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Quaver Quiver Caique Quince Claque Calque Cirque Cinque Clique Quired Qindar Quaere Equine Requin Quelea Qualia Curved Calved Device Craved Advice Cervid Carved Claver Carvel Craven Cavern Caviar Cleave Clever Culver Evince Carven Vicuna Vialed Vailed Invade Valued Varied Reaved Leaved Vealed Evader Levied Veiled Verdin Navaid Devein Endive Delver Reived Vendue Vandal Nerved Vender Derive Drivel Veined Envied Driven Venule Relive Revile Velure Envier Veiler Veiner Liever Venire Unveil Levier Unlive Eviler Valine Veinal Venial Vineal Alvine Alevin Leaver Reveal Vealer Eluvia Naiver Decern Deicer Edenic Decile Valuer Reduce Ravine Vainer Vernal Laveer Clerid Ceiled Induce Leaven Cinder Curdle Curled Avenue Cnidae Decare Caried Candle Cradle Lanced Decane Larvae Credal Reclad Unclad Rancid Cedula Caudle Cedarn Craned Nacred Dancer Acarid Cardia Arcade Canard Acedia Alcade Caudal Relace Careen Cereal Enlace Aecial Lucern Lacuna Canula Carina Arcane Arnica Acinar Racial Crania Carnal Nuclei Leucin Anlace Ceiler Crenel Recane Lacier Launce Aculei Eclair Inlace Carnie Unciae Curiae Lancer Lacune Cuneal Unlace Anuric Uncial Uranic Carlin Curial Uracil Derail Ariled Dialer Laired Railed Alined Denial Redial Nailed Audile Darnel Uredia Lander Reland Rained Denari Relaid Lieder Leader Dealer Rundle Earned Nurled Leaned Aedile Aedine Aneled Leaden Rediae Dearie Aeried Endear Ureide Lender Dueler Relend Reined Relied Nereid Denier Eluder Inured Ruined Neared Radial Audial Landau Radula Endure Enured Radian Durian Lauder Aulder Unlead Unlade Unread Lurdan Unlaid Aldrin Urania Linear Nailer Renail Reline Lierne Neural Aerial Unreal Realia Aliner Anuria Narial Laurae Larine Lunier Leaner Urinal Ranula Unreel Anural

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Equid Aquae Quean Quale Queen Queer Quern Equal Quire Quail Quare Caved Viced Vinca Vicar Clavi Crave Caver Carve Calve Cavie Clave Curve Cuvee Vacua Cavil Devil Lived Rived Vined Drive Diver Eaved Evade Deave Raved Valid Divan Viand Drave Vaned Delve Laved Daven Devel Vanda Anvil Liver Raven Livre Velar Laver Arced Ravel Nival Value Uveal Acred Invar Caned Deice Acned Levin Revue Dance Liven Rival Ervil Viral Cadre Ravin Vinal Cedar Ducal Venae Reave Cauld Daric Riven Veena Leave Adunc Caird Acrid Raced Aiver Navel Viler Venal Naive Naevi Cnida Nicad Alive Canid Alcid Cared Decal Reive Varia Avian Avail Lieve Nieve Educe Deuce Elver Cider Dicer Cried Lever Revel Nerve Never Clade Ceder Creed Cered Riced Varna Arval Larva Naval Ludic Lucid Navar Clued Dunce Cured Crude Venue Laced Creel Ureic Curie Cruel Uncia Lucre Nicer Cline Relic Niece Erica Aulic Clean Cairn Naric Lance Acari Canal Rance Caner Crane Nacre Auric Curia Linac Aecia Areca Craal Runic Incur Clear Carle Lacer Ulcer Uncle Ileac Areic Ceria Denar Drain Lurid Ideal Redan Dural Under Elude Nudie Indue Elder Eared Ender Nidal Riled Idler Lined Diner Naiad Aland Endue Undee Eider Nuder Ailed Elide Edile Ruled Lured Liard Laird Drail Lidar Dulia Unled Diene Dinar Ulnad Alder Eland Naled Adieu Laden Redia Aider Aired Deair Irade Lader Nadir Ranid Urine Uraei Inure Aerie Anele Aurei Liner Arene Enure Ranee Elain Liane Anile Alien Aline Ariel Laree Naira Urial Nairu Aurae Arena Lanai Liana Ureal Lauan Aural Laura Lunar Ruana Anear Laari Learn Areae Renal Ulnae Areal Ulnar Alane

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Definition of the word Quadrivalence, Meaning of Quadrivalence word :
n. - The quality or state of being quadrivalent, tetravalence.

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In Quadrivalence Q is 17th, U is 21st, A is 1st, D is 4th, R is 18th, I is 9th, V is 22nd, L is 12th, E is 5th, N is 14th, C is 3rd letters in Alphabet Series.