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Gamps Gramp Gimps Grump Temps Prima Perms Sperm Spume Prism Prims Impis Primi Prime Prams Ramps Remap Pimas Tramp Stamp Tempi Tamps Pumas Tumps Rumps Trump Stump Pager Sprug Sigma Agism Gaums Grape Magus Gaper Grams Sagum Gamut Grasp Grips Prigs Sprig Parge Gript Sprag Grume Geums Gapes Pages Gamer Germs Marge Image Peags Grime Regma Gripe Mages Games Getup Purge Pitas Tamis Maist Spier Ripes Stime Speir Metis Mites Items Smite Spait Times Prise Peris Simar Piers Pries Atrip Spire Pairs Amirs Mairs Paris Tapir Tapis Pruta Sirup Sputa Stupa Strap Sprat Tarps Traps Supra Praus Situp Strum Prats Parts Mitre Miter Merit Remit Timer Marts Smart Emirs Puris Mauts Mires Arums Trams Muras Ramus Miser Rimes Emits Prate Peart Pater Taper Pareu Paste Apter Amies Presa Prase Rapes Reaps Spear Spare Pates Peats Spate Septa Tapes Tepas Pause Pears Parse Maser Marse Mares Reams Smear Mater Armet Trims Spirt Pieta Sepia Trips Strip Sprit Stirp Ramet Tamer Mitis Tipis Apers Apres Pares Asper Amuse Meats Mates Satem Steam Teams Tames Upset Taupe Paise Terms Purse Spite Strep Prest Mures Mutes Muser Stupe Muter Serum Piste Stipe Turps Erupt Spurt Setup Ramie Super Tripe Aimer Sprue Guest Urges Surge Grues Trigs Grits Grist Girts Trugs Tragi Tegua Sugar Guars Rugae Gears Argus Rages Gates Aegis Agers Auger Argue Gater Gaurs Sarge Sager Grate Great Terga Targe Retag Tiger Gaits Ragis Staig Agist Gites Guise Getas Usage Agues Stage Saute Ureas Stare Resat Ursae Tares Urase Aures Tears Trues Urate Rates Aster Retia Uraei Aurei Terai Arise Raise Serai Irate Airts Astir Sitar Stair Auris Tarsi Stria Tries Tires Sieur Uteri Etuis Tiers Rites Resit Sutra Suite

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Definition of the word Epigastrium, Meaning of Epigastrium word :
n. - The upper part of the abdomen.

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