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Scurf Fices Curfs Coofs Flics Coifs Folic Cuifs Force Clefs Focus Flocs Ficus Felid Field Filed Flied Delfs Foods Fords Fordo Folds Feods Feuds Fused Fired Fried Defis Fluid Fiord Fidos Flood Flued Cured Crude Fillo Fusil Dolce Roofs Fours Duces Fools Iodic Sodic Foils Could Disco Cords Flirs Cloud Furls Folio Fills Filos Frill Scrod Duroc Cried Dicer Riced Cedis Dices Scudo Lucid Ludic Cruds Curds Coled Dolci Disci Fulls Fells Clued Flues Flour Floes Serif Reifs Sulfo Fouls Fluor Frise Fries Fires Fuels Clods Rolfs Colds Scold Fusel Fores Froes Loofs Cooed Cider Coder Coeds Codes Filer Decos Coude Floor Fille Creds Douce Flier Decor Scudi Cored Flies Files Rifle Credo Lifer Icier Cires Ceili Cries Rices Curie Clour Cello Celli Oleic Culls Scull Curio Coirs Curls Color Locos Cools Locus Relic Sulci Cosie Slice Ceils Oculi Coils Scour Ureic Luces Clues Ulcer Cooer Cores Ceros Lucre Cruel Close Cells Coles Socle Corse Sucre Ecrus Ceorl Curse Cruse Cures Score Odors Soldo Lords Sudor Doors Duros Roods Odour Ordos Droll Oldie Uredo Douse Oiled Dures Druse Idler Sored Redos Doser Resod Rodes Rosed Irids Doers Riled Soled Lodes Eidos Lured Slide Ruled Doles Dries Older Looed Sired Rides Resid Sidle Duels Deils Delis Rodeo Idles Leuds Dulse Ludes Slued Isled Lurid Drill Dirls Solid Soldi Ursid Dells Drool Dolor Dulls Dolls Sloid Dills Loids Idols Diols Lidos Riles Ileus Slier Orles Sorel Roles Lieus Rills Ourie Loose Oleos Rille Iller Lores Loser Osier Riels Sieur Losel Oorie Louse Lours Roues Roils Oiler Loris Olios Rolls Lisle Looie Oriel Reoil Ousel Lilos Solei Louie Lures Louis Euros Roose Rules Rouse Liers

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Definition of the word Silicofluoride, Meaning of Silicofluoride word :
n. - A fluosilicate, a salt of silicofluoric acid.

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