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Tramper Septums Restamp Prearms Stamper Tampers Tapetum Tempura Permute Tempter Supreme Tempest Presume Tempers Topmast Emperor Metopes Empress Preterm Stomper Rompers Trompes Supremo Sumpter Stumper Trumpet Tempera Metepas Amputee Amperes Metopae Peruses Pretest Petters Pertest Raspers Tremors Mousers Parsers Oestrum Mostest Parures Sparers Sparser Stupors Praters Metates Puttees Septets Reputes Rapture Uprears Septate Treetop Upstart Remorse Remoter Startup Outpass Sapours Upsoars Emoters Meteors Seamers Termers Resumer Smearer Reamers Remotes Mesteso Pastors Uproars Mortars Armours Parrots Raptors Stratum Strumas Resumes Mustees Upstare Uprates Pasture Uptears Peruser Measure Prester Tapster Spatter Sparest Repasts Pausers Presets Patters Pesters Repress Presser Upstate Reposes Steamer Reteams Remates Musette Reposer Proette Toupees Espouse Poetess Petasus Pasters Termors Presort Pretors Porters Taperer Pearter Sputter Mutases Repours Pourers Sporter Reports Prosers Mutates Repeats Serapes Retapes Masters Pareses Asperse Protest Spotter Petrous Pressor Putters Potters Masseur Assumer Stopers Respots Prestos Spurter Poseurs Streams Pursers Amusers Posters Matters Smarter Trouper Armrest Armures Erratum Smatter Matures Strumae Maturer Stomate Reapers Teapots Rostrum Remoras Pouters Petasos Proteas Seaport Proteus Sprouts Pesetas Utmosts Troupes Spouter Operate Esparto Sapotes Musters Maestro Praetor Spearer Mutters Estrums Prorate Posture Roamers Soapers Outsert Stouter Touters Suttees Setouts Outsets Souters Sourest Ousters Restore Stoures Tussore Statues Reseats Easters Searest Starter Seaters Ratters Restart Treater Retests Teasers Arrests Rasters Tessera Rasures Assurer Starers Ureases Reseaus Oestrus Reroute Restate Resters Estreat Rousers Storers Sorters Retaste Austere Streets Setters Ureters Resorts Rosters Terrets Reutter Tersest Testers Utterer Torture Trustee Outsees Stereos Estrous Rosette Rouster Stertor Estates Retorts Rotters Routers Tourers Trouser Retreat Stature Osetras Ossetra Serosae Roseate Stators Assuror Sartors Roaster Arouser Trustor Soarers Retears Erasers Serrate Tearers Turrets Truster Trusser Outrate Erasure Toaster Starets Staters Tasters Rotates Stratus Outeats Arouses

