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Shyly Phyle Hiply Pithy Hypes Phony Typey Sylph Hypos Sophy Syphs Synth Hosey Hotly Hyson Honey Shiny Shily Hoyle Ethyl Holey Tyiyn Hissy Piths Sysop Typos Ships Piney Tophi Pylon Phons Poesy Piety Phone Potsy Spiny Tophe Hopes Pyins Shlep Helps Tipsy Slype Polys Peony Ploys Yipes Tepoy Tophs Sepoy Types Yelps Phots Thesp Pesty Shops Sophs Sylis Silty Lyses Noily Style Lysis Linty Lysin Sissy Sonly Hosts Sloth Holts Slosh Shits Styes Shist Hists Thins Hints Sinhs Shins Hoist Litho Thiol Hilts Soths Snyes Tynes Yonis Toney Styli Nosey Noisy Shots Hosen Sonsy Hones Shone Hents Holes Hosel Helos Yetis Lossy Thole Hotel Sheol Those Shote Ethos Shoes Hoses Stony Hests Thens Shent Helot Shiel Lithe Thine Thein Shine Heils Helio Liney Heist Hoise Shies Posts Spots Spine Snipe Inept Septs Steps Pests Pinto Pinot Slipe Plies Piles Stops Opine Speil Spiel Pines Spile Penis Peins Poets Netop Pisos Polis Spoil Pelon Peons Pones Pleon Piton Stipe Pions Opsin Opens Spits Slipt Spilt Slops Slept Plots Split Topis Posit Pelts Spelt Pilot Sipes Lopes Poles Spies Posse Pesos Poses Estop Pesto Point Slope Poise Stope Topes Spite Lisps Snips Spins Spent Piste Pints Slips Stoss Lists Snots Snits Silts Slits Slots Tones Onset Seton Istle Islet Notes Sones Eosin Tiles Noses Stile Stone Isles Solei Inlet Teloi Toile Nests Noise Sines Noels Lento Tines Stein Lenos Enols Sises Sites Sties Loess Senti Stole Telos Toles Inset Soles Sloes Nites Neist Loses Steno Lenis Olein Silos Eloin Lions Linos Loins Noils Lints Liens Toils Lines Elint Soils

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Definition of the word Polysynthesis, Meaning of Polysynthesis word :
n. - The act or process of combining many separate elements into a whole.

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