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Compts Compos Coempt Tempos Trompe Scopes Cooper Sperms Corpse Proems Copter Mopers Copses Sempre Stomps Tromps Temper Premen Metope Cosmos Promos Coopts Scoops Scroop Copers Spence Comtes Crepes Comets Crepon Merces Cermet Comers Comose Potmen Creeps Recept Socmen Copens Pecten Cement Ponces Cremes Emcees Steeps Pereon Moreen Reopen Mentor Montes Preset Peters Menses Toneme Mooter Sopors Osmose Topees Prosos Eposes Snoops Romeos Opener Mesnes Semens Repose Peones Morose Spoons Sermon Meteor Mosser Metros Mooner Sprees Preens Stoops Netops Tmeses Meters Metres Retems Repent Merest Spense Person Sports Emotes Strops Remote Emoter Spoors Poteen Operon Troops Speers Pester Perses Pontes Mesons Croton Corset Scores Crosse Coster Escort Scoter Rectos Corses Scents Motors Cooers Cooter Roscoe Sector Cestos Crests Tropes Topers Respot Stoper Estops Cosset Cosets Stopes Ptoses Pestos Posset Contes Centos Tenrec Recent Centre Censes Scenes Cooees Center Secern Creese Eocene Encore Cenote Screen Censer Morons Recess Censor Prests Crones Recons Scones Cornet Streps Certes Screes Erects Resect Terces Secret Repots Escots Scoots Sprent Pornos Emeers Storms Seemer Meeter Remeet Teemer Emeses Pensee Mestee Esteem Posers Porose Tepees Mentee Presto Poster Croons Scorns Proton Spores Proses Contos Nostoc Pronto Sorest Torose Rosets Rooses Reseen Sterns Serene Torses Tosser Stores Tsores Retene Renest Rentes Nester Enters Resent Treens Ternes Tenser Sneers Snorts Serest Steers Resets Reests Esters Steres Roosts Stereo Setose Eroses Tenses Torsos Resees Nooser Teener Toners Tensor Nestor Noters Stoner Tenors Eterne Entree Stones Onsets Setons Stenos Trones Enroot Nooses Snoots Sensor Snores Sooner Senors

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Compo Comps Compt Scoop Coops Corps Coopt Promo Creep Emcee Crepe Crops Stomp Creme Proms Romps Scops Tromp Pence Comte Proem Mercs Comet Cepes Comes Temps Sperm Perms Poems Pomes Tempo Moper Scope Pomos Copes Copse Copen Ponce Coper Crept Mopes Comer Corms Specs Strep Prest Monte Nomos Omens Press Moons Septs Netop Porno Mosts Proso Poons Spoon Snoop Moron Spent Meson Nomes Pests Morts Enorm Storm Steps Romeo Monos Rooms Moste Motes Smote Tomes Metro Ropes Estop Mores Morse Omers Spore Repot Terms Stems Porns Toper Sopor Posse Poses Pesos Trope Pesto Repos Peons Opens Motor Mosso Pones Moors Norms Moose Moots Topes Prose Prone Stope Poets Pores Poser Morns Meter Escot Coset Cotes Cress Sects Semes Meets Metes Crest Teems Coses Recto Posts Cooer Ceros Cores Corse Neeps Score Peens Penes Spots Stops Croon Cross Torcs Epees Tepee Mense Spoor Costs Scots Emeer Scoot Coots Retem Remet Corns Conto Coons Seems Metre Scorn Neems Mesne Semen Emote Meres Scent Preen Speer Prese Spree Peter Steep Prees Perse Scone Cento Cones Peers Peres Recon Crone Cooee Stoop Scene Cense Troop Topos Ceres Cetes Terce Erect Scree Conte Seeps Pross Topee Ports Sport Strop Cents Prost Oncet Snort Toons Snots Snoot Toros Tress Soots Roots Roost Sorts Rotos Torso Sorns Noses Resee Sones Erose Trone Toner Senor Noose Snore Noter Tenor Onset Seton Stern Rents Terns Nerts Steno Stone Tones Ernes Sneer Ester Seres Reest Reset Steer Seers Erses Tense Teens Sente Stere Terse Rente Enter Terne Trees Sense Esnes Treen Nests Notes Roses Sores Store Roset Tores Torse Rests Rotes Roose

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Definition of the word Stereomonoscope, Meaning of Stereomonoscope word :
n. - An instrument with two lenses, by which an image of a single picture projected upon a screen of ground glass is made to present an appearance of relief, and may be viewed by several persons at once.

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