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Fovea Varve Favor Favas Fives Fiver Vivas Faves Mavis Mavie Forme Farms Foram Vomit Mover Vomer Movie Vroom Moves Fermi Foams Forms Fames Frame Motif Mafia Firms Vires Roofs Afars Vesta Voter Stave Fiats Fiars Overt Viers Siver Fairs Rives Varas Frets Afrit Trove Foots Stove Votes Aviso Vireo Foist Varia Vista Visor Vairs Frost Arvos Fatso Softa Savor Faros Sofar Farts Frats Forts Rivet Rafts Feast Afoot Saver Feist Refit Rifts Aiver Vitae Frise Fries Fires Reifs Serif Frits First Roves After Fores Froes Feats Fetas Fates Fears Fares Overs Afore Safer Verts Ovate Avers Verst Forte Ofter Fetor Soave Oaves Feria Avert Trave Tafia Avast Verso Servo Afire Raves Stoma Emirs Marts Mires Miser Rimes Omits Moist Moras Smart Atoms Amort Roams Moats Moire Maria Amias Trims Arame Trams Romeo Moose Mores Motes Smote Moste Metro Morse Omers Moots Motor Atmas Storm Morts Tomes Teams Morae Amies Ramie Aimer Mares Mates Terms Meats Satem Tames Steam Tamer Ramet Maser Marse Reams Smear Mater Armet Items Amirs Mairs Simar Emits Moira Timer Metis Maist Times Moors Rooms Stime Smite Tamis Mites Miter Mitre Maars Maras Merit Omasa Aroma Remit Arose Rotis Retia Riots Irate Tiros Terai Torsi Roast Sorta Taros Rotas Toras Roose Ratos Serai Raias Atria Raita Riata Arias Areas Reata Tiara Torse Tores Store Rotes Trios Raise Aorta Arise Roset Toeas Tiers Tires Rites Resit Tries Oater Astir Airts Sitar Stair Stria Stoai Ratio Osier Iotas Oorie Ostia Tarsi Stoae Roost Torso Toros Rotos Roots Trois Tears Stare Tares Rates Aster Orate Resat

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Definition of the word Vasoformative, Meaning of Vasoformative word :
a. - Concerned in the development and formation of blood vessels and blood corpuscles, as, the vasoformative cells.

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