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Physed Hypoed Sharpy Sypher Hypers Sphery Gharry Dryish Hydros Hydrae Hydria Goyish Hydras Hyoids Parody Phages Grapey Spayed Prayed Hayers Horary Drapey Graphs Aphids Ephods Horsey Pogeys Sherry Dropsy Shaped Gopher Gripey Harped Phased Pashed Hasped Predry Pished Ephors Spryer Pisher Ephori Harper Perish Hopers Reship Ropery Osprey Pryers Posher Payors Priory Pharos Sparry Sighed Driegh Dreigh Raphis Dogeys Prayer Sherpa Raphes Seraph Shaper Payers Repays Poisha Parish Phrase Grayed Gashed Greasy Yarder Dreary Hairdo Gyrase Yagers Griped Groped Hiders Gerahs Gasher Hegira Ogrish Geisha Gherao Shored Horsed Hoised Derays Hordes Grayer Argosy Garish Gharri Hegari Reshod Horrid Gyrose Dryers Haired Shared Pagods Sigher Harder Yairds Dasher Shader Gasped Hoards Yirred Radish Hoagie Parged Shaird Groper Gripes Griper Padres Parsed Rasped Rosery Soaped Pogies Hosier Drapes Pargos Parred Draper Hirers Sirrah Gropes Orisha Paired Diaper Spader Spored Prosed Pedros Pardie Repaid Prides Spired Spider Prised Poised Period Dopers Dorper Dopier Rosary Redips Sparge Ashier Ahorse Parges Pagers Spared Gasper Grapes Ashore Hoarse Rasher Sharer Sparid Rapids Gapers Spread Ropers Parers Seadog Repros Sparer Parser Rapers Rasper Proser Girder Geoids Dogies Dirges Ridges Grides Dosage Priers Regard Grader Garred Grades Sprier Repair Praise Paries Aspire Rapier Priors Dagoes Ropier Dogear Soaper Pareos Operas Spirea Poiser Rigors Sirdar Soared Adores Roadie Resaid Ardors Sarode Aiders Oreads Rerigs Radios Aroids Darers Gorier Orgies Drears Rogers Irades Dories Raised Redias Derris Riders Driers Sagier Adorer Dorser Orders Raider Arider Roared Deairs Raiser Rosier Sierra Airers Ariose Soarer

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Hyped Hyper Hedgy Hypos Harpy Sophy Hypes Heapy Dashy Shady Hydra Hardy Hoagy Dishy Hydro Yodhs Hayed Hyoid Heady Podgy Yoghs Pogey Aphid Herry Pardy Gipsy Shyer Porgy Phage Hosey Gripy Yeahs Perdy Horsy Hoyas Harry Dopey Ephod Hoped Hairy Hayer Grapy Graph Pyoid Hoary Payed Dogey Sedgy Gyred Ropey Spray Spiry Aphis Opahs Spahi Apish Pyros Repay Payer Apery Prosy Pyres Perry Pryer Preys Ephas Heaps Phase Sepoy Poesy Raspy Prays Parry Shape Sharp Harps Soapy Payor Raphe Grody Yipes Ephor Ridgy Hopes Hoper Paged Hared Yogas Yagis Grays Yogis Greys Gyres Derry Shoed Hosed Dryer Horde Sidhe Shied Gaped Dyers Redry Sherd Herds Shred Hides Hired Yirds Ashed Gyros Shade Gorsy Hider Sadhe Hades Deash Heads Heard Gayer Yager Deary Deray Gerah Dairy Diary Yaird Shard Dashi Hoard Odahs Hards Daisy Sayid Shogi Sayed Ready Rayed Yards Pagod Girsh Drays Dopes Sorry Posed Spode Roped Doper Spied Siped Pedro Pored Progs Pards Riped Pride Yarer Yirrs Gaper Grape Eyrir Pager Parge Peags Pages Gapes Redip Hoise Hirer Hires Heirs Podia Shier Shire Shore Shoer Hoser Heros Horse Hoers Shirr Dorps Prods Drops Drips Dipso Spado Apods Dopas Pirog Rapid Padis Gripe Pardi Grope Padri Sapid Roshi Gorps Pried Horas Years Hoars Hairs Oyers Ohias Hares Hears Rheas Spade Sayer Spaed Shear Share Yores Sprig Padre Pared Raped Prigs Drape Sprag Grasp Grips Pargo Resay Serry Eyras Spare Reaps Spear Paise Prase Presa Rapes Proas Sepia Girds Grids Sapor Apres Pareo Opera Paseo Asper Degas Drags Grads Egads Pares Psoae Grade Raged Apers Spire Spier Parse Pears Speir Ripes Riper Prier Goads Parrs Prise Dagos Pries Peris Piers Repro Dregs Pores Poser Prose Paris Parer Raper Doges Gored Repos Ropes Spore Gadis Prior Pairs Praos Roper Poise Geoid Dogie Psoai Ridge Gride Dirge Reads Aroid Aider Sargo Radio Oared Ogres Gores Roger Gorse Goers Ideas Adore Redia Sarge Irade Sager Ragis Agios Drear Aside Rared Aired Deair Darer Rages Gears Agers Sarod Roads Dears Dorsa Rides Resid Dries Sired Oread Ardor Redos Doser Doers Resod Sored Rodes Aides Order Dares Raids Giros Eidos Rased Rosed Rerig Aegis Rigor Direr Drier Rider Dorrs Adios Sorer Riser Raser Rares Rears Serai Raise Arose Arris Orris Arise Airer Sirra Osier Roars

