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Crypt Coypu Typic Pyric Spicy Pricy Gipsy Gripy Porgy Yogic Putty Cutty Purty Spiry Pouty Crony Pursy Potty Tipsy Uncoy Corny Syrup Cyton Pyros Roupy Yonic Porny Punty Yupon Prosy Potsy Spiny Pyins Soupy Typos Gouty Stogy Young Guyot Gyros Gorsy Gusty Yogis Gutty Yogin Gutsy Gyron Tying Surgy Gyrus Crisp Topic Optic Picot Corps Crops Croup Pisco Coups Scrip Gript Sprig Stony Incog Tryst Coign Pirog Yours Grips Prigs Rusty Prong Pongs Yourn Gorps Progs Orgic Runty Nitty Corgi Group Oping Cuing Pingo Nutsy Nutty Troys Stroy Sprug Rutty Pungs Yurts Gipon Irony Pings Noisy Unity Tyros Yonis Ryots Story Pinot Stirp Punto Piton Pinto Point Puton Posit Putti Opsin Pions Orpin Prion Puris Sirup Input Pints Strip Pious Unrip Situp Pirns Spirt Trips Sprit Porns Purin Print Topis Scout Court Scour Cunts Curns Turps Torcs Spurt Crust Curst Count Uncos Ontic Sonic Tonic Incur Incus Runic Scion Icons Orcin Coins Cions Tinct Cutin Putts Ictus Corns Scorn Conus Cornu Cutis Crits Coirs Tunic Toric Curio Stoic Roups Strop Pours Punts Sport Prost Ports Stopt Pouts Putto Spout Spurn Stoup Gusto Grunt Rings Grins Girns Tigon Trugs Ruing Rungs Gouts Giros Guiro Trigo Griot Using Suing Tongs Unrig Ungot Tings Sting Grits Grist Trigs Grout Grots Ingot Groin Giron Girts Tungs Stung Trogs Turns Runts Stunt Tours Torus Stour Roust Routs Stout Touts Trout Tutor Trots Torts Torsi Tiros Rotis Trios Riots Intro Rosin Ornis Toits Nitro Trois Irons Noirs Noris Ruins Suint Sturt Strut Snout Stint Tonus Tints Snort Trust Units Rutin

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Definition of the word Pyrotungstic, Meaning of Pyrotungstic word :
a. - Polytungstic. See Metatungstic.

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