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Polytechnics is a scrabble word? Yes (24 Points) Polytechnics has worth 24 Scrabble points.

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Chicly Psycho Hypnic Psyche Conchy Phylic Pitchy Scyphi Physic Yecchs Phoney Python Typhon Phylon Poshly Phytol Coyish Chesty Hyenic Scythe Phyton Chyles Lyches Phenyl Phytin Syphon Chicle Spicey Cotype Chopin Phonic Yclept Clypei Policy Chicos Cynics Cycles Cecity Clinch Cyclin Cochin Cystic Cyclos Plench Choice Cloche Clench Epochs Hectic Cicely Conchs Schlep Scotch Photic Cliche Echoic Pectic Hoyles Ethyls Honeys Hostly Shelty Toyish Thinly Snitch Ophite Cosily Chints Octyls Cloths Chiton Chinos Encyst Coyest Holpen Costly Phenol Cytons Coneys Lichts Techno Stench Polish Plinth Spilth Siphon Chosen Clothe Polity Lichen Pointy Pylons Chiels Chiles Ethnic Ethics Itches Niches Inches Chisel Liches Chines Nicely Pentyl Plenty Nicety Openly Phones Tophes Peyotl Poleyn Tepoys Picots Optics Topics Conics Colics Septic Incept Police Pectin Scenic Sconce Pencil Clonic Splice Ponces Copens Poetic Copies Hotels Tholes Ethion Nosily Eolith Theins Helots Hostel Lenity Stoney Linsey Ethnos Honest Isohel Lithos Lysine Holies Tonish Thiols Holist Helios Lepton Spline Leptin Pintle Postie Cestoi Splent Pitons Piston Postin Instep Spinet Points Pintos Pinots Pensil Splint Insect Pontil Nicest Spinel Spoilt Stipel Pistol Polies Pilots Poleis Piolet Polite Pontes Netops Enolic Incest Cineol Pointe Potsie Pleons Ponies Pilose Sopite Opines Closet Lentic Lectin Client Noetic Notice Spinto Oscine Icones Tocsin Cosine Tonics Citole Conies Nicols Stelic Colins Colies Centos Telcos Clones Pinole Clines Contes Tonsil Tinsel Toiles Listen Silent Lentos Stolen Telson Eloins Inlets Elints Lesion Entoil Oleins Insole Enlist

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Yecch Psych Techy Phony Sylph Yechs Phyle Hypes Pithy Hiply Itchy Lynch Synch Hypos Sophy Chyle Chics Conch Chico Cinch Cycle Chops Chips Pechs Epoch Pinch Pitch Cyclo Spicy Typic Cynic Hoyle Holey Hotly Hyson Synth Shiny Shily Ethyl Hosey Honey Helps Hopes Phone Pyins Pesty Cloys Thesp Types Spiny Tipsy Ploys Pylon Polys Shlep Tepoy Octyl Lytic Sepoy Yonic Yelps Slype Phons Piths Typos Peony Tophi Phots Tophs Yipes Piety Piney Potsy Cyton Poesy Tophe Licht Notch Stich Chino Chest Echos Ethic Chine Chile Cloth Lochs Coney Chins Niche Tench Chits Cosey Chose Yince Letch Techs Chiel Ponce Copse Scope Cisco Copes Copen Conic Clept Colic Clops Cosec Secco Clipt Clips Pisco Topic Optic Picot Sepic Spice Epics Holts Noily Style Styli Linty Silty Stony Liney Yetis Lysin Sloth Helio Thins Hints Heils Hoise Heist Thine Shiel Lithe Shine Thiol Litho Hilts Sonly Helos Thein Those Hents Hoist Shent Toney Shote Shone Hosen Hones Ethos Thole Thens Holes Nosey Noisy Hosel Yonis Tynes Sheol Hotel Helot Pelts Lopes Telic Ceils Slice Poles Slope Spent Opens Peons Pones Poets Pesto Cline Stope Topes Netop Oleic Estop Spelt Slept Cines Since Spilt Close Clone Clons Coles Telco Socle Pints Pinto Piton Pinot Cites Point Celts Escot Cotes Clots Colts Posit Topis Coset Scone Cones Cento Conte Scent Cents Oncet Pions Cesti Coins Cions Poise Piste Inept Spine Penis Opsin Icons Pines Snipe Spite Stipe Cosie Pleon Coils Pelon Plots Lotic Opine Peins Tonic Nicol Pilot Colin Slipt Stoic Split Plies Piles Spoil Sonic Polis Scion Ontic Spile Slipe Spiel Speil Tiles Stile Lints Eloin Noise Eosin Liens Inlet Elint Solei Teloi Toils Lenis Islet Istle Lines Toile Olein Onset Notes Inset Telos Toles Seton Steno Tones Stone Stole Linos Neist Tines Senti Stein Noels Lenos Lento Enols Noils Lions Loins Nites

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Definition of the word Polytechnics, Meaning of Polytechnics word :
n. - The science of the mechanic arts.

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