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Valedictorian is a scrabble word? Yes (19 Points) Valedictorian has worth 19 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Caviled Veridic Vidicon Verdict Alcoved Divorce Codrive Ovicide Advance Vacated Cadaver Vanadic Octaval Voltaic Corvina Corvine Avarice Evictor Vicinal Caviler Viatica Aviatic Centavo Invoice Valance Overact Caviare Coaeval Caravel Clavate Venatic Avionic Valeric Convert Clavier Vatical Deviant Ravined Invader Tardive Avoider Avodire Rivaled Naevoid Anviled Invited Diviner Invalid Verdant Vedalia Availed Aviated Vanload Veranda Datival Levator Dictier Ventral Volante Variola Identic Incited Ericoid Aviator Variole Ventail Ravelin Violate Cordial Ctenoid Cotidal Triclad Carotid Deontic Noticed Conidia Triacid Nodical Triadic Caldron Valonia Dineric Eidolic Vitrine Diction Ovarian Dracena Travail Caldera Craaled Radical Antacid Acaroid Valiant Decanal Cardiae Ovarial Alcaide Aecidia Crinoid Candela Canaled Virelai Carload Inviter Variant Calando Olivine Rilievo Cordite Violent Tranced Vitrain Vitriol Trivial Decrial Taverna Reavail Codeina Cordate Invital Velaria Variate Inlaced Redcoat Celadon Radicel Citadel Edictal Candler Dialect Tacnode Deltaic Ravioli Acorned Radicle Located Overlit Caroled Cairned Clarion Carinae Cateran Acerola Lactean Acarine Oneiric Crinite Neritic Lection Citrine Enactor Cortina Carotin Recital Aconite Erotica Anticar Tacrine Ceratin Certain Article Cointer Ciliate Aloetic Loricae Coalier Carline Calorie Cariole Creatin Central Actinia Carinal Cranial Locater Lactone Actinal Inciter Noticer Noritic Corneal Ocarina Taloned Ladrone Delator Leotard Edition Inditer Dilator Ordinal Diatron Lianoid Diorite Trained Nitride Lentoid Tendril Troland Trindle Detrain Laterad Laniard Nadiral Lanated Adrenal Araneid Airdate Radiate Tiaraed Denarii Dinitro Radiant Deliria Tolidin Dariole Radiale Aneroid Trailed Antired Dilater Redtail Inedita Alation Aeolian Antiair Nitrile Lintier Trenail Retinal Toenail Elation Reliant Ratline Latrine Retinol Inertia Airline Alienor Aileron

