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Sesquipedalian is a scrabble word? Yes (26 Points) Sesquipedalian has worth 26 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Piqued Piques Equips Plaque Squads Squids Equids Liquid Sequin Qualia Equals Sequel Queens Quelea Squeal Equine Quails Queans Upends Sendup Unpaid Dipsas Paused Pleads Padles Pedals Passed Pseuds Plaids Lipids Spades Salpid Spiled Lipide Speeds Spined Sniped Dispel Lapsed Sliped Lisped Pulsed Spends Espied Peised Pissed Upside Upland Peined Upsend Pandas Planed Elapid Pleiad Pained Aliped Leaped Pesade Pealed Alpine Pineal Slipes Speils Salpas Pausal Please Elapse Plisse Penial Lineup Peasen Eupnea Lupine Unpile Passee Peases Pileus Pilaus Pulses Spails Aspens Sneaps Pluses Spales Lapses Lapsus Passel Saleps Sepals Speans Paesan Lapins Plains Lupins Upases Pauses Spinal Salpae Paeans Apneas Paulin Lipins Palais Snipes Sepias Spines Asleep Espial Lipase Spiels Spiles Paisan Supine Puisne Paisas Panels Planes Paleae Spleen Sleeps Speels Spense Penile Speise Peises Espies Apneal Spinel Pensil Spline Diesis Slides Sidles Indues Suedes Issued Eludes Disuse Seised Lensed Leudes Sensed Dulses Endues Ensued Dieses Diesel Ediles Undies Indies Inside Nudies Elides Sedile Dienes Denies Seined Seidel Aedile Aedine Leaned Leased Aneled Leaden Sealed Sialid Iliads Inlaid Island Unsaid Dulias Unlaid Elands Ladens Sundae Sedans Unlead Unlade Naleds Sendal Aisled Deasil Ideals Nailed Alined Denial Ladies Sailed Daises Dassie Adieus Asides Sained Audile Suldan Dalasi Sandal Salads Landau Naiads Audial Alands Ensues Snails Leases Easels Seisin Aneles Aeneus Liaise Unease Niseis Easies Sileni Seines Sensei Senile Ensile Enisle Usneas Anuses Lessen Lenses Assail Unseal Nasals Nausea Lianas Nasial Salina Lanais Aaliis Unless Lianes Lassie Anises Alines Elains Sanies Aisles Lunies Silane Saline Aliens Sansei Saunas Lauans

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Equip Pique Quips Qadis Equid Squad Quads Qaids Squid Quids Quean Quins Aquas Quais Queen Equal Aquae Quail Quale Quass Quasi Speed Pedes Deeps Piled Padle Upend Plaid Plied Dupes Spend Pends Puled Padis Sapid Pseud Paned Paled Pedal Plead Spuds Lipid Spued Spade Spaed Duple Pined Siped Spied Panda Pules Ulpan Plans Slaps Salps Peise Pilei Snaps Spans Spaes Pulse Spies Sipes Lupin Pilus Nipas Lipin Pilis Pause Lapin Plain Lapis Pains Punas Pians Puses Apsis Spues Supes Pails Spail Spins Pilau Aspis Peens Plies Penes Peins Pines Penis Neeps Slipe Speil Pulis Spile Seeps Snipe Slips Spiel Snips Spine Piles Speel Peels Peles Sleep Lisps Pinas Pilea Napas Paise Panel Salpa Sepia Pease Penal Plane Salep Pleas Sepal Spale Apnea Paean Apian Paisa Plena Lapse Leaps Peals Pales Passe Palea Sneap Peans Spean Pases Aspen Panes Napes Neaps Apses Sands Snide Dines Indue Lends Nides Duals Sides Ulnad Lauds Nudie Idles Lined Eased Indie Sidle Slide Isled Lands Ailed Ideal Deils Delis Saids Naled Iliad Dales Sades Eland Nidal Laden Saned Sedan Leads Lased Silds Deals Lades Nidus Nudes Dulse Duels Leuds Ludes Naiad Slued Sadis Sleds Aside Aides Aland Ideas Adieu Dials Dulia Sends Dunes Sneds Unled Aedes Nadas Edile Elide Undee Endue Needs Denes Dense Elude Deles Salad Deans Diene Seeds Suede Issue Lunes Alane Lines Issei Liana Nisus Seine Liens Ansae Aalii Lenis Lanai Slues Sauna Leses Salsa Lauan Lieus Sinus Alans Anlas Nalas Seels Nasal Sense Isles Ensue Ileus Assai Esnes Seise Nisei Sines Alias Lenes Lense Seals Lease Easel Unais Anele Sales Eases Sasin Sains Sials Lassi Sails Sisal Alien Aline Ulnae Leans Lanes Sauls Elans Ulnas Elain Liane Lases Anile Lunas Ulans Anise Aisle Usnea Sensa Sanes Slain Nails Anils Snail

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Definition of the word Sesquipedalian, Meaning of Sesquipedalian word :
a. - Measuring or containing a foot and a half, as, a sesquipedalian pygmy, -- sometimes humorously applied to long words.

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In Sesquipedalian S is 19th, E is 5th, Q is 17th, U is 21st, I is 9th, P is 16th, D is 4th, A is 1st, L is 12th, N is 14th letters in Alphabet Series.