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Departs Protend Drapers Unposed Unroped Sparred Pounder Portend Trooped Pandoor Apodous Parodos Trouped Sported Dropout Uropods Redtops Pardons Pandour Upstand Spurred Standup Spurted Spouted Dopants Outsped Outdrop Deports Updates Spurned Prudent Uprated Updater Uptrend Spoored Dorpers Prouder Upstood Updarts Stooped Torpedo Dustpan Petards Pentads Pedants Undrape Pardner Panders Unadept Spooned Snooped Aproned Operand Padrone Pandore Notepad Dapsone Podesta Adopter Eardrop Readopt Respond Ponders Pernods Protean Rapture Autopen Teopans Praetor Operant Prorate Pronate Seaport Uprears Parures Praters Proteas Esparto Parrots Raptors Uproars Peanuts Unstrap Outspan Patrons Tarpons Arpents Persona Trepans Pastern Parents Entraps Upstare Uptears Uprates Pasture Sporran Partons Pronota Patroon Soprano Partner Pruners Postern Perrons Snooper Spurner Spurrer Punters Punster Pourers Repours Sporter Reports Trouper Proteus Petrous Posture Pouters Pretors Poorest Stooper Trooper Troupes Spouter Presort Porters Protons Spurter Uproots Torpors Operons Rondure Outrode Outdoer Roosted Outdoes Orotund Ordures Detours Redouts Rousted Redroot Dourest Droners Rodents Snorted Snooted Outdone Duotone Enduros Resound Undrest Snouted Undoers Sounder Rounder Outread Readout Darters Retards Outdare Aroused Natured Unrated Daunter Danseur Asunder Untread Unsated Roasted Torsade Drosera Adorers Roadeos Traders Donator Ardours Rotunda Astound Tornado Tandoor Odorant Tundras Stander Starred Donates Errands Darners Rondeau Odonate Adorner Readorn Senator Santero Treason Outearn Arenous Atoners Soutane Serrano Toreros Rouster Routers Terrors Tourers Trouser Rooters Rooster Enroots Onerous Returns Turners Unroots Tonsure Tenours Snorter Santoor Saunter Ratoons Outsoar Outroar Natures Orators Santour Roarers Roaster Errants Ranters Arouser

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Ported Redtop Poured Deport Adopts Stoped Ponder Pseudo Pouted Souped Pernod Spored Rouped Posted Despot Depots Prosed Pruned Sendup Upends Dorper Pedros Dopers Purdas Punted Upsend Updart Perdus Prated Petard Adepts Pasted Paused Parted Depart Rasped Parsed Spader Spared Spread Update Padres Drapes Soaped Draper Parred Pardon Repand Uropod Pursed Panted Dupers Prudes Droops Pander Pounds Drupes Dopant Purred Pedant Pentad Rasper Poseur Stoper Uprose Rapers Tropes Sparer Parser Topers Upsoar Sapour Parous Pastor Sprout Stupor Uproot Parrot Raptor Uproar Prater Porous Torpor Erupts Proton Repast Purser Respot Uptore Uptorn Taupes Tapers Pareus Purest Pronto Pauser Uprate Uptear Trapes Prates Paters Putons Puntos Pouter Unstop Pornos Parure Uprear Roupet Pantos Paster Parson Aprons Troupe Parton Tarpon Patron Troops Operon Parers Repros Ropers Proser Poorer Porose Porter Pretor Repour Poster Presto Pourer Report Sprent Pruner Pontes Perron Person Netops Prunes Upsent Unstep Punter Repots Teopan Paeons Arpens Parent Trepan Entrap Enrapt Arpent Peanut Patens Pareos Operas Protea Soaper Sapote Orders Dorser Dourer Ordure Doters Ardour Strand Tundra Sorted Daunts Ardors Soudan Anodes Adorns Radons Andros Sauted Rusted Donors Rudest Duster Toused Douser Roused Around Douras Strode Soured Uredos Toured Ousted Routed Redout Detour Stored Droner Snored Sonder Redons Drones Noosed Odeons Nodose Sorned Durras Nudest Tendus Sooted Rondos Rooted Roosed Rodeos Turned Sunder Rodent Enduro Undoer Trends Nursed Undoes Stoned Untrod Adorer Roared Sundae Roadeo Adores Orated Sarode Oreads Soared Errand Darner Staned Unread Redans Sander Snared Ranted Denars Ardent Daters Derats Stared Stroud Tarred Trader Donuts Rotund Rounds Stound Odours Sordor Trades Treads Retard Atoned Autoed Donate Darers Darter Drears Nodous Tondos Nooser Tenour Nurser Return Turner Reruns Sooner Nature Tenors Tensor Toners Stoner Noters Retorn Trones Enroot Rouens Snorer Sorner Snarer Tronas Tauons Outran Antres Tuners Ratoon Sterna Astern Errant Ranter Roarer Soarer Unroot Rotors Osetra Arouse Orates Oaters Torous Unseat Rarest Arrest Raster Raters Starer Torero Torose Rooter Rooser Urates Terras Tarres Rasure Urares Rouser Sourer Storer Router Tourer Souter Stoure Routes Outers Ouster Sorter Roster Resort Retros Terror Errors Unrest Nestor Rostra Orator Santur Sartor Atoner Ornate Reason Senora Atones Arseno

