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Wimped Wimple Deworm Wormed Plowed Powder Wisdom Swiped Wisped Mildew Replow Powers Romped Plower Primed Impend Wormil Mowers Wipers Limped Impled Dimple Swiple Prowls Mopeds Primos Weldor Porism Dowels Weirds Slowed Weirdo Limper Prelim Rimple Worlds Drowns Impels Simple Impose Mopier Mispen Impone Primes Simper Spirem Indows Snowed Dowers Dowser Drowse Endows Downer Disown Proems Mopers Wonder Rewind Winder Wields Dwines Widens Wilder Windle Emodin Monied Rowens Worsen Dermis Dormie Diploe Demons Mondes Remind Minder Dopers Denims Pernod Ponder Owners Dispel Milord Lisped Spiled Poinds Lowers Nimrod Dormin Sliped Slower Rowels Dimers Prosed Spored Domine Resown Pedros Dipole Polder Spined Meloid Misled Prides Limned Sloped Dolmen Sniped Prised Milden Remold Pinder Models Seldom Redips Molder Spider Spired Milder Slimed Period Poised Dopier Normed Rodmen Rewins Moiled Modern Smiled Winoes Opined Nowise Ponied Melons Morsel Morels Solemn Polers Monies Splore Sloper Eonism Merino Miners Proles Lopers Pleons Pilose Poleis Simnel Ponies Moiler Limens Polies Merlin Limner Orpine Pernio Opines Spline Spinel Smiler Milers Pinole Pensil Molies Repins Ripens Sniper Oilmen Moline Moires Isomer Merlon Rimose Pliers Poiser Lomein Lisper Perils Lemons Minors Prison Sermon Spinor Prions Orpins Person Onside Noised Ironed Donsie Snider Diners Rinsed Dinero Slider Sidler Dories Sorned Sonder Snored Solder Redons Drones Resold Indols Dorsel Lodens Rondel Idlers Roiled Oldies Siloed Indole Soiled Reoils Oriels Liners Senior Nosier Neroli Eloins Insole Lesion Oleins Irones Oilers Nerols Enrols Loners Lories

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Wimps Mowed Wiped Moped Women Wiper Swipe Wipes Mewls Power Meows Mower Plews Prowl Prows Plows Worms Imped Words Sword Owned Endow Wends Impel Romps Winds Moper Proms Widen Proem Wilds Indow Mopes Poems Drown Sperm Downs Dower Wield Wolds World Pomes Wiled Sowed Rowed Perms Dowse Primo Weird Prims Wider Prime Prism Dwine Welds Wised Wides Wined Wried Limps Dowie Wired Lowed Dowel Wiles Poind Dipso Lewis Plods Plied Lweis Molds Drips Limed Weirs Swine Sinew Wines Wries Wiser Wires Rewin Sworn Dorms Piled Ponds Dorps Drops Prods Milds Enows Rowen Owsen Poled Loped Wrens Rewon Posed Dopes Spode Melds Pined Mined Roped Owner Pedro Pored Spend Pends Deism Dimes Mends Rimed Mired Disme Demon Monde Dimer Demos Resow Serow Swirl Sower Swore Domes Modes Derms Worse Model Doper Spied Siped Riped Redip Pried Pride Lower Minds Misdo Winos Rowel Lowse Lowes Denim Ripen Orpin Pions Repin Opsin Pirns Moire Limos Milos Peins Limns Moils Emirs Miens Mines Miner Mires Minor Rimes Miser Opine Morns Prion Spoil Polis Norms Spore Melon Lemon Omers Morel Morse Prone Opens Pones Peons Mores Moles Enorm Meson Porns Poles Slope Nomes Prole Pelon Merls Pleon Omens Poler Loper Spire Lopes Ropes Repos Poser Prose Snipe Pines Spine Pores Pries Piers Prise Ripes Spier Speir Peris Poise Penis Speil Miles Limes Slime Smile Miler Limen Monie Piles Spiel Spile Peril Plier Slipe Plies Resod Loden Olden Rosed Sored Rodes Dries Dirls Resid Rides Eidos Lined Soldi Sired Diols Idols Lends Lidos Loids Sloid Indol Redos Nosed Nodes Redon Drone Sonde Older Doers Doser Snide Soled Nerds Doles Lodes Rends Solid Oldie Oiled Diner Lords Riled Idler Slide Sidle Deils Delis Idles Isled Dines Rinds Nides Dinos Ornis Noris Rosin Noirs Irons Loris Roils Noils Lions Loins Linos Noels Loser Lores Lenos Enols Enrol Nerol Loner Orles Roles Sorel Irone Liens Lines Lenis Eosin Liner Noise Oiler Oriel Riles Slier Riels Liers Reoil Solei Olein Eloin Osier Resin Reins Rinse Risen Siren Serin Snore Senor

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Wimp Wipe Pews Spew Mows Mewl Plew Worm Smew Mews Meow Wisp Prow Pows Swim Plow Swop Mown Wops Wold Wind Down Word Dows Wend Prim Lewd Weld Limp Mope Imps Poem Prom Romp Pome Poms Wild Mops Weds Drew Simp Perm Owed Wide Mips Dews Rows Wino Lown Owls Slow Lows Wins Weir Worn Wise Wire Slew Lowe Nows Wore Owes Snow Sown Woes Owse Wons Wens Owns Sewn News Wren Enow Wine Mods Doms Pond Dorm Plod Drip Mids Mold Dorp Prod Drop Pods Idem Dime Dims Pend Pled Derm Mode Meds Dome Mend Demo Dope Mild Pied Modi Mind Meld Oped Sped Peds Dips Lwei Wile Emir Pile Nims Omer Some Plie More Rems Mire Miso Mirs Pion Lipe Rims Rime Meno Nome Omen Opes Peso Pose Moil Epos Milo Limo Mien Mine Reps Limn Rope Slip Lisp Lips Open Peon Pone Slim Mils Pore Repo Pens Nope Norm Mons Pein Morn Merl Elms Mels Lops Mole Slop Pols Noms Pine Roms Lime Mors Peri Pier Mile Porn Pons Ripe Pies Sipe Pole Lope Rips Pois Piso Spin Semi Mise Pirn Nips Snip Pins Pros Mols Dire Ired Ride Side Deli Ides Deil Lode Lied Deni Diel Dels Elds Sled Idle Dies Nide Dine Dole Lend Rend Dins Rids Nodi Dino Dols Olds Lord Reds Diol Idol Odes Dose Does Lido Loid Slid Sild Lids Dirl Sold Rods Sord Dors Nods Dons Rind Node Dore Done Doer Dens Sned Nerd Redo Ends Rode Send Rise Sire Reis Sone Ones Ires Lorn Lone Leno Loin Lion Enol Lino Noel Sine Lire Riel Lier Sore Rile Leis Lies Isle Rose Roes Lins Erns Eros Rein Ores Sorn Line Lien Noil Lore Orle Role Nils Sole Inro Iron Eons Lose Nori Noir Soli Soil Oils Ions Silo Roil Oles Lens Sori Sloe Nose Noes Rins

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Definition of the word Spindleworm, Meaning of Spindleworm word :
n. - The larva of a noctuid mmoth (Achatodes zeae) which feeds inside the stalks of corn (maize), sometimes causing much damage. It is smooth, with a black head and tail and a row of black dots across each segment.

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