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Cervid Advice Voiced Advect Calved Carved Craved Corvid Corvet Covert Clivia Vector Coeval Viatic Active Alcove Carvel Cavern Craven Avocet Carven Octave Claver Vitric Velcro Clover Novice Voicer Cloven Victor Cavort Vacant Cravat Atavic Vacate Caveat Caviar Divert Viroid Advent Vialed Invade Vailed Dative Vendor Varied Voider Advert Driven Verdin Devoir Avidin Nevoid Divine Drivel Vandal Navaid Indict Revolt Coined Aviate Canard Codein Cnidae Deltic Clerid Lanced Vineal Docile Naiver Native Citied Coiled Ravine Vainer Delict Candle Caried Dacite Codeia Virile Alevin Venial Vinier Veinal Alvine Valine Virion Arcade Docent Violet Acedia Alcade Cardia Violin Livier Cloned Larvae Colder Corned Acarid Invite Nordic Volant Crated Craned Cedarn Viator Carted Anodic Renvoi Dancer Credit Deacon Canoed Dicier Enviro Redact Invert Dacoit Coated Candor Cardon Dacron Tavern Decant Canted Nacred Cardio Rancid Cadent Traced Direct Cinder Cradle Trivia Coaled Colead Levant Talced Reclad Codlin Vernal Credal Travel Triced Acnode Coedit Varlet Orcein Incite Erotic Notice Noetic Cretin Lectin Client Lentic Enolic Cineol Coiler Elicit Recoin Cornet Irenic Cortin Recoil Citole Citron Ironic Nitric Citrin Relict Lictor Lector Cloner Coiner Cornel Colter Citral Tincal Catlin Caroli Rictal Coital Citola Lorica Carlin Oilcan Alnico Action Atonic Aortic Cation Iatric Carnie Acetin Centai Enatic Aeonic Atelic Lacier Octane Cornea Canoer Rectal Claret Lancet Lancer Cental Cantle Coaler Oracle Cartel Locate Recoal Canter Carnet Italic Recoat Coater Recant Nectar Centra Eclair Inlace Tanrec Trance Catena Carate Arcane Acetal Aecial Anlace Racial Acinar Canola Carnal Cantal Catalo Crania Arnica Carina Craton Contra Cantor Carton Anodal Radian Alated Adnate Alodia Radial Tinder Trined Rident Ordain Inroad Aldrin Inlaid Rioted Triode Editor Ladino Dotier Ironed Linted Dalton Lardon Dentil Indole Ladron Roiled Dinero Adroit Toiled Laired Railed Redial Relaid Dialer Rodent Ariled Derail Loaned Tirade Airted Denari Rained Nidate Detain Roadie Tailed Detail Iodate Dilate Darnel Lander Ranted Ardent Retold Donate Rondel Nitrid Orated Atoned Alined Ordeal Loader Dental Reland Reload Eidola Denial Dartle Nailed Tirled Tidier Tineid Iodine Indite Linter Entoil Loiter Neroli Oilier Iolite Tonier Inlier Linier Toiler Nitril Tinier Orient Norite Linear Atonia Lariat Latria Eolian Aliner Renail Entail Tenail Nailer Larine Atrial Trinal Ratlin Talion Rialto Tailor Latino Latina Narial Tineal Rental Retina Learnt Antler Loaner Reloan Etalon Tolane Retain Antiar Atoner Retail Ornate Ratine Retial Tailer Atonal Ration Aroint Antral Tarnal Aortae Areola Aortal Aerial Lanate Taenia Realia

5 Letter word, Total 437 words found made out of Valedictorian

Coved Caved Viced Coven Clove Cavie Cover Caver Carve Vinic Calve Covet Clave Civil Voice Crave Evict Civet Cavil Covin Clavi Vocal Vinca Vicar Vatic Civie Davit Laved Voled Veldt Voted Loved Daven Livid Roved Devon Doven Drove Vaned Rived Viand Devil Divan Lived Valid Avoid Ivied Virid Video Diver Drive Drave Divot Vined Raved Vanda Coted Viral Coder Volar Ovate Avion Volta Cider Lovat Rival Viola Dicer Raven Anvil Riced Vinal Nival Avert Credo Valor Voila Trave Cried Ravin Vital Cored Laver Decor Velar Ravel Naevi Naive Vitae Iodic Alive Laevo Venal Navel Edict Aiver Invar Coled Coden Novae Dolce Dicot Valet Dolci Cited Coned Decal Laced Clade Cadre Cared Cedar Raced Arced Acred Acned Caned Dance Ovine Envoi Naval Riven Varia Novel Avian Rivet Vireo Livre Arval Varna Avant Liven Navar Olive Larva Liver Ervil Voile Acted Acrid Caird Daric Dicta Nicad Cnida Cadet Alcid Canid Acold Octad Levin Avail Viler Lover Voter Trove Volti Overt Roven Volte Ceili Canal Coala Trice Carat Acari Clone Ileac Craal Recon Crone Clean Erica Telco Aecia Lance Ceria Areca Ceorl Aceta Areic Cline Relic Icier Telic Oleic Nicer Citer Recit Recti Cento Lacer Acorn Octal Coral Narco Cotan Canto Racon Claro Coria Antic Naric Actin Carol Conte Coati Triac Octan Actor Taroc Cairn Orcin Recta Trace Cilia Crate Cater Ocrea Caret Carte Tonic Ontic Iliac Enact Lotic Eclat Licit Cleat Clear Oncet Carle Recto Ionic Canoe Rance Colin Nicol Nacre Crane Ocean Ricin Caner Acini React Linac Tical Toric Oldie Oiled Redon Toled Older Indie Drone Noted Teiid Lined Trode Toned Trend Doter Tined Teind Tilde Tiled Diner Droit Riled Iodin Loden Idler Olden Indri Tired Indol Tondi Tried Nitid Idiot Aired Deair Irade Aider Trade Dotal Redia Radii Ideal Tread Ailed Oidia Iliad Tared Anted Dater Derat Anode Denar Redan Oared Oread Adore Lated Eland Laden Naled Alder Lader Dealt Delta Rated Aland Radio Aroid Andro Triad Nodal Adorn Naiad Ranid Radon Tidal Dinar Drain Lidar Liard Drail Nidal Laird Danio Nadir Tardo Ratal Ratan Toile Antra Teloi Inlet Elint Liner Olein Eloin Oiler Aorta Oriel Reoil Relit Talar Tiler Litre Liter Alant Naira Laari Lento Nerol Oater Orate Aioli Litai Aloin Liana Trone Toner Noter Tenor Loner Later Ratel Artel Alter Riata Alert Taler Raita Oaten Antre Atone Atria Lanai Aalii Tonal Tolar Tolan Talon Loran Notal Lirot Triol Intro Nitro Trona Torii Alane Arena Noria Antae Reata Trail Trial Anear Alate Train Ratio Riant Areal Tiara Enrol Alien Aline Liane Elain Anile Irone Natal Telia Ariel Artal Altar Anole Learn Alone Nitre Niter Inter Inert Retia Terai Irate Trine Entia Tenia Leant Laten Renal Tinea

