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Coifs Proof Curfs Scurf Fices Force Ficus Cuifs Poofs Croft Spoof Focus Poufs Coofs Profs Scrip Croup Crops Corps Scoop Coopt Coops Crisp Picot Topic Optic Pisco Coups Copse Scope Coupe Copes Coper Epics Sepic Price Cripe Spice Crept Puces Ofter Reifs Fores Froes Forte Feist Serif Fries Fetor Frise Refit Forts Foots Frost Fours Turfs Tofus Tofts Roofs Fruit Foist First Frits Fritt Rifts Tufts Fetus Fires Frets Ecrus Curse Spore Repos Ropes Cures Cruse Purse Cotes Coset Sprue Prose Escot Upset Setup Erupt Posit Topis Spirt Pious Cries Rices Topoi Citer Super Recti Strep Trice Pores Tipis Poori Recit Cruet Recto Sucre Poser Curie Petto Pesto Poets Stope Topes Ureic Cesti Cooer Cites Cutie Estop Toper Trope Score Repot Crest Corse Sprit Ceros Cores Octet Prest Trips Icier Strop Stirp Ictus Pours Roups Cutis Prost Stoic Stoop Curio Toric Poise Topos Potto Ports Crits Putto Scout Stoup Crust Curst Putts Turps Spurt Spout Court Scoot Coots Scour Pouts Torcs Stopt Coirs Sport Putti Scute Cutes Sirup Curet Spire Truce Situp Spite Cires Recut Puris Stupe Tripe Strip Eruct Spier Petti Sopor Proso Speir Spoor Piste Troop Cosie Piers Peris Petit Prise Ripes Cuter Stipe Pries Tires Osier Tiers Rites Ourie Resit Strut Sturt Trust Roost Toots Torot Ottos Tries Torso Toros Torus Roots Tours Trout Stout Oorie Tutor Stour Routs Torts Trots Roust Rotos Touts Roset Torii Rotes Store Euros Torse Tores Roose Trite Titre Titer Uteri Titis Suite Etuis Roues Rouse Utter Trues Trets Touse Totes Otter Torte Toter Route Outre Outer Tetri Rotte Trois Sieur Toits Riots Torsi Rotis Trios Tiros

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Definition of the word Profectitious, Meaning of Profectitious word :
a. - Proceeding from, as from a parent, derived, as from an ancestor.

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In Profectitious P is 16th, R is 18th, O is 15th, F is 6th, E is 5th, C is 3rd, T is 20th, I is 9th, U is 21st, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.