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Reticulation is a scrabble word? Yes (14 Points) Reticulation has worth 14 Scrabble points.

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Curtal Cantor Cutter Toucan Croute Cottar Outact Turaco Cuatro Octant Contra Couter Carton Erotic Craton Cornua Cotter Incite Notice Cineol Enolic Client Irenic Elicit Nitric Otitic Citrin Ironic Ocular Lectin Lentic Luetic Lucite Coiner Orcein Recoin Relict Citole Nuclei Leucin Coiler Recoil Noetic Uncoil Incult Lucent Colter Lucern Cornel Lector Colure Cutlet Cuttle Reluct Cutler Cretin Cloner Cortin Tricot Citron Toluic Lictor Curite Uretic Cornet Launce Unlace Lacune Cuneal Lancet Coaler Coater Recoal Oracle Rictal Iatric Curial Uracil Recoat Cation Curate Anuric Uranic Atonic Action Italic Cental Cantle Uncial Locate Trance Canter Oilcan Carnet Tectal Caroli Carlin Catlin Tincal Octane Cornea Canoer Lorica Citola Alnico Recant Tanrec Coital Citral Cartel Nectar Cattle Centra Rectal Claret Acuter Lancer Atelic Enatic Centai Curiae Eclair Aculei Coteau Unciae Uratic Cottae Tunica Acetin Lacier Aortic Carnie Intact Cattie Aeonic Inlace Outran Linier Truant Inlier Attorn Ratton Torula Orient Ratite Nutter Tenuto Loaner Tenour Attire Touter Retain Ratine Tailer Retina Nitril Auntie Reloan Etalon Talent Latten Latent Eluant Lunate Outlet Turtle Unreal Neural Torten Tolane Rotten Antler Rental Learnt Retial Retail Turion Triton Nailer Linear Larine Renail Entail Tineal Tenail Aliner Intort Eolian Intuit Lotter Nutlet Trinal Ratlin Talion Urinal Lattin Tailor Rialto Latino Lutein Toilet Outlie Toiler Loiter Titian Litten Aroint Iolite Tinier Ration Oilier Linter Lunier Entoil Ritual Neroli Litter Ornate Atoner Tenuti Notate Triune Uniter Latter Tonlet Runlet Rattle Natter Ratten Tonier Outeat Norite Rutile Tilter Tauter Outate Rotate Tinter Nature Retint Attune Tauten Nutate Nutria

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Linac Recit Caret Culet Recti Lucre Ulcer Lotic Oculi Crone Ricin Ureic Nacre Rance Curie Nicol Trice Cruel Court Colin Recon Cutie Tecta Crate Cutin Tunic Acute Cilia Clour Runic Tinct Tacet Toric Trace Curio Uncle React Ceorl Recta Count Ontic Cornu Ocrea Enact Orcin Tonic Acini Telco Incur Iliac Cater Clout Clone Carte Citer Culti Actin Naric Cairn Antic Cruet Cotta Ceria Erica Tract Curet Octet Telic Relic Oleic Aulic Clean Crane Lance Areic Uncia Acorn Eruct Narco Racon Recut Nicer Octal Ileac Carol Claro Coral Tacit Attic Cuter Coati Actor Taroc Coria Octan Cotan Curia Auric Triac Canto Lacer Icier Centu Ounce Truce Cline Recto Carle Oncet Cleat Cento Conte Caner Licit Ionic Ceili Eclat Canoe Ocean Clear Tical Tuner Unlet Lunet Lento Lotte Noter Trone Toner Tenor Nerol Loner Titer Tetri Ourie Titre Trite Enrol Uteri Rouen Otter Triol Lirot Until Intro Nitro Tutor Trout Rutin Unlit Torii Toter Torte Rotte Outer Outre Utter Route Untie Unite Eloin Olein Liner Oiler Inlet Elint Oriel Reoil Inter Inert Irone Niter Nitre Urine Inure Trine Utile Title Louie Toile Teloi Liter Litre Tiler Relit Tonal Atilt Tinea Tenia Entia Ariel Noria Irate Retia Terai Aurei Trail Trial Urial Riant Train Aline Anile Alien Loran Talon Notal Trait Ratio Liane Nairu Elain Taint Titan Uraei Aloin Later Ratel Antre Artel Alert Alter Oaten Atone Lutea Latte Ureal Taler Oater Orate Learn Renal Anole Alone Litai Aioli Laten Leant Tetra Tater Treat Urate Ulnae Tolan Telia Ultra Taunt Total Tanto Tauon Trona Tarot Torta Ottar Ulnar Tolar Lunar

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Definition of the word Reticulation, Meaning of Reticulation word :
n. - The quality or state of being reticulated, or netlike, that which is reticulated, network, an organization resembling a net.

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In Reticulation R is 18th, E is 5th, T is 20th, I is 9th, C is 3rd, U is 21st, L is 12th, A is 1st, O is 15th, N is 14th letters in Alphabet Series.