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Dupes Duple Puled Dopes Poled Loped Deeps Epode Pedes Speed Posed Spode Spuds Updos Plods Opted Depot Toped Spued Pseud Padle Taped Pated Adept Adopt Spado Apods Dopas Spaed Spade Pedal Paled Plead Speel Topee Sleep Plats Seeps Salps Slaps Peles Splat Elope Soaps Psoas Etape Peels Steep Palls Poles Spall Salep Lopes Slope Sepal Loupe Spale Opals Leaps Pales Lapse Pouts Spout Peals Spell Pleas Sputa Stupa Spats Pasts Stoup Puses Spues Pates Paste Pesto Estop Supes Posts Spate Tapes Stops Septa Peats Psoae Spots Paseo Poets Loups Poult Plots Slops Pests Topes Septs Stope Spaes Passe Apses Steps Pases Tepas Setup Pease Pulse Letup Palet Lepta Tepal Pules Spelt Pulls Soups Polls Upset Stupe Slept Pelts Pesos Leapt Poses Pleat Pause Plate Lapel Taupe Petal Posse Tsade Aldol Doest Sated Dates Stade Stead Allod Loads Ludes Lauds Duals Sleds Toled Lodes Doles Soled Doula Luted Slued Aloud Dotes Leuds Duels Delts Dulse Dotal Eased Lased Leads Lades Deals Dales Ladle Adult Dulls Dolls Duets Dolts Outed Douse Sades Dusts Studs Dealt Aedes Delta Lated Doses Dauts Adust Deles Elude Etude Sodas Suede Seeds Steed Deets Datos Doats Dells Toads Stele Saute Tules Slues Teels Allee Elute Teles Lutes Stole Tasse Talls Sells Tells Altos Lotas Lasso Tolas Tulle Atoll Losel Telos Toles Louse Soles Sloes Salol Allot Ollas Loess Loses Ousel Lases Lusts Sluts Sales Tolus Slots Seals Solus Souls Louts Lotus Telae Eases Aloes Ousts Tease Setae Least Setal Steel Toeas Stoae Elate Oases Touse Easts Sates Asset Easel Souse Lease Lutea Tesla Stale Steal Stull Slate Stela Tolls Teals Suets Tales Taels Seats Stall Selle Oasts Stoas Autos Leses Seels Sauls Slats Sleet Lasts Leets Salts Sault Talus

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Definition of the word Pseudostella, Meaning of Pseudostella word :
n. - Any starlike meteor or phenomenon.

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