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Drops Prods Dropt Proud Dorps Poods Ponds Pound Droop Updos Doper Roped Pored Pedro Spued Opted Depot Toped Drupe Spode Urped Dupes Pseud Prude Perdu Posed Dopes Duper Pooed Upend Spend Pends Pared Raped Padre Drape Spade Spaed Taped Pated Adept Purda Pards Spado Adopt Dopas Apods Paned Stoop Spoor Troop Sopor Punts Proso Roups Pours Arpen Turps Spurt Aspen Stupa Sputa Purrs Stoup Pouts Spout Ports Topos Prost Paeon Sport Strop Pores Poser Upset Prose Repos Stupe Spore Ropes Porno Spoon Snoop Roper Repro Poons Topes Stope Purer Prest Poets Pesto Sprue Super Erupt Setup Repot Toper Estop Purse Trope Strep Puton Spent Prune Punto Porns Pruta Opens Spurn Prone Peons Pones Netop Peats Pears Parse Pares Prase Presa Pates Parrs Reaps Rapes Asper Apres Traps Supra Proas Paseo Tarps Strap Apers Parts Prats Sprat Spare Spear Taper Prate Peart Pareu Pater Apter Praos Paste Opera Pareo Sneap Apron Paten Spean Psoae Praus Septa Neaps Panes Taupe Peans Unapt Napes Pants Punas Aport Sapor Panto Tepas Pause Spate Tapes Raper Parer Darer Drear Rared Durst Turds Dares Durrs Nodus Sound Round Sated Stade Udons Donut Dates Dunts Nurds Durns Stead Dures Trued Druse Drest Duets Donor Snood Tondo Tsade Rondo Tread Trade Rased Dears Reads Dorrs Sudor Duros Outdo Stood Dater Derat Rated Tared Doors Odors Odour Roods Ordos Saned Denar Redan Anode Oared Adore Anted Sedan Deans Ruder Oread Resod Redos Rodes Rosed Adust Sored Doser Doers Dauts Tardo Doter Sonde Nodes Nosed Sarod Roads Toned Donas Noted Order Durra Rands Dunes Nards Darns Tends Nudes Daunt Stand Tuned Tendu Odeon Darts Rends Nerds Duras Drats Trend Nuder Dents Ardor Under Dorsa Doura Adorn Outed Douse Doest Redon Rodeo Andro Drone Trode Radon Dotes Datos Toads Doats Uredo Runts Aster Toros Urare Nerts Urate Torso Rerun Roose Tunes Unset Tuner Rotor Tares Tears Terra Aures Urase Ureas Roars Ursae Roost Runes Terns Stern Rents Rotos Resat Stare Nurse Roots Rates Turns Roues Euros Snoot Rouse Outer Route Outre Toons Torse Aeons Toras Taros Roset Rotes Tores Store Usnea Autos Trues Surer Truer Stane Neats Touse Antes Nates Etnas Retro Atone Tonus Rarer Snout Rares Raser Rater Rears Snort Oaten Sorer Roast Rotas Sorta Error Ratos Tarre Nares Earns Nears Saner Snare Tunas Aunts Stour Torus Routs Tours Tauon Santo Reran Rants Trans Tarns Arose Trona Sonar Arson Roans Roust Saute Tones Senor Snore Surra Oater Stoae Tenor Noter Toeas Toner Trone Rouen Sutra Steno Stone Seton Notes Onset Orate Ruers Torrs Noose Antre

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Dopa Apod Peds Sped Dupe Dope Daps Pads Pard Pend Oped Pods Updo Dups Spud Puds Prod Drop Pond Pood Dorp Aped Pone Pens Pent Prau Nope Peon Open Poor Punt Spun Upon Puns Reap Pear Pare Poos Oops Rape Pons Pets Sept Pest Pure Pert Step Spue Porn Poon Supe Topo Purr Pout Soup Opus Puts Tups Urps Spur Purs Tops Stop Port Aper Pros Trop Pour Pots Spot Post Opts Roup Reps Tape Peat Tepa Pore Repo Rope Pate Epos Apes Apse Spae Peas Pose Peso Opes Poet Tope Pase Pean Pane Nape Neap Trap Pats Spat Taps Tarp Prat Prao Rapt Part Proa Upas Past Snap Puna Pars Parr Raps Pant Span Pans Atop Apos Spar Rasp Soap Naps Node Done Dear Dare Sard Rads Nerd Odea Sned Ends Send Nude Unde Dune Tend Dent Dens Tads Daut Dura Rend Read Dart Trad Drat Rood Ordo Rode Darn Odor Door Dunt Duns Sade Dorr Redo Dots Dost Tods Duos Udos Ouds Toad Sord Rods Dors Dore Doer Dour Trod Nard Nurd Durn Dues Teds Rued Sued Used Duet Rude Dure Date Dona Reds Does Dose Udon Undo Nods Dons Toed Dote Odes Duro Ados Road Odas Soda Doat Dean Dato Orad Dust Stud Dans Durr Sand Surd Turd Urds Ands Rand Root Sura Ruer Toea Ruts Ursa Roto Tres Rust Oots Suer Soot Rues Toro Rets User True Suet Sure Ruse Rest Erst Utes Nuts Sour Ours Unto Rout Tour Arts Outs Oust Torr Sorn Onus Rots Tors Nous Tons Torn Orts Snot Runs Rats Tuns Tsar Aero Soon Utas Onos Tars Stun Runt Urns Star Turn Sort Onto Toon Taus Osar Tern Rent Rune Errs Nest Roar Orra Ates East Tone Urea Tear Erns Tare Nets Sent Rase Sear Sera Eras Ears Ares Arse Tens Tans Tune Naos Rate Note Sone Aunt Ants Anus Tarn Rant Near Tuna Eats Etas Sate Eons Noes Ones Nose Seat Seta Earn Roan Teas Oars Aeon Rote Tore Toes Roue Rato Sore Eros Sane Ores Roes Rose Rota Auto Taos Ante Etna Neat Stoa Oats Nota Taro Tora Oast Euro Rear Sora Rare Anes Soar

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Definition of the word Proterandrous, Meaning of Proterandrous word :
a. - Having the stamens come to maturity before the pistil, -- opposed to proterogynous.

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