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Imago Sigma Agism Gomer Grams Germs Gemot Magot Amigo Ogams Grime Mages Regma Marge Gamer Omega Gismo Smogs Gorms Games Image Simas Amiss Trims Moira Maist Tamis Mitis Amirs Morts Mists Storm Moist Mairs Misos Mitts Mosts Motts Simar Omits Smote Times Stime Smite Metis Mites Items Emits Merit Miter Rimes Miser Emirs Mires Mitre Remit Semis Moire Seism Timer Mises Trams Marts Totem Masts Matts Motte Stoma Moats Stems Roams Amort Somas Atoms Terms Motet Tomes Mores Moste Motes Metro Morse Omers Moras Smart Mater Armet Smear Ramet Tamer Mesas Masse Maser Morae Marse Mares Seams Mates Steam Satem Meats Tames Teams Matte Amies Ramie Aimer Reams Gaits Agist Staig Gests Segos Gesso Ergot Ogres Gites Tiger Gorse Gores Goers Ragis Tragi Agios Togas Togae Goats Sagos Groat Trogs Sager Gists Trigs Rages Gears Grots Gross Agers Sargo Argot Aegis Gator Grits Grist Terga Gases Targe Retag Sages Gasts Stags Stage Gates Getas Great Grass Gater Giros Griot Girts Sarge Trigo Grate Rotas Titer Osier Tetri Titre Roast Sites Sties Trite Arise Satis Resit Rites Soras Trait Sires Soars Saros Tiers Tires Rises Ratio Tries Raise Serai Ratos Asset Otter Torte Rotte Store Rotes Tores Torse Teats Toter Taste Tests Tress Stets Setts Trets Rests Totes Iotas Ostia Stoai Roset Tasse Easts Sates Sorta Ossia Roses Sores Seats Tares Oasis Toras Toeas Stoae Orate Oases Treat Stirs Tetra Oater Stots Stats State Arose Issei Taros Arsis Saris Tater Rases Sears Tears Toits Resat Stare Rates Aster Stott Arses Trois Rotis Testa Riots Torsi Trios Tiros Stoas Oasts Stria Stoat Sorts Toast Torta Terai Tarsi Tates Retia Tarot Ottar Irate Torii Sitar Airts Torts Astir Stair Tarts Start Tsars Titis Trots Trass Stars

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Definition of the word Tristigmatose, Meaning of Tristigmatose word :
a. - Having, or consisting of, three stigmas.

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