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Umiaq Qualm Maqui Quits Quail Quais Quire Quasi Quart Queer Squat Quiet Quite Quale Equal Quilt Quest Quate Quirt Quare Limas Mails Ileum Tamis Simar Smile Salmi Maist Milia Smalt Malts Miter Alums Ramus Mauls Lumas Mairs Slime Smite Stime Mites Smart Metis Trams Times Marts Emirs Mires Miaul Mitre Items Emits Mural Rimes Limes Miles Amirs Muras Miler Timer Miser Arums Remit Merit Larum Maser Males Meals Metal Ulema Lames Almes Amies Merle Lamer Realm Trims Ramee Mutes Limit Ilium Ameer Milts Mitis Ramie Aimer Meter Metre Remet Maile Email Strum Meres Retem Meets Metes Teems Emeus Mates Meats Satem Lemur Elemi Smear Armet Mater Tamer Steam Mules Smelt Melts Terms Tames Teams Amuse Reams Ramet Serum Mures Muter Marls Mauts Muser Mares Merls Marse Tirls Ester Reest Trees Liers Riels Riles Slier Tiers Rites Resit Utile Lieus Tiler Relit Litre Liter Islet Istle Ileus Tiles Stile Tires Tries Stere Terse Reuse Steer Trues Reset Tules Suite Etuis Uteri Sieur Lutes Rules Lures Ultra Taler Ureal Ratel Later Alter Artel Sural Tarsi Stria Auris Litai Alert Seral Rials Lares Laser Rales Reals Lears Sault Talus Lutea Stair Tails Litas Teals Tales Stela Taels Alist Tesla Trial Trail Urial Rails Liras Arils Lairs Airts Astir Sitar Laris Liars Stale Steal Slate Setal Least Reels Relet Leers Setae Aures Tease Laree Stare Leets Tares Tears Urase Ureas Elate Eater Arete Saree Erase Ursae Retie Elite Easel Lease Siree Telae Resat Teels Teles Stele Steel Rates Aster Aerie Earls Elute Arles Urate Saute Sutra Uraei Raise Aisle Sleet Arise Ariel Serai Aurei Terai Retia Irate Telia

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Definition of the word Semiquartile, Meaning of Semiquartile word :
n. - An aspect of the planets when distant from each other the half of a quadrant, or forty-five degrees, or one sign and a half.

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