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Dumpy Apply Palmy Amply Sappy Lumpy Myope Mopey Plumy Loppy Popsy Soppy Spumy Pulpy Polyp Doomy Moody Emyde Emyds Moldy Dopey Mayed Plump Madly Payed Pomps Pumps Mosey Mousy Upped Loamy Polys Layup Mealy Plays Palsy Seamy Soupy Splay Umped Moped Poyou Ploys Poesy Yaups Ylems Muley Yelps Amyls Slype Damps Sepoy Soapy Loopy Mayos Dumps Payee Amped Seepy Seedy Pupas Pumas Odyls Pepos Spume Popes Mopes Poems Pomes Pulps Pomos Poops Plums Lumps Slump Plops Lysed Yodle Yodel Odyle Peeps Plume Sloyd Dooly Ample Yauld Sadly Maple Layed Appel Apple Pepla Pupae Lamps Palms Leady Ampul Psalm Plasm Yauds Sayed Palps Pupal Delay Plods Molds Spaed Mould Sodom Medal Poods Updos Modus Doums Moods Duomo Dooms Mooed Lyase Demos Domes Puled Duple Padle Muled Loped Poled Modes Odeum Spade Dupes Pseud Spued Spode Sedum Mused Pooed Dopes Posed Lamed Dames Dolma Douma Youse Edema Meads Modal Adeem Domal Almud Lousy Melds Seely Looey Apods Mauds Dumas Sooey Spado Dopas Yules Deeps Model Pedes Speed Plead Epode Deems Pedal Demes Meeds Paled Peels Elope Peles Emeus Mules Ulema Moles Pease Speel Amole Sleep Almes Males Meals Lames Lumas Alums Spool Sloop Loups Pools Polos Solum Osmol Opals Loops Mools Looms Moose Pulse Pules Poles Lopes Slope Mauls Loupe Meous Moues Mouse Oleum Lapse Loams Moola Pales Pause Molas Peals Salep Spale Sepal Psoae Pleas Paseo Amuse Leaps Louma Dulse Ludes Leuds Leads Looed Duels Slued Duals Doula Aloud Doles Lodes Soled Loads Lauds Deals Lades Douse Dales Aedes Eased Lased Deles Suede Elude Soldo Aloes Ousel Lease Easel Louse Oleos Loose

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Definition of the word Polypomedusae, Meaning of Polypomedusae word :
n. pl. - Same as Hydrozoa.

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