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Upsend Punted Pedros Dopers Prosed Spored Pruned Sendup Upends Poured Torpid Tripod Putrid Pundit Isopod Stupid Pounds Uropod Droops Ponder Unipod Poinds Rouped Depots Despot Posted Deport Ported Redtop Stoped Dupers Prudes Pursed Drupes Pouted Pseudo Souped Perdus Spired Redipt Trepid Spited Spider Prised Prides Stiped Upside Pernod Poised Period Dopier Dipnet Pinder Podite Sniped Spined Redips Opined Ponied Pintos Piston Pitons Points Spinto Inpour Postin Tropin Option Potion Poison Tripos Spinor Prison Orpins Prions Sprint Inputs Pooris Prints Purins Unrips Prosit Turnip Ripost Unstep Upsent Porose Punter Prunes Sprent Supine Puisne Purine Punier Pterin Unripe Instep Spinet Pontes Netops Priest Esprit Operon Ripest Sprite Uprise Tripes Stripe Sopite Person Poiser Potsie Postie Protei Sniper Uprose Pouter Roupet Poseur Troupe Uptore Purest Erupts Pistou Orpine Pernio Respot Repots Presto Ripens Repins Poster Stoper Topers Opines Ponies Tropes Pointe Pinots Porous Uptorn Puntos Purist Upstir Troops Putons Unstop Uproot Stupor Sprout Proton Pornos Pronto Undoes Stoned Stroud Dinero Redons Drones Snored Odours Sonder Sorned Enduro Undoer Ironed Rodent Ruined Nursed Sunder Onside Trends Turned Diners Duties Donsie Noised Rinsed Snider Inured Tendus Tinder Trined Rident Suited Nudest Teinds Dunite Nodose Todies Durion Diuron Indoor Noosed Sorted Doters Dotier Editor Toroid Ootids Odious Iodous Nudist Rioted Triode Odeons Redout Routed Toured Detour Ousted Toused Uredos Rusted Rudest Strode Stored Duster Roused Soured Douser Droits United Untrod Rotund Sooted Rounds Donuts Rodeos Roosed Oroide Untied Rooted Stound Tondos Nodous Diseur Dories Indues Studio Nudies Stride Donors Rondos Undies Driest Direst Tenour Rouens Suiter Sooner Noters Nooser Nestor Stoner Tensor Enroot Toners Tenors Trones Routes Nitros Intros Orison Turion Rutins Outsin Torous Unrest Tuners Torose Unroot Stoure Souter Suitor Outers Ouster Inters Insert Ursine Urines Inures Nitres Niters Sinter Triens Insure Trines Inerts Estrin Tonier Orient Norite Senior Toonie Nosier Irones Rusine Sortie Tories Otiose Triose Unties Triune Unites Uniter Tenuis

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Pried Drupe Duper Pride Pound Droop Ponds Redip Perdu Poind Drips Dipso Urped Prude Poods Spued Dupes Pseud Dript Updos Pined Drops Dorps Prods Dropt Proud Depot Opted Toped Riped Siped Spode Dopes Posed Upend Spied Tepid Pooed Roped Pored Pedro Doper Spend Pends Stope Topes Peons Opens Pesto Porno Estop Poets Strop Trope Toper Repot Inept Poser Prone Pores Purse Roups Sprue Super Erupt Pours Strep Prest Poons Proso Prune Spent Puton Punto Turps Spore Ropes Repos Ripen Prose Prost Sport Spurn Punts Ports Topos Spine Spoon Snoop Stoop Pones Spurt Repin Peins Porns Netop Poise Snipe Opine Pines Penis Puris Sirup Spire Trips Purin Unrip Print Strip Spier Speir Pirns Ripes Pries Prise Pints Spite Sprit Spirt Tripe Stipe Pious Piste Posit Topis Stirp Topoi Poori Input Peris Piers Orpin Prion Situp Spout Stoup Pouts Upset Stupe Sopor Pinot Piton Point Pinto Setup Opsin Spoor Pions Troop Nerds Rends Outdo Toned Odour Stood Trend Nuder Tends Dunes Nudes Dents Dinos Under Rinds Tondi Noted Sonde Ordos Odors Nosed Drone Redon Nodes Douse Roods Rosed Sored Doter Rodes Resod Doser Redos Trode Uredo Outed Doest Dotes Drest Druse Duros Sudor Durst Rodeo Tendu Tuned Duets Dures Doers Turds Trued Odeon Ursid Diner Doors Dines Round Dirts Sound Nodus Resid Dries Tondo Snood Teind Tined Donor Snide Duits Nides Indue Eidos Nudie Rondo Udons Stied Tides Sited Edits Droit Dints Nurds Dunts Nidus Ootid Durns Dites Diets Tried Tired Sired Rides Donut Deist Doits Odist Irons Noirs Ornis Rosin Nitro Intro Ruins Rutin Suint Units Torso Toros Rotos Roots Roost Roust Routs Stour Tours Torus Tiros Rotis Riots Torsi Trios Trois Tonus Snout Turns Runts Snort Snoot Toons Noris Store Rotes Roset Tores Torse Notes Onset Tones Stone Seton Steno Euros Route Outre Niter Nitre Inure Trine Outer Noter Rouen Roues Inter Trone Tenor Toner Runes Tuner Rinse Nurse Resin Reins Terns Risen Tunes Unset Siren Serin Roose Stern Noise Inert Nerts Irone Eosin Rents Urine Rouse Resit Oorie Noose Osier Unite Ourie Tries Sieur Trues Uteri Tires Etuis Rites Tiers Touse Suite Tines Untie Snore Neist Nites Senor Stein Senti Inset

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Definition of the word Torpedinous, Meaning of Torpedinous word :
a. - Of or pertaining to a torpedo, resembling a torpedo, exerting a benumbing influence, stupefying, dull, torpid.

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