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Hypoed Phylae Phylar Trophy Phytol Hydria Hardly Deathy Hydrae Pithed Played Heptad Earthy Hyetal Ploidy Predry Prayed Parody Harped Dopily Drapey Ployed Deploy Hearty Theory Horary Parity Ephori Ripely Pyrola Raptly Partly Paltry Pylori Thorpe Pother Ophite Peltry Pertly Teapoy Peyotl Teraph Threap Poetry Replay Player Ropery Tephra Harper Hirple Pearly Prayer Typier Pyrite Ropily Parley Protyl Priory Polity Pyrrol Portly Triply Holder Tholed Dehort Dearth Hatred Direly Ridley Dearly Dither Thread Hilted Drylot Haloed Dreary Hairdo Lathed Yodler Daleth Halted Yarder Holard Hailed Haloid Aridly Herald Harder Yirred Horrid Haired Halide Daylit Holier Artily Aliyot Thoria Rarely Parred Aliped Elapid Pleiad Redipt Redtop Artery Ported Prated Rarity Pedalo Rhetor Lyrate Realty Heriot Elytra Depart Dorper Lither Rotary Repaid Petard Diaper Paired Deport Pardie Parted Eolith Polder Rather Period Dopier Thaler Lather Tripod Halite Trepid Hailer Torpid Podite Halter Loathe Plated Parled Aerily Draper Harlot Pedlar Liroth Dipole Diploe Polite Parlor Patrol Triple Piolet Parrot Raptor Portal Petrol Pirate Repair Opiate Rapier Replot Protea Palier Aplite Prater Porter Pretor Report Plater Pelota Ropier Palter Parrel Parole Protei Eidola Roiled Toiled Adroit Retold Ritard Trader Tarred Darter Retard Editor Dotier Rioted Triode Dartle Larder Tirled Roared Orated Torrid Adorer Iodate Roadie Tailed Detail Arider Raider Tirade Airted Dilate Dialer Derail Ariled Loader Laired Ordeal Reload Relaid Redial Railed Loiter Toiler Rioter Irreal Railer Artier Irater Tailer Retial Retail Retral Tailor Rialto

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Hyped Hyper Phyla Haply Pithy Hiply Phyle Heapy Harpy Hayed Heady Hydra Hardy Hydro Hyoid Hotly Rhyta Herry Aphid Hoyle Holey Typed Perdy Dopey Ethyl Harry Hoary Hoped Ephod Hayer Lathy Yirth Pardy Pyoid Depth Hairy Payed Aleph Raphe Peaty Tophe Piety Hoper Ephor Aptly Apery Payer Repay Phial Ralph Patly Platy Ropey Party Perry Tepoy Parry Typal Plyer Reply Atopy Payor Pryer Tophi Thrip Thorp Daily Deray Third Redly Hired Hider Dorty Ahold Toyed Hoard Dhoti Yodle Hared Deity Delay Leady Layed Dirty Yield Heard Tardy Rayed Today Toady Doily Ready Drily Deary Dairy Yodel Diary Yaird Hated Doeth Derry Dryer Dhole Horde Odyle Holed Death Lardy Halid Tyred Redry Lyard Haled Laity Riyal Throe Riley Other Tarry Pedro Doper Piled Pried Pride Redip Dript Riped Tepid Plied Poled Loped Dropt Thole Hotel Lyart Depot Royal Toped Opted Helot Helio Pored Ither Their Hirer Lithe Roped Laith Adopt Eyrir Drape Yarer Thirl Terry Teary Raped Pared Padre Leary Layer Early Earth Hater Lorry Relay Rathe Heart Lathe Haler Litho Thiol Haole Rapid Altho Loath Lotah Horal Pardi Roily Toyer Torah Plead Taped Pedal Padle Hilar Paled Podia Padri Retry Airth Lathi Pated Adept Plaid Pieta Pilea Prior Pilot Parol Loper Polar Tapir Atrip Poler Pater Peart Apter Raper Parer Prate Prole Taper Tripe Plier Peril Prier Patio Riper Pilar Plait Petal Repot Toper Tepal Pleat Plate Palet Lepta Leapt Trope Repro Roper Aport Pearl Parle Paler Opera Pareo Droit Radio Aroid Tidal Triad Dotal Lidar Liard Derat Dater Rared Rated Drail Laird Tread Trade Tardo Ardor Drear Tared Redia Alder Lader Adore Lated Darer Dealt Older Toled Trode Doter Order Ailed Deair Irade Aired Aider Ideal Oared Delta Idler Oread Tilde Riled Tiled Oldie Tried Oiled Tired Direr Drier Rider Retia Terai Oater Alter Artel Ratel Later Alert Tarre Orate Taler Retro Trier Terra Triol Lirot Airer Telia Ariel Irate Rater Trail Trial Ratio Oriel Reoil Oiler Tolar Tiler Toile Teloi Relit Liter Litre

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Hypo Hype Yodh Yeah Ahoy Hyte They Hyla Hoya Dopy Holy Pray Paty Pily Play Paly Yelp Pyro Hope Pity Yipe Help Pyre Epha Heap Ploy Pith Poly Holp Prey Path Phat Typo Opah Harp Ropy Phot Toph Type Haed Ahed Hade Ohed Hoed Herd Odyl Oldy Held Yeld Hied Hold Doth Idyl Idly Tidy Yird Hide Head Tody Dory Doty Yard Dray Yald Lady Odah Hard Dhal Dahl Dyer Tyre Haet Hate Drop Dorp Eath Tyer Trey Yore Tyro Thae Plod Heat Drip Padi Paid Dope Oped Pled Holt Apod Loth Thro Oily Dopa Aped Pied Dipt Rhea Hear Hare Heal Hale Thio Pard Thir Hilt Yirr Lory Prod Hero Hoer Yeti Airy Aery Yare Eyra Herl Lehr Oyer Year Harl Hart Tahr Rath Halt Lath Ryot Oath Hora Hoar Troy Hail Hila Ohia Halo Hair Aryl Heil Elhi Hire Heir Rely Hole Helo Tray Arty Lyre Tory Tope Plie Pert Topi Trip Lipe Pile Rope Port Lope Pole Repo Plot Lept Pore Trop Pier Peri Ripe Poet Pelt Opal Tarp Rapt Trap Pear Rape Pare Aper Prat Part Leap Plat Prao Proa Atop Plea Parr Peal Pita Pair Pale Tepa Tape Pate Peat Lipa Pail Reap Pial Load Dare Dear Odea Read Lead Idea Aide Lade Deal Dale Dart Drat Toad Doat Dato Trad Road Orad Arid Laid Dial Date Raid Adit Lard Dita Lido Idol Loid Diol Ride Dole Edit Tide Dirl Dite Diet Doit Tied Idle Dirt Dire Ired Dote Lied Dorr Toed Rode Redo Deil Dore Doer Deli Dolt Trod Lode Diel Delt Lord Told Roil Ilea Tola Tirl Lota Toil Loti Rato Trio Roti Tiro Tori Roar Riot Orra Rota Taro Tora Tile Lore Orle Aril Torr Rear Rare Role Tole Toea Alto Liar Lari Lair Tare Rate Tear Lite Rile Riel Lire Tire Tier Rite Lier Rail Lira Iota Rote Tali Earl Rale Lear Tore Rotl Olea Aloe Airt Tale Tael Teal Tela Aero Late Rial Real Tail Lati Oral Alit

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Definition of the word Pyritohedral, Meaning of Pyritohedral word :
a. - Like pyrites in hemihedral form.

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