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Ragtop Pargos Galops Gallop Apolog Prolog Plages Gropes Gospel Proleg Gasper Grapes Gapers Pagers Parges Parget Sparge Potage Sprags Grasps Sparse Paster Paters Spares Prates Spears Ptoses Operas Pareos Soaper Protea Prests Streps Paseos Stopes Aspers Parses Passer Prases Topers Tropes Repast Posset Pestos Estops Repass Proles Apollo Pallor Poller Spells Looper Repoll Spalls Splats Straps Sprats Pastor Sapors Postal Portal Saloop Parols Polars Patrol Sporal Pooler Posole Spores Stapes Proses Posers Spelts Porose Spates Pastes Stoper Trapes Respot Repots Poster Presto Slopes Replot Lopers Splore Petrol Sloper Orlops Polers Tapers Sapote Sepals Spales Palest Palets Saleps Passel Lapses Pelota Aslope Pastel Petals Parole Lapser Sports Strops Sloops Spools Plater Palter Parles Pearls Septal Stoops Troops Spoors Tepals Staple Plates Lapels Pallet Pleats Sopors Prosos Gloats Glossa Agorot Sarges Gasser Largos Algors Retags Gooral Greats Grates Stager Targes Galoot Gaters Stages Argols Gaster Sagest Gorals Legals Gallet Galore Solgel Gaoler Oglers Gelato Legato Orgeat Gators Argots Groats Garote Stooge Glares Argles Gooses Lagers Larges Ogress Ergots Gorses Aglets Tergal Sargos Sorgos Glosts Sorels Losers Lessor Trolls Assort Roasts Stoles Ostler Sterol Torose Rooses Stroll Stools Toller Sotols Losels Roosts Looser Looses Tooler Retool Rootle Torsos Looter Tsores Rosets Tosser Torses Stores Sorest Rassle Lasers Alerts Alters Salter Ratels Laster Artels Estral Osteal Tolars Slater Slates Stales Steals Leasts Allots Salols Tassel Teslas Serosa Oaters Osetra Orates Atolls Talers Staler Stelar Stalls Solate Asters Stares Loreal Taller Sallet Stella Assert

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Progs Gorps Goops Glops Grope Grasp Sprag Gasps Galop Pargo Plage Pages Gapes Parge Peags Pager Grape Gaper Poles Tepal Proso Slope Slops Spelt Slept Pelts Plots Pross Topos Prole Poler Loper Spoor Sopor Stoop Troop Spats Salps Pasts Opals Stops Parol Polar Slaps Plats Soaps Rasps Psoas Praos Sapor Proas Spars Parts Traps Splat Tarps Strap Prats Sprat Spots Posts Spell Strop Ports Sport Prost Spall Palls Lopes Posse Poses Pesos Toper Trope Lapse Estop Psoae Paseo Pales Leaps Pesto Aport Repot Pearl Spare Reaps Rapes Spear Parle Loops Paler Presa Prase Apres Apers Asper Pares Pears Parse Pleas Salep Palet Lepta Orlop Polls Pleat Petal Plate Leapt Poets Stope Topes Opera Pareo Sepal Spale Press Prest Steps Septs Strep Pests Polos Peals Pases Passe Taper Poser Spaes Pores Spate Tapes Tepas Septa Peats Paste Pates Prate Apses Spore Sloop Repos Lapel Spool Peart Pools Apter Ropes Pater Prose Gloss Slogs Glost Sorgo Gross Trogs Logos Grots Gelts Segos Gesso Gests Ergot Ogres Loges Ogles Ogler Gores Gorse Goers Goose Goats Togas Sagos Groat Gator Gloat Sargo Argot Glass Slags Grass Stags Gasts Goals Gater Grate Sarge Sager Great Retag Gases Targe Rages Gears Regal Glare Lager Large Gales Argle Agers Togae Aglet Legal Sages Terga Argol Algor Gaols Largo Goral Gates Galls Stage Getas Orate Tesla Oases Teals Tales Roses Easts Seats Sorel Roles Sates Arose Asset Orles Oater Sores Toles Rates Resat Stare Tares Aster Roose Arses Taels Tears Sears Loess Toeas Loses Sloes Telos Stole Soles Stoae Slots Rotls Tools Stool Arles Tolls Troll Aloes Solos Sotol Lotos Loots Roost Sorts Toros Rotos Roots Torso Soots Earls Lares Least Setal Seals Sales Rests Lases Slate Stale Rotes Roset Steal Store Tores Torse Tress Seral Reals Rales Laser Rolls Lears Loser Taler Ratel Later Alert Alter Artel Stela Rases Lasso Lasts Salts Altos Slats Loose Oleos Salol Loral Ollas Tells Tsars Tolas Lotas Sells Losel Trass Soars Saros Orals Soras Solar Rotas Roast Ratos Tolar Talls Tasse Stars Lores Stall Atoll Sorta Taros Stoas Oasts Toras Allot

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Definition of the word Pteroglossal, Meaning of Pteroglossal word :
a. - Having the tongue finely notched along the sides, so as to have a featherlike appearance, as the toucans.

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