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Befits Fasted Fantod Funned Founds Fondus Fundus Sifted Unfond Fondue Fanned Fadein Defats Fisted Foined Finned Foetid Fiends Funest Fiesta Finite Softie Infest Finest Feints Infuse Soften Outbid Obtund Bindis Boudin Unbind Doubts Subdue Foetus Unbend Bounds Bundts Bunted Bestud Busted Debuts Unsafe Fasten Boused Fusion Beduin Bodies Binned Dobies Fusain Faints Bedsit Fanons Nonfat Abodes Adobes Boated Banned Abides Biased Baited Basted Abused Abound Daubes Tabued Bandit Futons Fanion Bidets Busied Debits Unfits Finito Founts Infant Sobeit Obtuse Buteos Tibiae Binate Sabine Ausubo Subnet Betons Bannet Tibias Basion Bonsai Obtain Bonita Absent Beanos Butane Subito Beauts Bionts Bunion Batons Tabuns Biotin Unbans Nubias Biotas Binits Bentos Boites Bennis Bonnie Unbent Bonnes Bonnet Tobies Tidies Indent United Teiids Dentin Nudies Sinned Undine Teinds Onside Noised Donsie Dunite Tinned Undies Indues Intend Untied Iodise Tineid Inside Indite Indies Iodine Stound Donnas Adnoun Daunts Soudan Audits Donuts Audios Tanned Dautie Adieus Duenna Donate Atoned Anodes Sained Iodate Nidate Detain Sauted Unsaid Danios Adonis Sundae Staned Autoed Nudest Tendus Undoes Unused Stoned Duties Todies Sunned Tunned Undone Tendon Suited Studio Idiots Iodins Nudist Toused Ousted Unison Outsin Unions Nitons Inions Sennit Tennis Ennuis Intone Seniti Intine Ionise Tenuis Unites Tonnes Nonuse Unsent Tenons Sonnet Unties Nonets Untune Tauons Suntan Inanes Sonant Eonian Anenst Insane Sienna Tineas Tenias Seitan Unseat Innate Isatin Nasion Anions Anoint Nation Tisane Atones Auntie

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Bifid Befit Fondu Found Funds Fados Dufus Fetid Defis Fined Fends Fiend Fundi Fidos Finds Feods Fused Feuds Unfed Fated Defat Fonds Fades Debit Fetas Bides Naifs Fanon Debts Fanos Fiats Bused Debut Bindi Bidis Faint Fauns Bodes Bidet Feats Feast Fates Binds Tubed Tufas Dobie Snafu Fatso Softa Boned Bends Fanes Unbid Finos Finis Daubs Foins Infos Bauds Tabid Bands Unfit Foist Tofus Futon Fount Fonts Doubt Feist Often Feint Neifs Fines Bundt Fetus Bunds Bound Bonds Abide Sabed Beads Based Baned Bated Adobe Daube Abode Bouts Bunts Bonus Bosun Buteo Boite Bites Bines Benni Bonne Tubes Butes Bouse Binit Bison Obits Bints Biont Besot Bones Ebons Bents Beton Bento Bunns Bunas Tabun Banns Unban Baits Baton Abuts Tabus Tsuba Tubas About Boast Boats Sabot Botas Obias Biota Nabes Beans Abets Baste Beats Bates Banes Beano Beast Beaut Tibia Basin Tubae Nubia Tabes Betas Nabis Beaus Sabin Abuse Indie Dunes Nudes Tendu Teiid Inned Toned Dents Tends Tuned Undue Duets Iodin Nitid Outed Douse Doest Dotes Noted Sonde Teind Dites Edits Tined Diets Nudie Indue Deist Sited Stied Donne Nodes Nosed Dines Nides Tides Snide Idiot Dinos Eidos Duits Nodus Odist Doits Tondi Dints Nidus Sound Udons Donut Dunts Aides Dauts Anode Adieu Aside Ideas Audit Deans Adust Donas Adits Audio Adios Ditas Staid Donna Tsadi Sedan Anted Daunt Saned Datos Toads Doats Dates Sated Oidia Danio Tsade Stand Stade Stead Senna Tinea Tenia Entia Inane Anise Nones Touse Unset Seton Onset Steno Stone Tunes Tones Suint Union Units Nouns Tonus Snout Niton Intis Inion Notes Tonne Nines Ennui Eosin Inset Noise Nisei Neist Nites Neons Suite Tenon Nonet Etuis Untie Stein Senti Tines Unite Unais Iotas Tains Stain Saint Satin Stoai Ostia Antis Anion Tauon Aunts Tunas Santo Nonas Sunna Unaus Autos Usnea Stane Neats Stoae Nates Etnas Aeons Anent Atone Oaten Antes Toeas Saute

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Fabs Fibs Fobs Fubs Fuds Fund Fids Fido Find Difs Fond Feud Feds Deft Deaf Fade Fend Feod Daft Fads Fado Defi Bide Bidi Bedu Debt Bind Bund Bond Dibs Bids Bods Dubs Buds Bend Bode Beds Debs Enuf Foes Fens Seif Sift Fits Fist Fuse Feus Efts Fest Fets Neif Fine Font Fate Safe Fane Feat Feta Fons Fino Foin Info Fins Fats Fast Tufa Bads Dabs Band Bead Abed Bade Baud Daub Sofa Oafs Soft Tofu Funs Fiat Fano Fans Faun Naif Fain Buts Stub Tubs Bust Bine Tuba Tabu Bout Abut Soba Boat Bota Obas Boas Abos Suba Tabs Stab Bast Buna Bats Beau Bets Bute Tube Abet Bean Bios Obis Obes Bits Bani Best Bane Bunt Ibis Snob Buns Nobs Snib Bate Bint Nubs Nibs Snub Nabs Beta Beat Bins Obia Bias Bots Sabe Bise Stob Base Bans Bite Bait Bunn Bent Nabe Unbe Nebs Obit Bone Isba Ebon Bens Sand Dona Dint Dins Dans Ands Dost Dunt Dots Duos Ouds Duns Undo Nods Dons Duit Udon Udos Dust Dato Doat Soda Odas Ados Toad Tads Dits Stud Daut Doit Odea Sade Said Adit Sadi Dais Date Aids Idea Aide Dean Dita Tods Tied Tide Dite Side Diet Done Unde Nude Dune Does Dose Odes Tend Dent Node Dens Ends Sned Send Ides Dies Nodi Dine Deni Nide Dote Edit Toed Sued Used Duet Dino Nidi Dues Teds Tuis Suit Tune Tens Nets Sent Toes Aunt Snit Utes Suet Nest Unit Tins Noun Ones Sone Neat Nose Noes Sunn Eons Tans Etna Tone Nuns Note Ante Anus Tuna Unau Anes Sane Nisi Inti Aeon Tuns Stun Nits Auto Into Taos Stoa Oast Oats Taus Nuts Inns Utas Ions Ants Tain Unai Sate Anti East Ates Nota Sine Etas Inia Unto Naoi Ains Sain Seat Nine Seta Teas Anis Iota Eats Neon None Oust Onus Etui Tons Anon Naos Toea Nans Nona Outs Snot Nite Sati Nous Tine Ties Site Aits

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Definition of the word Subinfeudation, Meaning of Subinfeudation word :
n. - The granting of lands by inferior lords to their dependents, to be held by themselves by feudal tenure.

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