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Psych Harpy Sophy Sylph Chary Haply Phyla Hypos Yacht Ochry Chays Poach Spacy Pacha Copay Chaps Crypt Porch Chops Caphs Parch Chapt Patch Pooch Hooty Horsy Hotly Hooly Hoary Hoyas Yahoo Hylas Shaly Lathy Hasty Rhyta Rayah Ayahs Typal Cohos Torch Chott Scary Clash Photo Palsy Splay Larch Aptly Rotch Plays Platy Patly Pasha Polys Plash Staph Paths Opahs Harps Sharp Catty Cloth Hoops Alpha Cooly Chola Ralph Octyl Cloys Loach Poohs Ploys Loopy Prosy Typos Potsy Lochs Pyros Chaos Clary Acyls Clays Potty Phots Lycra Tophs Patty Prays Pasty Party Ratch Playa Chats Tachs Chart Spray Raspy Chars Crash Patsy Scaly Coaly Thorp Atopy Soapy Cholo Latch Achoo Payor Roach Orach Corps Coopt Scoop Crops Pacas Clops Coops Copra Pacts Capos Coapt Scalp Clasp Clapt Carps Craps Scrap Scarp Claps Copal Troys Ryots Tyros Haars Story Stroy Salty Slaty Sooth Tooth Horst Short Troth Horas Lytta Shoot Hoots Lyart Aryls Artsy Sooty Tasty Satyr Trays Toyos Stray Tarty Ratty Tryst Arhat Shalt Laths Halts Asyla Harls Satay Holts Rayas Trash Shoat Shott Oaths Hosta Torah Hoars Shool Harts Tahrs Shorl Aloha Horal Royal Alary Thoro Ortho Lahar Rooty Sloth Shoal Altho Lotah Loath Halos Color Orlop Cools Locos Prost Coots Sport Scoot Strop Salpa Coala Craal Sacra Ports Colts Clots Carat Torcs Cloot Pasta Tapas Ataps Apart Paras Parol Plots Proas Praos Potto Polar Plats Splat Actor Orcas Talcs Taroc Ascot Costa Coats Coast Clast Carls Coral Claro Carol Calos Coals Octal Colas Tacos Cotta Proso Sopor Stoop Topos Tacts Scatt Troop Carts Scart Spoor Tract Sapor Opals Strap Sprat Prats Trapt Tarps Polos Pools Traps Stopt Sloop Loops Spool Aport Parts Sotol Stool Lotos Loots Rotos Lotto Ottos Torot Roost Toots Toros Torso Roots Rotls Tools Altos Atlas Trots Talas Total Torts Roast Rotas Sorta Ratos Ratal Talar Aorta Attar Orals Solar Lotas Tolas Tatar Tolar Taros Toras Tarts Start Altar Artal Stoat Torta Tarot Ottar Toast

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Definition of the word Thoracoplasty, Meaning of Thoracoplasty word :
n. - A remodeling or reshaping of the thorax, especially, the operation of removing the ribs, so as to obliterate the pleural cavity in cases of empyema.

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