Total 1004 words found made out of Approximately

Approximately is acceptable and playable word in Scrabble and having 29 points. Approximately is scorable and playable word in Words with Friends Cheat with 32 points.

There are total 13 letters in Approximately, Starting with A and ending with Y.

Approximately is a scrabble word? Yes (29 Points)

Approximately is a WWF word? Yes (32 Points)


11 Letter word, Total 2 words found made out of Approximately

6 Letter word, Total 180 words found made out of Approximately

Expiry18 Peroxy18 Premix17 Laxity16 Poxier15 Poleax15 Remixt15 Pimply15 Prolix15 Pretax15 Plexor15 Maypop15 Export15 Matrix15 Alexia13 Trampy13 Trippy13 Prepay13 Yapper13 Propyl13 Pyemia13 Mopery13 Papery13 Employ13 Primly13 Polypi13 Myopia13 Ripply13 Papyri13 Pyrope13 Popery13 Oxtail13 Preamp12 Pamper12 Mapper12 Pimple12 Moppet12 Mopper12 Prompt12 Parley11 Pyrite11 Tamely11 Typier11 Teapoy11 Motley11 Myrtle11 Pearly11 Poetry11 Triply11 Piraya11 Apiary11 Pitaya11 Raptly11 Partly11 Paltry11 Pyrola11 Trimly11 Peyotl11 Peltry11 Ropily11 Ripely11 Polity11 Pylori11 Pertly11 Moiety11 Payola11 Termly11 Player11 Replay11 Protyl11 Parity11 Portly11 Parlay11 Timely11 Impart10 Armpit10 Lipoma10 Tapper10 Import10 Optima10 Primal10 Lipper10 Limpet10 Rimple10 Trompe10 Limper10 Prelim10 Topple10 Ripple10 Permit10 Tipper10 Optime10 Tipple10 Propel10 Mopier10 Lopper10 Poplar10 Laptop10 Potpie10 Topper10 Impala10 Appeal10 Tamper10 Lapper10 Palmar10 Appear10 Ampler10 Applet10 Rappel10 Impale10 Lappet10 Palmer10 Paramo10 Aliyot9 Elytra9 Lyrate9 Artily9 Realty9 Aerily9 Tramel8 Pelota8 Parole8 Motile8 Moiler8 Replot8 Petrol8 Protei8 Mailer8 Remail8 Patrol8 Portal8 Aplite8 Aporia8 Palier8 Milter8 Merlot8 Molter8 Polite8 Piolet8 Matier8 Tapalo8 Morale8 Opiate8 Amoral8 Imaret8 Amatol8 Triple8 Pirate8 Armlet8 Earlap8 Meatal8 Protea8 Maloti8 Ramate8 Mitral8 Ramtil8 Palate8 Amrita8 Tamale8 Palter8 Lamiae8 Malate8 Mortal8 Plater8 Tamari8 Aerial6 Realia6 Latria6 Lariat6 Atrial6 Areola6 Aortae6 Aortal6 Retail6 Tailor6 Rialto6 Tailer6 Retial6 Toiler6 Loiter6

5 Letter word, Total 238 words found made out of Approximately

Proxy17 Pyrex17 Pyxie17 Xylem17 Prexy17 Epoxy17 Ataxy15 Expat14 Remix14 Pixel14 Moxie14 Oxime14 Mirex14 Mixer14 Oxlip14 Axiom14 Ixtle12 Amply12 Taxer12 Retax12 Relax12 Laxer12 Extra12 Exalt12 Latex12 Ixora12 Axite12 Apply12 Palmy12 Taxol12 Axile12 Loppy12 Mopey12 Extol12 Myope12 Empty12 Lippy12 Imply12 Axial12 Oxter12 Tippy12 Polyp12 Primp11 Pampa11 Repay10 Apery10 Payer10 Peaty10 Meaty10 Matey10 Patly10 Reply10 Plyer10 Limey10 Etyma10 Piety10 Melty10 Party10 Tepoy10 Ropey10 Malty10 Mylar10 Milty10 Loamy10 Marly10 Aptly10 Motey10 Tryma10 Payor10 Atopy10 Atomy10 Typal10 Mayor10 Moray10 Amity10 Platy10 Mealy10 Playa10 Appal9 Proem9 Moper9 Milpa9 Limpa9 Pipal9 Palpi9 Papal9 Prima9 Pepla9 Apple9 Appel9 Maple9 Primo9 Ample9 Tramp9 Preop9 Tempo9 Remap9 Pipet9 Tromp9 Piper9 Paper9 Tempi9 Prime9 Praam9 Impel9 Toyer8 Lyart8 Alary8 Royal8 Riley8 Relay8 Leary8 Layer8 Aliya8 Early8 Laity8 Riyal8 Roily8 Teary8 Pilar7 Plait7 Amole7 Morel7 Metol7 Morae7 Arame7 Armet7 Pater7 Tamal7 Apart7 Taper7 Prate7 Peart7 Motel7 Palea7 Email7 Aroma7 Loper7 Ramal7 Pieta7 Poler7 Miler7 Tripe7 Plier7 Maile7 Ramie7 Prole7 Aimer7 Peril7 Malar7 Leapt7 Merit7 Miter7 Mitre7 Tapir7 Alamo7 Amort7 Atrip7 Apter7 Repot7 Toper7 Trope7 Metal7 Maria7 Moral7 Parle7 Polar7 Paler7 Parol7 Molar7 Remit7 Timer7 Pareo7 Pearl7 Opera7 Lepta7 Moira7 Lamia7 Pilea7 Pilot7 Pleat7 Realm7 Alarm7 Moire7 Metro7 Arepa7 Parae7 Aport7 Plate7 Tepal7 Mater7 Palet7 Lamer7 Ramet7 Tamer7 Petal7 Patio7 Lirot5 Triol5 Tiara5 Reata5 Ratel5 Areal5 Riata5 Alter5 Alert5 Artel5 Oater5 Ratio5 Laari5 Tolar5 Trail5 Trial5 Orate5 Alate5 Raita5 Atria5 Later5 Talar5 Telia5 Ratal5 Artal5 Terai5 Retia5 Altar5 Toile5 Teloi5 Reoil5 Oriel5 Oiler5 Taler5 Litre5 Irate5 Liter5 Relit5 Tiler5 Ariel5 Aorta5

