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Pithed Pished Depths Hispid Pisher Reship Thrips Sphene Herpes Sphere Threep Pishes Thesps Perish Thirds Shreds Hiders Dither Hissed Histed Shends Dishes Shined Hinder Sherds Hinted Heders Hented Heired Spired Spited Redipt Stiped Trepid Redips Spends Prides Pissed Prised Dipnet Spider Hirees Theins Theses Ethers Theres Threes Sheets Shines Hinter Shrine Shiner Sheers Reshes Thesis Shiest Heists Theirs Shires Shiers Either Nether Sheens Sneesh Spined Theine Hisser Heinie Herein Inhere Sniped Speeds Shirts Peined Peised Perdie Espied Rishis Pitied Pinder Perses Spiers Sprint Speers Prints Spirit Spires Prises Sprite Strips Ripest Priest Espies Peises Speise Stripe Steeps Repent Preset Spense Peters Sprees Preens Tripes Esprit Stirps Stipes Repine Spirts Sprits Pistes Spites Pester Tiepin Pinite Streps Periti Pinier Pitier Pities Prests Spines Instep Spinet Pisser Snipes Pterin Repins Ripens Sniper Speirs Sprent Tensed Nested Rinsed Indite Desert Seders Sensed Sender Resend Enders Denser Rented Tender Deters Rested Inside Indies Direst Driest Stride Teinds Steeds Resids Tineid Seined Dienes Denies Reined Endite Eiders Desire Nereid Denier Rident Snider Diners Tinder Trined Deists Desist Tidies Trends Teiids Irised Tiered Irides Indris Nitrid Seised Dieses Retied Reedit Tidier Diesis Dieter Reside Steins Sirens Serins Rinses Inerts Estrin Resins Insert Inters Treens Nitres Niters Sinter Triens Insets Trines Insist Sterns Sister Resist Resits Resite Reties Renest Rentes Resent Nester Enters Sirees Series Sneers Esters Resets Reests Serest Steres Steers Tenser Nereis Ternes Seiner Sensei Tenses Entire Irises Retine Triene Seines Serine Seiser Tinier Niseis Seniti Seisin Serein

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Definition of the word Residentship, Meaning of Residentship word :
n. - The office or condition of a resident.

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