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Ghazi Azoth Zincs Azoic Gonzo Zings Ginzo Gazoo Zoons Nazis Azons Ouzos Sozin Hitch Hunch Hotch Hooch Hatch Hutch Hight Haugh Highs Thigh Chang Shahs Chugs Cohog Cough Shush Aitch Ancho Nacho Chant Natch Chais Nucha Chain China Chiao Chias Touch Chins Couth Cuish Stich Chits Chats Tachs Chaos Chino Cohos Sauch Notch Achoo Hocus Shogi Thing Night Sighs Hongs Sight Nighs Sughs Shogs Tough Sough Goths Ought Ghost Hongi Ohing Thong Thugs Ahing Shags Ghast Sangh Gnash Hangs Ghats Saugh Hogan Aught Ghaut Cogon Congo Cuing Guaco Scags South Acing Stash Conga Hants Shoat Snath Hoots Shoos Shoot Sooth Ohias Oaths Saith Snash Haunt Shuts Shuns Shoon Hunts Sushi Shunt Hists Shist Unhat Shits Haint Hosta Shins Shots Hosts Soths Sinhs Thins Thous Hints Hoist Coign Incog Shout Cutin Tunic Incus Scans Stoic Octan Scuts Tonic Ontic Cists Actin Cunts Count Uncos Conto Conus Scots Antic Uncia Coots Costs Socas Cusso Cutis Scoot Ictus Scout Coati Scant Coons Cants Canst Ascus Casus Scuta Scats Coats Costa Tacos Canto Casts Cotan Coast Icons Scion Sonic Coins Cions Cains Canso Ascot Tings Gusts Gusto Gouts Sting Suing Using Sings Signs Ingot Tigon Gists Goons Stung Tungs Outgo Snugs Ungot Snogs Songs Tongs Agios Giant Agist Gaits Togas Staig Signa Gains Gaunt Gonia Stang Tangs Guans Gnats Agons Tango Tonga Angst Snags Guano Sagos Gasts Stags Goats Gauss Tunas Aunts Ousts Autos Oasts Stoas Soots Units Sains Suint Sinus Sasin Nisus Situs Suits Toons Snots Snoot Snout Stuns Tonus Snits Antis Iotas Ossia Ostia Stoai Santo Satis Oasis Saint Satin Stain Unais Tains Tauon

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Definition of the word Schizognathous, Meaning of Schizognathous word :
a. - Having the maxillo-palatine bones separate from each other and from the vomer, which is pointed in front, as in the gulls, snipes, grouse, and many other birds.

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