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Mover Vicar Vatic Clavi Cavie Cavil Movie Vocal Cover Voice Vomer Vomit Civet Evict Covet Mauve Clove Curve Mavie Carve Crave Caver Velum Clave Calve Comer Carom Macro Comet Comte Crime Macer Macle Mulct Amice Micro Locum Mucor Mucro Comae Cameo Malic Melic Clime Comal Cream Umiac Micra Camel Celom Claim Velar Laver Ravel Value Uveal Valet Voter Lover Vital Viral Rival Lovat Volta Volar Valor Volti Trove Overt Vault Voila Trave Avert Vertu Ovate Laevo Viola Villa Ervil Liver Voile Olive Livre Vireo Rivet Virtu Volte Viler Ovule Aiver Vitae Alive Muter Truce Recut Moult Timer Merit Lotic Ureic Miter Cutie Remit Mitre Celli Amort Curet Metol Cuter Mural Larum Cruet Mille Cello Eruct Oculi Recto Amour Telco Trice Recti Lemur Court Metro Cruel Curio Clour Miler Citer Recit Clout Ileum Morel Lucre Moire Culet Oleum Ceorl Oleic Curie Relic Louma Ulcer Telic Toric Motel Culti Morae Ulema Aimer Maile Ramie Metal Realm Lamer Armet Mater Miaul Moira Maill Tamer Ramet Email Carte Caret Ocrea Cater Crate Trace Recta React Eclat Cleat Ceria Areic Ileac Erica Cella Lacer Clear Carle Acute Lilac Octal Coral Claro Taroc Actor Carol Local Coria Aulic Tical Coati Triac Curia Auric Miaou Amole Molal Mulla Tumor Moral Molar Tiler Utile Orate Oater Urate Trial Urial Trail Outre Tolar Ratio Outer Ultra Ourie Trull Uteri Relit Tulle Atoll Allot Loral Taler Ureal Telia Ratel Later Irate Litre Troll Retia Terai Lirot Alter Artel Alert Aurei Triol Uraei Ariel Iller Toile Rille Lutea Oiler Louie Trill Teloi Liter Ileal Route Oriel Reoil

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Definition of the word Volumetrical, Meaning of Volumetrical word :
a. - Volumetric.

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In Volumetrical V is 22nd, O is 15th, L is 12th, U is 21st, M is 13th, E is 5th, T is 20th, R is 18th, I is 9th, C is 3rd, A is 1st letters in Alphabet Series.