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Cymae Mincy Cymol Dimly Mayed Myoid Madly Moldy Decoy Coyed Dicty Decay Dicey Yclad Candy Acidy Cyano Canty Limey Meiny Manly Medic Octyl Yonic Demic Money Cyton Yince Coney Lytic Coaly Atomy Anomy Yamen Etyma Matey Mealy Meaty Minty Malty Motey Loamy Domic Milty Amity Melty Meany Lacey Lycea Maced Mince Daily Clime Melic Delay Malic Comte Claim Celom Layed Leady Macle Camel Cameo Comae Toady Today Amice Comet Deity Manic Amnic Yodle Yodel Macon Odyle Dynel Comal Lindy Toyed Doily Doyen Yield Tyned Onlay Atony Layin Yenta Liney Linty Noily Laity Inlay Laced Model Cadet Acted Timed Acned Caned Limed Dance Demit Mined Denim Dicot Cited Acold Edict Dicta Monde Octad Decal Coled Dolce Cnida Canid Dolci Alcid Coted Demon Nicad Coden Coned Clade Toney Tamed Nomad Monad Media Named Menad Maned Admen Amend Mated Medal Lamed Dolma Domal Amido Aimed Admit Amide Modal Lotic Metol Ocean Nicol Cotan Toman Melon Enact Tonic Octan Telic Monte Octal Ontic Oleic Canoe Oncet Cento Conte Clone Canto Motel Maile Email Telco Colin Ileac Cline Linac Actin Antic Amino Matin Coati Clean Menta Leman Tical Lance Liman Amole Ament Meant Minae Amnio Amine Limen Anime Monie Lemon Eclat Cleat Metal Olden Toled Loden Anted Naled Lated Delta Indol Laden Eland Ailed Tined Teind Toned Noted Anode Dealt Lined Oiled Oldie Tiled Tilde Ideal Dotal Nodal Tondi Nidal Tidal Danio Teloi Elint Eloin Olein Toile Inlet Oaten Aline Anile Liane Elain Alien Atone Entia Tenia Aloin Tinea Telia Tonal Notal Talon Tolan Alone Anole Leant Laten Lento

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Definition of the word Telodynamic, Meaning of Telodynamic word :
a. - Relating to a system for transmitting power to a distance by means of swiftly moving ropes or cables driving grooved pulleys of large diameter.

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