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Gamily Grimly Maying Gleamy Gamely Mangey Timely Namely Laymen Meanly Mainly Tamely Myelin Trimly Enmity Termly Meetly Merely Myrtle Lamely Gaiety Eyeing Gleety Energy Greeny Gyrene Argyle Gently Gentry Gyrate Anergy Galley Gainly Raying Trigly Grainy Glinty Glairy Laying Gantry Tingly Trying Gnarly Tyring Tangly Argyll Lingam German Mingle Engram Gimlet Magnet Manege Ragmen Laming Manger Lately Lealty Leanly Menage Lanely Rallye Really Regime Taming Malign Nearly Mating Yeller Emigre Lenity Metage Maigre Mirage Tegmen Germen Imager Gamier Artily Meager Meagre Gamete Gamine Milage Enigma Litany Arming Aerily Eerily Margin Yeelin Meting Legmen Neatly Elytra Realty Nitery Eatery Legman Lyrate Malgre Mangle Mangel Matier Imaret Mallet Marten Marlin Martin Mitral Ramtil Mantel Mantle Mental Lament Almner Armlet Tramel Minter Remint Miller Millet Tamein Milter Limner Merlin Meanie Mallee Mealie Enamel Melena Meaner Rename Remate Reteam Reemit Retime Mallei Emetin Ermine Remail Melter Remelt Mailer Menial Maline Metier Elmier Marine Inmate Etamin Remain Airmen Reglet Gratin Taring Gerent Regent Gentle Linger Gentil Grille Giller Tingle Elegit Engirt Regilt Teeing Rating Garnet Argent Gelant Regnal Angler Tangle Tergal Gallet Triage Ergate Negate Genera Regale Galere Allege Eaglet Gelate Enrage Telega Legate Regain Reagin Gainer Regina Eating Gaiter Aigret Ingate Earing Ligate Genial Linage Gelati Aiglet Glaire Nellie Lierne Reline Tailer Retial Lenite Triene Retine Linter Entire Retile Retail Tineal Tenail Entail Ratine Taller Learnt Rental Antler Retina Retain Retell Teller Lienal Lineal Taille Telial Aliner Relent Larine Neater Renail Nailer Linear Tiller Rillet Lintel Lentil Ratlin Teniae Leaner Entera Relate Elater Lateen Trinal

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Definition of the word Regimentally, Meaning of Regimentally word :
adv. - In or by a regiment or regiments, as, troops classified regimentally.

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