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Processioning is a scrabble word? Yes (18 Points) Processioning has worth 18 Scrabble points.

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Coping Scrips Crisps Piscos Scroop Pionic Scoops Pincer Crepon Prince Copier Copens Ponces Copers Cooper Copies Precis Cripes Prices Spicer Spices Corpse Scopes Copses Pieing Conger Riping Siping Pirogi Conges Pining Gripes Pogies Pengos Gropes Sponge Pigeon Epigon Prongs Cringe Pinger Genips Posing Pingos Congos Corgis Cogons Gipons Poring Roping Coigne Incogs Cosign Congii Spring Gossip Sprigs Cooing Coring Coning Ricing Icings Pooing Coigns Cering Spoons Snoops Scorns Roscoe Poison Cooers Pinons Prions Operon Scries Pornos Person Orpins Conine Croons Scones Crones Pinion Recons Porose Censor Coiner Prison Recoin Orcein Spinor Irenic Orpine Corses Crosse Poiser Scores Pernio Snipes Sniper Ripens Repins Spines Pooris Opines Ponies Poises Posies Spires Spiers Speirs Pinier Opsins Pinner Incise Pennis Prises Pisser Conins Oscine Ironic Nonces Sonics Scions Cosier Cosies Ricins Crisis Ionics Conner Crises Orcins Cosine Conies Spores Posers Prosos Proses Icones Sopors Neocon Spoors Gonion Origin Isogon Groins Sorgos Soring Rosing Signor Nosing Gnosis Grison Girons Siring Rising Region Ignore Eringo Soigne Resign Renigs Reigns Ginner Noogie Goonie Ensign Sering Signer Segnos Gnoses Gooses Ogress Gorses Goners Genros Gooier Gneiss Singer Orgies Orgone Nonego Singes Renins Sinner Rinses Resins Serins Sirens Inners Seisor Osiers Sooner Noesis Essoin Enosis Eosins Noises Ossein Sonsie Nooser Irones Senior Nosier Rooses Inions Orison Senors Sensor Snores Onions Ronion Rosins Seisin Niseis Irises Ionone Nooses Ionise

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Definition of the word Processioning, Meaning of Processioning word :
n. - A proceeding prescribed by statute for ascertaining and fixing the boundaries of land. See 2d Procession.

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