4 Letter word, Total 279 words found made out of Approximately

Poxy16 Pixy16 Oryx14 Exam13 Plex13 Oxim13 Maxi13 Moxa13 Prex13 Mixt13 Expo13 Apex13 Taxa11 Pipy11 Exit11 Typp11 Ilex11 Axil11 Taxi11 Axal11 Mopy11 Axel11 Axle11 Pomp10 Pimp10 Mity9 Miry9 Rimy9 Moly9 Pray9 Pity9 Paty9 Prey9 Pyre9 Paly9 Play9 Type9 Amyl9 Limy9 Mayo9 Pily9 Yelp9 Army9 Pyro9 Ropy9 Maya9 Typo9 Yipe9 Poly9 Ylem9 Elmy9 Ploy9 Repp8 Perp8 Palp8 Pram8 Temp8 Papa8 Perm8 Pome8 Pepo8 Tamp8 Ramp8 Pipe8 Pope8 Poem8 Mope8 Prep8 Plop8 Prop8 Prim8 Pima8 Prom8 Palm8 Lamp8 Limp8 Romp8 Aery7 Yare7 Eyra7 Rely7 Raya7 Yeti7 Lory7 Tray7 Arty7 Year7 Lyre7 Aryl7 Yore7 Oyer7 Tyre7 Tyer7 Trey7 Airy7 Tyro7 Oily7 Tory7 Ryot7 Troy7 Ripe6 Time6 Pier6 Trop6 Tapa6 Peri6 Port6 Mole6 Repo6 Rope6 Lama6 Tome6 Term6 Omit6 Pore6 Alma6 Poet6 Milo6 Limo6 Moil6 Pert6 Tope6 Milt6 Amia6 Mite6 Mote6 Omer6 Plot6 Lope6 Pole6 Mara6 Atma6 Para6 Mort6 Merl6 Melt6 Maar6 Lept6 Trim6 More6 Topi6 Trip6 Pelt6 Molt6 Atap6 Peal6 Item6 Male6 Pale6 Plat6 Meal6 Leap6 Plea6 Opal6 Mate6 Lime6 Mile6 Alme6 Mola6 Lame6 Malt6 Roam6 Meat6 Trap6 Tarp6 Aper6 Lipa6 Pail6 Pare6 Tram6 Atom6 Moat6 Mora6 Mart6 Prao6 Proa6 Part6 Prat6 Rapt6 Lima6 Mail6 Atop6 Pial6 Loam6 Marl6 Tame6 Amie6 Plie6 Pile6 Tape6 Ream6 Rami6 Amir6 Meta6 Reap6 Mair6 Tepa6 Rape6 Lipe6 Mare6 Pita6 Mire6 Rime6 Emit6 Pear6 Emir6 Team6 Peat6 Pate6 Pair6 Tail4 Area4 Tali4 Lati4 Alit4 Liar4 Tael4 Tale4 Trio4 Rotl4 Late4 Aril4 Lair4 Lari4 Teal4 Tori4 Tela4 Alae4 Lira4 Rail4 Rate4 Tare4 Tiro4 Tear4 Roti4 Riot4 Rial4 Raia4 Alar4 Role4 Tole4 Tora4 Rota4 Rote4 Tore4 Rato4 Orle4 Lore4 Riel4 Ilea4 Rile4 Lite4 Tile4 Lire4 Lier4 Aero4 Tala4 Tire4 Tier4 Rite4 Aloe4 Taro4 Lota4 Tola4 Earl4 Roil4 Alto4 Airt4 Toea4 Oral4 Aria4 Iota4 Olea4 Tirl4 Real4 Rale4 Loti4 Toil4 Lear4

2 Letter word, Total 41 words found made out of Approximately

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Definition of the word Approximately, Meaning of Approximately word :
adv. - With approximation, so as to approximate, nearly.

Approximately is frequenty used in both Scrabble and Words with Friends. Check out all the list made out of Approximately, you can also directly go to the desired word length by using the Filter by Length tool.

In Approximately A is 1st, P is 16th, R is 18th, O is 15th, X is 24th, I is 9th, M is 13th, T is 20th, E is 5th, L is 12th, Y is 25th letters in Alphabet Series.

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