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Tamper Prearm Remaps Spumes Ampere Septum Tempts Metope Trompe Upmost Tramps Trumps Possum Stomps Tempos Stamps Sperms Tromps Proems Stumps Temper Mopers Romper Sempre Metepa Roupet Ptoses Pouter Potter Pestos Emotes Spurts Posset Spouse Opuses Emoter Stopes Estops Uptoss Uptore Remote Troupe Pastor Murras Armour Morass Tumors Mortar Utmost Storms Stroma Stomas Ramous Amours Rumors Smarts Upsets Sprats Sprues Upsoar Sapour Straps Purses Stupas Purser Prests Streps Parous Uprose Putter Purest Struma Setups Stupes Erupts Parrot Supers Sapors Uproar Raptor Tropes Puttee Muster Septet Mutter Musers Serums Estrum Steeps Repute Proser Repros Ropers Preset Mutest Peruse Petter Rupees Purees Armors Murres Totems Mosser Tremor Mottes Metros Mouses Mousse Mouser Motets Termor Ormers Strops Sports Strums Peters Pester Repose Mustee Topers Stoper Presto Repots Eposes Respot Tmeses Resume Spouts Stoups Tossup Termer Merest Retems Metres Meters Poster Topees Pretor Report Pourer Repour Perses Speers Sprout Porter Sprees Posers Proses Toupee Spores Perter Stupor Prutot Poseur Meteor Parers Parser Rapers Parure Uprear Prater Sparer Rasper Soaper Protea Pareos Operas Mutate Paseos Sapote Aspers Parses Pastes Spates Uptear Uprate Patter Stapes Pauses Taupes Aptest Upases Pauser Pareus Spares Sparse Repass Prases Passer Spears Paster Tapers Trapes Repast Prates Paters Mutase Meatus Pattee Peseta Peases Etapes Passee Retape Seamer Remate Ramees Ameers Reamer Reteam Sesame Serape Repeat Reaper Metate Tamers Amuser Stream Ramets Matres Matter Mature Mattes Tamest Assume Amuses Steams Maters Master Roamer Ramose Remora Armers Rearms Smears Armets Masers Marses Armure Teapot Testae Estate Sautes Teases Tasset Tastes States Serous Retear Eraser Searer Stouts Sturts Trusts Struts Tutors Trouts Stours Tussor Rousts Tearer Utters Torses Tosser Stores Sorest Tourer Rosets Tsores Eaters Rottes Tortes Otters Easter Rouses Router Rotter Seater Resort Teaser Reseau Retros Roster Sourer Retort Rouser Reseat Sorter Storer Toters Ouster Terrae Tusser Truest Surest Russet Turret Estrus Erases Touter Setous Stoure Souter Outers Routes Touses Outset Statue Sarees Astute Setout Aretes Urease Setose Reuses Toasts Stoats Stereo Suttas Steres Steers Resets Reests Esters Serest Status Outsee Outsat Rasers Retuse Retore Rerose Tarots Tortas Retest Eroses Setter Street Tester Treats Tauter Starts Sutras Tussar Tarsus Terret Ureter Tetras Assert Urates Rester Terser Oaters Orates Serosa Osetra Stater Taster Rotate Arouse Surras Soarer Urases Assure Asters Stares Sartor Rostra Taters Tsetse Starer Tarres Ottars Tutees Suttee Stator Raters Testes Sestet Arrest Raster Rarest Terras Rasure Roasts Ratter Outeat Tarter Outate Assort Urares

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Mopes Poems Pomes Tempo Moper Proem Tramp Samps Spams Ramps Prams Spasm Stamp Tamps Pumas Remap Proms Temps Spume Trump Rumps Sumps Sperm Perms Tumps Tromp Romps Stomp Tempt Stump Repos Taupe Ropes Armet Spore Prose Poser Teems Metes Meets Ramet Pores Mater Emeus Pause Smear Passe Topee Spaes Pases Apses Psoas Septa Spate Tapes Tepas Peats Pates Soaps Paste Tamer Prest Strep Masse Purse Pests Septs Steps Seams Sprue Super Mesas Merer Retem Remet Metre Meter Murra Parer Semes Seems Raper Meres Purer Press Apres Asper Steep Pares Apers Pesos Parse Seeps Peter Presa Rapes Reaps Prase Pears Rupee Puree Estop Pesto Poets Poses Posse Stope Topes Petto Spare Spear Aport Pareu Morae Repot Taper Pater Peart Prate Maser Reams Marse Mares Armer Rearm Apter Toper Proas Sapor Trope Praos Peres Peers Perse Prees Spree Speer Prese Erupt Parts Strop Pours Roups Prats Sprat Traps Tarps Strap Motet Spars Mutes Posts Spots Parrs Totem Rasps Motte Roams Sport Mutts Puses Moues Pasts Smuts Stums Spats Mouse Pruta Prost Supra Praus Ports Trapt Pross Stops Moras Serum Muser Mures Arums Turps Ameer Spurs Spurt Murre Putts Matte Terms Smart Trams Pareo Opera Paseo Purrs Stems Stopt Pouts Spout Muses Soups Masts Stoup Muter Ramus Muras Psoae Armor Putto Ramee Musts Meous Tomes Morse Upset Stupe Setup Omers Stoma Morts Storm Moats Marts Rumor Matts Steam Tames Teams Ormer Meats Satem Mores Mauts Tumor Somas Moste Motes Etape Stupa Supes Spues Murrs Smote Emote Amort Pease Amour Atoms Sumos Roper Strum Mates Mosts Amuse Metro Repro Sputa Perea Motts Tsars Trass Tests Tress Rests Truer Ruses Suers Trues Trets Users Surer Ruers Resat Rates Aster Stare Tares Tears Utter Setts Tarts Start Suras Sutra Stats Suets Stars Stets Tauts Sutta Aures Touts Stout Ousts Toras Taros Roast Rotas Sorta Stots Tutor Routs Roust Trots Stour Torus Trout Tours Ratos Ursae Rusts Truss Strut Trust Sturt Soras Soars Saros Torts Sours Urase Ureas Tarot Torta Ottar Torrs Sorus Sorts Toast Autos Stoat Stoas Oasts Surra Asset Easts Sates Urate Treat Retro Sears Tetra Serer Arete Eater Ester Seres Seers Sorer Erses Roses Sores Torte Rotte Otter Toter Outer Rares Route Outre Rouse Roues Roset Erose Rotes Store Euros Torse Tores Reest Reset Stoae Oases Orate Toeas Roars Oater Seats Tasse Arose Tutee Terse Trees Tease Setae Eases Steer Stere Testa Teats State Taste Tates Reuse Raser Tater Urare Terra Touse Saree Tarre Rater Rears Souse Totes Saute Erase Arses Rases