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Syph Hyps Hypo Hype Yogh Yodh Hoys Gapy Ahoy Hoya Yeah Ashy Hays Shay Pogy Gyps Dopy Ropy Haps Hasp Pyro Pash Espy Pyre Hope Opah Prey Pehs Yips Harp Hips Pyas Pays Pray Spay Soph Yaps Ship Yipe Pish Phis Shop Dogy Edgy Posh Hops Epha Heap Posy Spry Pyes Yeps Days Yard Dray Dyes Deys Hogs Gosh Dyer Sigh Ghis Hide Hied Herd Edhs Shed Yogi Ohed Hoed Dish Haed Head Hade Dahs Dash Grey Gyre Shad Orgy Odah Ahed Hard Goys Yird Yids Shog Sidh Hods Shod Drys Gory Gyro Dory Yods Gyri Yags Shag Hags Gash Yagi Gray Gays Sagy Yoga Drop Dorp Apod Ohia Shri Dopa Drip Prod Dips Pods Oyes Gips Yore Oyer Hear Hare Pigs Aped Eyra Pads Yare Hoar Hora Aery Peds Sped Grip Daps Ahis Hair Rhea Pard Yirr Gasp Hero Hoer Prog Hies Rhos Ayes Easy Hers Resh Hoes Hose Shoe Eyas Yeas Soya Hire Padi Paid Gaps Heir Prig Pegs Year Rash Dope Oped Shea Gorp Pied Haes Peag Rays Ryas Ryes Gape Page Rosy Airy Pias Reap Rips Pars Raps Aper Pare Pear Rape Doge Pros Gads Proa Gied Dags Peri Prao Parr Drag Geds Dreg Grad Ripe Gods Dogs Digs Gids Reps Apos Egad Grid Gird Pore Rope Repo Gaed Peas Spae Pase Sipe Pies Pair Rasp Spar Piso Aged Soap Epos Goad Opes Gadi Apes Apse Pier Dago Peso Pose Pois Giro Rigs Agio Rags Goas Ragi Sago Gars Ados Road Odas Soda Rads Orad Said Raid Arid Aids Dais Sadi Sard Sage Gaes Read Dear Dare Ages Rage Sade Ager Gear Rids Aide Dorr Dors Sord Rods Idea Reds Egis Ergs Sego Regs Goes Egos Ergo Gies Goer Gore Ogre Odes Dose Odea Ired Dire Dore Ride Redo Rode Does Doer Dies Ides Side Sori Orra Airs Rais Rias Sari Roar Oars Osar Sora Aero Rare Rase Sear Sera Eras Ears Rear Ares Arse Soar Ires Reis Sire Eros Errs Sore Rose Ores Roes Rise

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Definition of the word Siderography, Meaning of Siderography word :
n. - The art or practice of steel engraving, especially, the process, invented by Perkins, of multiplying facsimiles of an engraved steel plate by first rolling over it, when hardened, a soft steel cylinder, and then rolling the cylinder, when hardened, over a soft steel plate, which thus becomes a facsimile of the original. The process has been superseded by electrotypy.

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