes also the New Jersey tea, the supple-jack, and one of the plants called lotus (Zizyphus).

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