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Kaliph Khadis Khedas Hanked Sheiks Pinked Spiked Shakes Shaken Shanks Shikse Kidnap Shiksa Hankie Paiked Pekans Splake Napkin Plinks Speaks Planks Daphne Skelps Spikes Aphids Shaped Phased Pashed Pinken Pekins Hasped Pished Spanks Phases Alephs Shapen Shapes Pashes Skalds Pishes Shleps Kindle Linked Silked Kissed Kilned Palish Phials Aspish Phasis Spahis Shnaps Splash Ankled Snaked Kneads Slaked Shined Shield Dishes Hissed Delish Alsike Alkies Kinase Alkine Ankles Slakes Shends Skeans Snakes Sneaks Lashed Shaled Kisses Silken Dashes Endash Skeins Handle Slinks Hailed Halide Likens Inkles Sashed Sadhes Shades Halids Sandhi Dashis Danish Pained Sheila Inhale Passed Planed Spades Hansel Elapid Salpid Plaids Dipsas Hisses Lisped Dispel Sliped Spiled Pinned Pleiad Aliped Sniped Spined Shiels Shines Pissed Spends Lashes Pleads Selahs Sashes Hennas Lapsed Shales Pedals Sheals Hassle Hassel Panned Hanses Padles Sepias Alpine Pineal Lipase Espial Pinnae Pennia Spinal Pinnal Penial Lapins Plains Spails Pinnas Inspan Spales Sepals Snipes Lapses Passel Saleps Pennis Plisse Aspens Sneaps Speans Slipes Speils Pannes Spiles Spiels Spines Pisses Speiss Sepsis Panels Planes Pensil Passes Spinel Spline Nailed Denial Alined Island Deasil Aisled Ideals Ladies Linden Disses Sedans Inland Sidles Slides Sinned Daises Asides Dassie Sassed Sained Sailed Ladens Naleds Elands Sendal Linens Lianes Sasins Silane Saline Elains Inanes Sienna Aisles Lassie Insane Alines Sanies Lassis Sansei Snails Sennas Lasses Aliens Anises Sisals

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Kaphs Hiked Khadi Kheda Dhaks Shake Haiks Lakhs Hakes Ankhs Khans Shank Hanks Knish Sheik Hikes Piked Spank Pekin Kepis Plink Pinks Skips Spiks Skeps Pikes Spike Kelps Skelp Speak Spake Pekan Peaks Pikas Plank Knaps Paiks Aphid Naked Knead Laked Asked Hasps Plash Phial Ephas Heaps Phase Shape Aphis Apish Spahi Ships Dikes Skied Inked Helps Shlep Skids Desks Dinks Kinds Disks Liked Skald Kadis Aleph Slank Kilns Dashi Shads Sheds Dahls Shend Sakes Hides Shied Sidhe Links Kails Halid Sinks Kains Sakis Sikas Silks Dhals Skins Kinas Slink Heads Likes Hades Deash Ashed Sadhe Shade Inkle Liken Kines Skein Haled Sikes Skies Hinds Hands Ankle Skean Kanes Leaks Sneak Lakes Kales Alkie Alike Slake Snake Shine Heils Snash Slash Shies Selah Hanse Pends Shins Sinhs Spend Spied Plied Piled Siped Pined Shiel Plead Sheal Pedal Paled Padle Shale Plaid Ashen Spade Leash Heals Hales Paned Sheas Ashes Sapid Padis Henna Hails Spaed Slips Spans Pilea Snaps Lisps Spies Spile Spiel Piles Plies Speil Slipe Penni Penis Peins Pines Snipe Spine Sipes Nipas Pains Pians Salep Pinna Spale Sepal Pleas Leaps Spins Aspis Peals Pales Apsis Spean Lapis Pails Panes Peans Neaps Napes Aspen Penna Paise Plain Panne Spail Sneap Lapin Sepia Pinas Slaps Salps Plena Passe Spaes Panel Penal Plane Pases Apses Snips Lapse Plans Sedan Naled Saned Dales Saids Aides Aside Deans Sends Sades Sadis Lades Lased Deals Sneds Ideas Lands Ideal Ailed Leads Dials Laden Nidal Silds Sleds Eland Sides Sands Lined Dines Nides Snide Lends Inned Delis Idles Deils Isled Sidle Slide Leans Lanes Elans Sales Sanes Lines Liens Seals Nines Senna Isles Asses Lases Lenis Sises Linen Sines Sensa Anise Sisal Sials Sails Lassi Sasin Sains Linns Aisle Inane Alien Anils Nails Slain Snail Aline Liane Elain Anile

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Definition of the word Spindleshanks, Meaning of Spindleshanks word :
n. - A person with slender shanks, or legs, -- used humorously or in contempt.

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