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Shave Haver Haves Hovel Hover Shove Halve Brash Blahs Above Abhor Brave Bravo Verbs Herbs Bevor Bohos Hobos Rehab Obeah Bohea Hared Hades Haled Deash Heard Ashed Dahls Dhals Ahold Saved Devas Hoard Odahs Shard Hards Raved Drave Sadhe Shade Laved Heads Doves Holds Roved Drove Shred Loved Voled Hoods Sherd Velds Oohed Holed Horde Dhole Herds Shoed Hosed Shoer Selah Hoser Slave Shore Selva Verso Horse Shool Heros Hears Vales Hares Hoers Rheas Shorl Velar Overs Laevo Roves Voles Loves Solve Lover Shear Share Sheal Laves Ravel Laver Shale Servo Salve Horal Bored Booed Orbed Robed Bodes Lobed Blood Dobro Leash Bolds Brood Sheol Raves Hosel Saver Shoal Herls Lehrs Veals Oaves Soave Avers Harls Hoars Ovals Volar Salvo Arvos Savor Valor Horas Holes Helos Valse Halos Bared Barde Abode Blade Baled Adobe Ardeb Beard Balds Dobla Brads Darbs Bards Adobo Dobra Broad Board Drabs Bread Debar Based Sabed Beads Abled Heals Haole Hales Haler Saber Sable Braes Sabre Blare Blear Bolar Bears Baser Bares Lobar Lobes Oboes Obols Lesbo Boles Boors Roble Bores Brose Boras Sober Boars Lobos Robes Bolos Broos Labor Bolas Obole Baler Abler Boral Ables Blase Bales Doers Drool Dolor Sarod Dorsa Roads Doser Redos Leads Rased Lased Lades Reads Alder Lader Deals Dales Sored Rosed Oread Dares Dears Looed Oared Adore Loads Lards Rodeo Soldo Older Lords Resod Rodes Doors Odors Roods Ordos Soled Doles Lodes Lores Loser Oleos Loose Orles Roles Roose Sorel Earls Arles Aloes Orals Solar Seral Reals Lares Laser Rales Lears Arose

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Definition of the word Shovelboard, Meaning of Shovelboard word :
n. - A board on which a game is played, by pushing or driving pieces of metal or money to reach certain marks, also, the game itself. Called also shuffleboard, shoveboard, shovegroat, shovelpenny.

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