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Dermic Minced Mantic Cermet Caiman Maniac Camera Amerce Raceme Menace Iceman Icemen Metric Tarmac Emetic Cinema Mincer Anemic Cement Carman Amtrac Carmen Direct Credit Triced Cinder Detect Edenic Deicer Deceit Decent Decern Remind Minder Minted Mitred Termed Metred Itemed Mender Dement Remend Teamed Daimen Aidmen Meated Remade Mediae Reamed Demean Maiden Median Mantid Matted Marted Dreamt Admire Medina Damner Remand Tandem Decant Carted Arcade Acarid Canted Craned Canard Cedarn Cardia Decane Cadent Nacred Dancer Crated Decare Redact Cnidae Caried Dacite Acedia Rancid Anadem Aidman Aramid Traced Catted Maenad Airman Marina Mantra Matter Tenrec Marten Recent Centre Tatami Tamari Amrita Tercet Metate Reteam Remate Airmen Arcane Arnica Carina Crania Ramate Meanie Acinar Rename Meaner Catena Carate Marine Remain Matier Cretin Inmate Etamin Tamein Imaret Center Cattie Enatic Acetin Centai Canter Carnet Titman Mattin Martin Anemia Centra Recant Tanrec Trance Mitten Remint Careen Titmen Recane Minter Carnie Ecarte Create Cetane Tenace Cerate Nectar Ermine Retime Metier Emetin Cerite Entice Recite Tierce Reemit Intact Adnate Radian Retted Aedine Dearie Aeried Rediae Ideate Neared Endear Anteed Derate Teared Redate Earned Rident Tinted Trined Teated Tinder Ratted Tarted Tetrad Rented Tender Ardent Tented Ranted Netted Detent Nereid Reined Denier Tiered Retied Reedit Endite Dieter Attend Tirade Airted Denari Rained Detain Nidate Tentie Netter Tenter Aerate Triene Entire Retine Attire Ratite Attain Antiar Ratine Taenia Retain Retina Natter Ratten Neater Entera Teniae Rattan Tantra Tartan Tinter Retint

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Definition of the word Readmittance, Meaning of Readmittance word :
n. - Allowance to enter again, a second admission.

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In Readmittance R is 18th, E is 5th, A is 1st, D is 4th, M is 13th, I is 9th, T is 20th, N is 14th, C is 3rd letters in Alphabet Series.