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Tubal Betta Burst Butts Beaut Bruts Tubae Blats Blast Brunt Baste Bates Beast Beats Abets Taber Blent Betas Tabes Burnt Beaus Abuse Burns Bunts Barns Tubas Tsuba Tabus Abuts Batts Battu Bursa Brant Brans Unban Buran Unbar Brats Buras Tabun Bunas Urban Banns Abase Abate Bents Blear Blare Rebus Burse Abler Baler Blase Sable Balas Bales Ables Banal Labra Albas Baals Rubes Suber Burls Blurs Blunt Slurb Blurt Bunns Butte Tubes Brute Buret Rebut Butes Tuber Brent Blets Nabes Blest Belts Beans Banes Balsa Sabra Ruble Rubel Sabre Rabat Saber Braes Bluer Bares Baser Bears Blues Tabla Bleat Butle Blate Sabal Basal Brens Bluet Table Lubes Auras Nasal Attar Tatar Aunts Ansae Ratan Antae Anlas Taunt Nalas Tunas Antas Unlet Lunet Sauna Lauan Ruana Sault Talus Natal Tarns Trans Rants Lunes Alant Sunna Naans Annas Stunt Atlas Nanas Laura Talar Reata Aural Runts Trust Sturt Strut Alane Turns Talas Aurae Sutra Altar Tarts Start Antra Alans Sutta Tauts Saran Artal Ratal Areas Annal Sural Etnas Antes Nates Neats Leant Stane Antre Ulnae Saner Nears Snare Lares Arles Earls Laten Leans Aster Tuner Rates Resat Tares Stare Netts Unset Usnea Lanes Elans Tents Tunes Nares Earns Setal Least Slate Stale Stela Steal Utter Ureal Alter Alert Artel Later Taler Ratel Taels Tales Reals Senna Rales Lears Laser Anent Seral Areal Tesla Teals Trues Latte Trets Lutea Tears Stent Alate Testa Saute Lunts Lutes Tules Teats Tates Rents Stern Nerts State Taste Annul Snarl Ultra Rules Lures Ulnas Ulans Ulnar Lunar Slant Lunas Terns Nurls Learn Ursae Ureas Tater Tetra Anear Urate Treat Urase Aures Renal Arena Nurse Runes

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Definition of the word Subalternant, Meaning of Subalternant word :
n. - A universal proposition. See Subaltern, 2.

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