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Frolic Confit Infect Confer Fiacre Fracti Farcie Facile Fecial Fiance Falcon Flacon Factor Faille Florin Roofie Footie Finito Infill Filler Forint Lifter Trifle Teflon Footle Infall Foliar Floral Fontal Finial Filial Floret Lofter Foetor Footer Filter Faller Refall Florae Loafer Fallen Ferial Fetial Fainer Infare Foetal Folate Falter Finale Finite Olefin Fillet Flooie Refill Locate Recoal Coaler Cantle Lancer Canoer Relict Cartel Lancet Cental Oracle Claret Lectin Client Coolie Coiler Citole Recoil Enolic Cineol Rectal Irenic Ocelli Collie Incite Elicit Caller Carnie Centai Acetin Inlace Lacier Eclair Aeonic Atelic Enatic Locale Recall Cellar Coiner Callet Lentic Citola Coital Citral Octroi Cortin Citron Catlin Tincal Caroli Lorica Recoat Rictal Trance Coater Cloner Cornel Lictor Coloni Contra Carton Cantor Alnico Cornet Craton Cooter Clinal Lector Colter Cooler Iatric Italic Ocelot Corona Oilcan Carlin Racoon Tanrec Colone Recant Recoin Cornea Cation Atonic Octane Collar Ironic Cootie Cretin Notice Erotic Noetic Clonal Collet Nitric Citrin Canter Aortic Nectar Centra Carnet Action Orcein Croton Lintol Lienal Lineal Lotion Renail Illite Inlier Nielli Linier Oilier Lentil Lintel Niello Tinier Iolite Orient Tonier Retool Looter Rootle Ratoon Tooler Taille Enroll Toller Rillet Tiller Toiler Toonie Loiter Latino Talion Norite Ratlin Trinal Neroli Entoil Loonie Aroint Ration Linter Oriole Oorali Rialto Tailor Oolite Enroot Loreal Taller Nailer Retina Loaner Tolane Etalon Linear Reloan Retain Retial Tailer Retail Entail Tenail Tineal Ratine Ornate Atoner Telial Nitril Eolian Learnt Aliner Rental Larine Antler

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Definition of the word Refocillation, Meaning of Refocillation word :
n. - Restoration of strength by refreshment.

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In Refocillation R is 18th, E is 5th, F is 6th, O is 15th, C is 3rd, I is 9th, L is 12th, A is 1st, T is 20th, N is 14th letters in Alphabet Series.