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Duplex Expels Plexes Auspex Expats Pretax Praxes Prexes Apexes Plexus Expert Axseed Deluxe Dexter Exedra Exudes Exalts Sexual Laxest Surtax Exerts Luxate Exults Taxers Extras Exsert Pedler Update Parled Reaped Paused Pardee Repled Pedlar Pelted Dupers Purled Spared Drapes Padres Pesade Parsed Pedate Spader Rasped Pulsed Spread Perdus Drupes Prudes Pursed Pureed Pasted Depute Pealed Parted Depart Petard Prated Leaped Adepts Perdue Padles Pleads Seeped Deeper Pedals Peeled Peered Lapsed Plated Purdas Updart Repute Tepals Pareus Trapes Tapers Paster Pulser Paters Prates Pulsar Repast Peters Preset Peruse Staple Purees Rupees Pulers Peseta Retape Etapes Uprate Septal Erupts Tepees Uptear Repeat Asleep Pelter Pestle Petrel Taupes Serape Elapse Please Lepers Repels Purest Pauser Letups Pleura Pester Palest Plates Pleats Petals Pastel Palets Palter Plater Lapser Peeler Pearls Parles Leaper Repeal Lauder Reseda Erased Seared Laders Aulder Leered Dartle Etudes Elders Eldest Eluder Dueler Reseed Teased Lasted Seeder Eludes Leudes Delete Desalt Alders Derate Redate Desert Deters Reused Deltas Seeled Rested Teared Staled Seated Sedate Teledu Eluted Salted Slated Reeled Lusted Elated Trades Adults Leader Sauted Treads Sealed Leased Delate Daters Derats Dealer Stared Rudest Rusted Duster Rustle Elutes Retuse Result Sutler Luster Lustre Ulster Relets Streel Ultras Salter Ratels Laster Estral Slater Staler Saurel Talers Stelar Artels Alters Urease Reseau Alerts Salute Urates Teaser Seater Teasel Stelae Elates Relate Eluate Aretes Reseat Eaters Easter Elater Sealer Larees Leaser Reseal Resale Reales Lustra

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Expat Paxes Expel Raxed Dexes Desex Sexed Exude Redux Taxed Axled Xerus Laxer Tuxes Relax Texas Raxes Lexes Telex Extra Retax Axels Axles Rexes Taxer Taxes Taxus Exult Lurex Exalt Exert Latex Laxes Luxes Spued Preed Padre Pedes Duple Puled Purda Spaed Spade Drape Pards Urped Prude Perdu Deeps Dupes Duper Drupe Speed Pseud Plead Pedal Paled Pated Padle Adept Taped Pared Raped Spate Tepas Taupe Tapes Pause Slurp Purls Stupe Septa Erupt Super Sprue Purse Sputa Plats Splat Pruta Sprat Prats Strap Tarps Traps Supra Parts Strep Prest Stupa Upset Praus Setup Pulse Pules Etape Tepee Epees Pease Perea Peels Leper Repel Paler Parle Palet Lepta Leapt Petal Plate Tepal Pleat Peats Sepal Leaps Lapse Pearl Pales Peals Salep Pleas Prese Speer Prees Spree Rupee Steep Puree Peter Perse Peres Spelt Speel Peles Sleep Puler Peers Pelts Slept Spale Peart Pater Apter Spear Spurt Turps Prate Spare Reaps Pares Asper Apers Apres Parse Pears Rapes Presa Prase Paste Letup Taper Pates Pareu Deals Alder Lader Steed Suede Eared Deets Etude Dales Delts Drest Aedes Elder Eased Turds Druse Dures Elude Durst Deles Trued Duets Luted Duels Ruled Lured Treed Deter Dulse Leuds Drees Deers Slued Redes Reeds Sered Seder Ludes Delta Lated Adult Lauds Duals Dural Duras Drats Darts Lards Dater Derat Tread Trade Tared Dates Sated Tsade Stead Stade Adust Dauts Dares Dears Rased Reads Dealt Lades Rated Lased Leads Easel Lease Telae Tease Setae Eater Saree Erase Resee Arete Elate Leers Sutra Tules Lutes Stere Terse Trees Rules Steer Reset Ester Reest Relet Laree Reels Leets Elute Teles Sleet Steel Stele Teels Lutea Steal Stela Taels Tesla Teals Tales Saute Ursae Ureas Urase Aures Urate Tears Tares Aster Trues Rates Stare Resat Seral Laser Sault Reals Lears Arles Rales Earls Ultra Ureal Taler Ratel Lures Least Stale Slate Setal Later Artel Reuse Sural Alert Lares Talus Alter

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Definition of the word Superexalted, Meaning of Superexalted word :
imp. & p. p. - of Superexalt

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In Superexalted S is 19th, U is 21st, P is 16th, E is 5th, R is 18th, X is 24th, A is 1st, L is 12th, T is 20th, D is 4th letters in Alphabet Series.