4 Letter word, Total 347 words found made out of Valedictorian

Cave Vice Cove Dive Vied Vide Vend Veld Deva Avid Diva Dove Void Nevi Cord Leva Veal Vale Vela Volt Iced Coda Dice Card Lave Levo Rive Vier Vita Cred Vair Clod Vain Cold Cedi Vina Vein Odic Love Vine Vole Nave Deco Coed Viol Virl Oven Lava Vert Aced Cade Vent Oval Code Over Dace Nova Vote Veto Rove Arvo Vail Vial Veil Live Clad Vara Vane Vena Acid Cadi Vino Caid Evil Aver Rave Vera Vile Torc Corn Cole Coin Etic Cite Cion Clot Coil Loci Colt Celt Cero Core Cone Once Cent Coni Lice Cote Ceil Rice Cire Icon Clon Coir Otic Crit Nice Cine Coat Taco Cart Orca Cola Loca Coal Calo Ciao Clan Carl Talc Arco Cain Laic Lace Acre Cane Acta Alec Cate Tace Race Care Cant Narc Acne Carn Edit Laid Tide Load Dial Deni Diet Dear Dite Read Land Date Ride Dita Adit Nide Ired Dire Arid Raid Dine Tend Dint Rind Doit Dirt Nodi Dino Idol Diol Irid Lido Loid Dirl Trod Dolt Lord Told Done Delt Node Lead Deal Lade Dean Lode Dare Lend Dole Odea Nerd Rend Idea Toed Dote Aide Nidi Rode Redo Dent Dale Dore Doer Tied Lard Nada Data Diel Deli Dona Lied Idle Deil Dato Doat Road Orad Rand Nard Toad Darn Trad Dart Drat Roti Lino Torn Tiro Tori Lorn Trio Rotl Into Lite Toil Loti Anta Tile Inro Tirl Noir Nori Iron Lion Loin Noil Roil Lint Riot Anoa Lone Rein Leno Noel Lent Role Orle Lore Enol Aria Tala Tine Nite Rite Tier Raia Tire Tole Anal Tore Rote Alan Area Alae Inti Liri Tern Rent Lire Riel Rile Lier Note Nala Tone Alar Tarn Rate Toea Aero Neat Tare Tear Ilia Inia Roan Nota Rant Etna Ante Tael Tale Taro Late Real Teal Anti Earn Near Aeon Rato Rota Tola Lota Tail Tali Lati Alit Rial Airt Naoi Iota Tain Rani Rain Airn Loan Oral Nail Aril Lain Anil Line Lair Lari Rail Lira Alto Liar Rale Tela Aloe Lean Lane Olea Lear Earl Lien Elan Tora Ilea

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Definition of the word Valedictorian, Meaning of Valedictorian word :
n. - One who pronounces a valedictory address, especially, in American colleges, the student who pronounces the valedictory of the graduating class at the annual commencement, usually the student who ranks first in scholarship.

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