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Qaids Qadis Typey Payed Typed Payee Patsy Tipsy Seepy Yelps Pesty Types Slype Piety Yipes Aptly Patly Typal Splay Plays Peaty Palsy Spays Pasty Platy Idyls Ditsy Yield Lysed Deity Seedy Styed Daily Leady Layed Sayid Daisy Sayed Delay Sadly Plaid Sayst Taped Tepid Lyase Stays Siped Lysis Spied Style Lipid Pated Adept Deeps Speed Pedes Styes Essay Eyass Plied Piled Laity Styli Spade Silty Spaed Seely Padle Yetis Slays Lyssa Slaty Salty Pedal Paled Tyees Yeses Yeast Sylis Plead Lyses Padis Sapid Slipt Slips Lisps Split Plats Splat Spits Tipis Pilis Spilt Pasts Spelt Sleep Peles Slept Pelts Speel Peels Peise Slipe Plies Piles Speil Spiel Spile Spies Piste Spite Stipe Steep Seeps Pilei Sipes Septs Steps Pests Spats Plate Petal Palet Slaps Tepal Apses Lepta Leapt Peals Pales Leaps Pleas Salep Spale Sepal Pases Passe Pails Lapis Tepas Pates Paste Spaes Peats Septa Tapes Spate Lapse Pieta Pilea Sepia Paise Pease Etape Spail Pleat Pitas Apsis Plait Spait Aspis Tapis Salps Aides Aside Ideas Delts Sleds Sited Edits Stied Tides Silds Stead Tsade Stade Sated Dates Iliad Leads Lased Delta Lated Sades Lades Dites Tidal Dials Dales Deals Sadis Staid Tsadi Ditas Adits Saids Teiid Deets Diets Eased Deils Aedes Slide Sidle Delis Idles Isled Seeds Dealt Edile Elide Ailed Deles Ideal Tilde Steed Sides Tiled Deist Istle Stile Tiles Islet Asset Isles Slate Easts Seats Tasse Sates Taels Stela Issei Tales Telae Elate Steal Lease Sites Sails Slats Easel Stale Salts Litai Silts Lists Setal Least Lassi Teals Satis Slits Sties Lasts Alist Seels Leses Telia Steel Sleet Leets Aisle Litas Tesla Tails Seals Seise Lases Sisal Eases Sials Setae Elite Stele Sales Teels Teles Tease

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Definition of the word Sesqyipedality, Meaning of Sesqyipedality word :
n. - The quality or condition of being sesquipedal.

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In Sesqyipedality S is 19th, E is 5th, Q is 17th, Y is 25th, I is 9th, P is 16th, D is 4th, A is 1st, L is 12th, T is 20th letters in Alphabet Series.