Total 849 words found made out of Coleopterous

There are total 12 letters in Coleopterous, Starting with C and ending with S.

Coleopterous is a scrabble word? Yes (16 Points) Coleopterous has worth 16 Scrabble points.

9 Letter word, Total 5 words found made out of Coleopterous

8 Letter word, Total 32 words found made out of Coleopterous

7 Letter word, Total 96 words found made out of Coleopterous

6 Letter word, Total 170 words found made out of Coleopterous

5 Letter word, Total 237 words found made out of Coleopterous

Crops9 Coper9 Puces9 Croup9 Creep9 Crepe9 Corps9 Scoop9 Coops9 Clepe9 Cepes9 Coopt9 Coups9 Coupe9 Scope9 Copse9 Copes9 Crept9 Clops9 Sculp9 Clept9 Cupel9 Slept7 Lucre7 Ulcer7 Cruel7 Peter7 Pouts7 Puler7 Steep7 Rupee7 Puree7 Pelts7 Creel7 Topes7 Pules7 Topee7 Luces7 Clues7 Strep7 Culet7 Cooer7 Sprue7 Purse7 Letup7 Prest7 Turps7 Prese7 Speer7 Spree7 Spelt7 Pulse7 Prees7 Peers7 Peres7 Perse7 Celts7 Pores7 Ceorl7 Slope7 Loupe7 Erupt7 Scree7 Loper7 Poler7 Cetes7 Terce7 Erect7 Stoup7 Spout7 Poles7 Lopes7 Prole7 Telco7 Prose7 Trope7 Poser7 Estop7 Stope7 Poets7 Pesto7 Toper7 Repot7 Coles7 Close7 Ceres7 Socle7 Cooee7 Repos7 Ropes7 Spore7 Elect7 Super7 Truce7 Coset7 Crust7 Scout7 Purls7 Court7 Curls7 Recut7 Slurp7 Curst7 Poult7 Locus7 Colts7 Spool7 Sucre7 Topos7 Stoop7 Loups7 Recto7 Plots7 Clout7 Scour7 Cotes7 Scoot7 Cruet7 Curet7 Coots7 Troop7 Ecrus7 Curse7 Cures7 Cruse7 Crest7 Cuter7 Sopor7 Proso7 Cults7 Torcs7 Spoor7 Escot7 Eruct7 Elope7 Sloop7 Orlop7 Cutes7 Cloot7 Scute7 Speel7 Pools7 Pours7 Peels7 Peles7 Spurt7 Locos7 Color7 Sport7 Prost7 Ports7 Setup7 Stupe7 Cools7 Strop7 Upset7 Roups7 Sleep7 Polos7 Loops7 Ceros7 Clots7 Leper7 Clour7 Corse7 Cores7 Repel7 Score7 Relet5 Lours5 Rotos5 Roots5 Rotls5 Louts5 Torus5 Stele5 Teels5 Teles5 Steel5 Lotus5 Torso5 Roost5 Leets5 Sleet5 Toros5 Sotol5 Stool5 Elute5 Lotos5 Stour5 Loots5 Trues5 Tours5 Reels5 Tools5 Tolus5 Leers5 Outre5 Loose5 Oleos5 Lores5 Orles5 Loser5 Trees5 Terse5 Stere5 Reuse5 Erose5 Roles5 Sorel5 Tules5 Louse5 Ousel5 Toles5 Roose5 Lutes5 Stole5 Telos5 Steer5 Route5 Outer5 Roust5 Routs5 Rules5 Lures5 Touse5 Reset5 Rouse5 Roset5 Rotes5 Reest5 Ester5 Roues5 Store5 Euros5 Torse5 Tores5

4 Letter word, Total 206 words found made out of Coleopterous

3 Letter word, Total 87 words found made out of Coleopterous

2 Letter word, Total 16 words found made out of Coleopterous

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Definition of the word Coleopterous, Meaning of Coleopterous word :
a. - Having wings covered with a case or sheath, belonging to the Coleoptera.

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In Coleopterous C is 3rd, O is 15th, L is 12th, E is 5th, P is 16th, T is 20th, R is 18th, U is 21st, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.