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Septum Spumes Trumps Stomps Possum Upmost Impost Sperms Opiums Tempos Trompe Proems Purism Import Mopers Tromps Stumps Primus Romper Prisms Porism Primos Primes Uptime Permit Spirem Simper Impure Primer Impute Umpire Optime Mopier Impose Misuse Tmesis Sprout Stupor Pouter Stimes Murres Misset Smites Rimous Roupet Sports Ropier Mouses Mousse Musers Erupts Troupe Ostium Uptore Mouser Strops Purest Remits Presto Spurts Poster Porter Rimers Retrim Stoper Respot Repots Trimer Pretor Report Setups Posers Proses Spores Stupes Upsets Pourer Repour Mioses Topers Misers Spouts Stoups Tossup Uptoss Iterum Poseur Uprose Estrum Muster Morris Timers Smiter Proser Repros Ropers Remiss Tropes Merits Mitres Miters Mister Serums Termor Upstir Purist Isomer Moires Situps Spites Stipes Rimose Purser Prests Streps Metros Spirts Sirups Strips Stirps Sprits Pistes Spires Sprier Priers Rumors Spiers Speirs Pisser Prises Storms Tumors Tripes Uprise Stripe Sprite Esprit Priest Ripest Purses Irrupt Pistou Strums Pestos Estops Postie Posies Poises Potsie Sopite Supers Protei Somite Ormers Poiser Opuses Tripos Tremor Posits Ptosis Sprues Spouse Prosit Ripost Ptoses Posset Truism Mosser Priors Stopes Resits Sister Resist Issuer Sieurs Triers Risers Tsuris Rioter Osiers Tissue Suites Rosier Seisor Triose Suitor Suiter Sortie Tories Tsoris Rousts Stours Rosets Serous Rouses Resort Retros Torses Stores Sorest Tussor Tosser Tsores Setous Touses Roster Sourer Ouster Rouser Sorter Storer Router Tourer Outers Routes Stoure Souter Surest Tusser Russet Estrus

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Definition of the word Trispermous, Meaning of Trispermous word :
a. - Containing three seeds, three-seeded, as, a trispermous capsule.

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