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Samp Spam Pams Maps Amps Mops Romp Puma Tamp Prom Poms Ramp Pram Perm Pome Poem Mope Temp Tump Umps Sump Rump Same Arms Seam Tame Mars Pose Meat Rope Mate Emus Repo Mare Mute Pore Muse Ream Epos Maes Mesa Meta Mure Opes Stem Mess Peso Term Sums Must Muss Rums Moas Murr Muts Smut Trop Pour Port Pros Stum Mutt Soma Mott Roms Mort Mors Atom Moat Moss Soms Sumo Toms Mots Most Roup Sops Urps Psst Spur Purs Purr Puss Sups Putt Puts Tups Pots Spot Post Opts Mora Roam Stop Tops Pout Opus Soup Team Tope Poet Step Spue Sept Pets Pure Pest Supe Pert Reps Rams Maut Apse Pase Spae Apos Soap Seem Seme Peas Mete Pats Past Tarp Trap Prau Rapt Prat Proa Part Meet Pere Apes Peer Pees Seep Pars Raps Saps Parr Spas Rasp Spar Asps Prao Pass Spat Emes Some Mats Mast Peat Pate Tams More Omer Tape Mote Mart Tram Arum Mura Meou Tome Tepa Moue Mass Pree Upas Mere Atop Taps Aper Pare Pear Emeu Teem Matt Rape Amus Reap Rems Orts Rots Rato Taro Rota Seer Rete Sort Teas Eses Sees Seta Ruer Rues Rees Tors Tree Sere Tora Tres Erst Tote Rest Oast Rets Stoa Oats Auto Sers Ease Orra Taut Ossa Seat Torr Etas Errs Sora Soar Eras Toea Ears Ares Arse Rase Osar Roar Rust Ruts Tuts Aero Sera Sear Oars Tees Rout Tour Sots Toss Ruse Sate Sour Tort Trot Eats East Oust Outs Tout Tots Tost Ates Sous Stot Ours Taos Rate Toes Sets Sues Uses Sura Ursa Sore Rose Tare Tear Utes Eros Roes Ores Tate Sett Test Stet Tets Rote Suet Tore Arts Rats Suer Rear Tsar Rare Star Tars Tass Tart Seas Teat Stat Taus Tats User Tret Euro Urea Utas Sure Roue True Oses

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Definition of the word Tetraspermous, Meaning of Tetraspermous word :
a. - Having four seeds.

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