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Myopic Clumpy Pyemic Comply Spicey Comely Coypus Lyceum Coypou Cymous Clumsy Cymols Muscly Syncom Simply Limpsy Employ Cymose Myopes Cymlin Policy Eponym Clypei Compel Compos Clumps Clomps Pumice Cosily Sepoys Myelin Muleys Openly Poleyn Sluicy Moseys Myoses Mousey Moneys Pusley Slypes Pyoses Smiley Limeys Pyosis Colony Simony Myosis Myosin Pylons Mooley Lemony Punily Slimsy Pussly Yupons Youpon Spoony Coneys Snoopy Cyesis Nicely Cooeys Poyous Coseys Sculps Pumelo Copses Splice Pileum Cosmos Comous Locums Column Cupels Copies Police Spumes Plumes Couple Coupes Celoms Scopes Coelom Minces Pomelo Plenum Muscle Slumps Income Lumpen Coupon Pencil Spices Simple Neumic Scoops Impels Impose Cesium Osmics Mucins Conium Muonic Cumins Mucose Possum Opiums Musics Copens Ponces Unclip Impone Pounce Piculs Miscue Mispen Oilcup Upcoil Comose Socmen Piscos Climes Cuspis Lysins Linsey Nosily Lysine Looney Selsyn Looeys Mioses Coolie Clines Monies Moulin Sluice Posies Posole Lupins Solemn Melons Poises Supine Puisne Colies Mussel Lumens Nuclei Spoils Pilous Poilus Muslin Spouse Lissom Polios Loupes Slopes Opuses Lemons Pluses Opines Slices Misuse Pulses Ponies Loupen Linums Snipes Oleums Spines Osmole Pleons Leucin Cosies Cineol Sloops Spools Enolic Mouses Locoes Consul Clonus Colons Uncool Consol Uncles Colone Mousse Clones Closes Socles Colins Nicols Osmose Mesons Coulis Sensum Census Ounces Scones Osmous Coloni Snoops Spoons Coleus Oscule Scions Cousin Sonics Eonism Poison Unpile Poleis Pilose Lupine Lineup Opsins Spinel Incuse Spline Polies Somoni Oscine Simoon Icones Conies Cosine Pileus Spiles Plisse Slipes Spiels Speils Pensil Cuisse Simnel Molies Missel Limens Osmols Solums Lomein Moline Scouse Oilmen Slimes Pinole Muesli Uncoil Smiles Soleus Solons Ousels Louies Louses Loonie Eloins Lesion Insole Lunies Looies Onuses Nooses Oleins Nouses Eosins Loosen Unless Ensoul Lesson Looses Sonsie Snools Ossein Enosis Noises Noesis Essoin Solion Insoul

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Lumpy Spumy Coypu Cymol Spicy Cymes Plumy Mincy Imply Mopey Myope Comps Clomp Compo Clump Cloys Cosey Piney Poyou Limey Cooly Yupon Mosey Mousy Pyins Ylems Pussy Yince Loopy Spiny Slimy Syces Mossy Pylon Yipes Syncs Uncoy Muley Sysop Slype Poesy Moony Cissy Money Sepoy Soupy Cooey Coney Mussy Meiny Yelps Yonic Peony Ploys Polys Missy Messy Coupe Celom Mesic Epics Spume Spice Sepic Opium Simps Impel Cupel Locum Spics Pisco Culms Plume Poems Pomes Copes Mopes Limps Puces Melic Clips Picul Pomos Ponce Cumin Comes Clime Music Mucin Copen Specs Osmic Sumps Scoop Scops Coups Coops Scums Scups Mince Lumps Cusps Slump Plums Copse Clops Scope Sculp Lysis Noily Youse Sylis Nosey Snyes Sooey Lysin Sonly Loony Lossy Lousy Liney Noisy Yonis Yules Looey Sonsy Lyses Peons Meous Moues Moose Pesos Muses Opens Poses Pones Mouse Posse Snips Neums Slums Loops Pools Polos Solum Osmol Pisos Spins Pious Looms Mools Sloop Spool Mosso Poons Sumos Muons Nomos Loups Slops Spoon Snoop Moons Monos Pions Slims Lupin Polio Limns Supes Spues Linum Limos Moils Milos Polis Spoil Minus Onium Soups Munis Misos Opsin Nomoi Poilu Lisps Slips Pulis Pilus Puses Lemon Plies Piles Slipe Speil Miens Monie Spile Spiel Limes Limen Cusso Miles Slime Ileum Smile Mines Mises Oleum Moles Lumen Melon Mules Pleon Pelon Spies Sipes Peins Opine Semis Seism Penis Pines Poise Spine Snipe Uncos Luces Clues Socle Coles Cones Scone Coses Ounce Close Uncle Slice Ceils Oleic Cline Cines Since Clone Sices Cosie Colin Nicol Locos Cools Clons Colon Locus Conus Coons Incus Sulci Oculi Coils Cions Coins Sonic Scion Icons Poles Menus Omens Nomes Slope Loupe Meson Pules Pulse Lopes Snool Solon Noose Nolos Loons Slues Solus Souls Solos Solei Looie Louie Isles Issue Noses Lines Liens Lenis Ileus Lieus Soils Louis Eosin Silos Loess Olios Noise Sines Loses Lions Linos Loins Soles Sloes Noils Sones Lenos Noels Loose Oleos Louse Enols Souse Lunes Ousel Sinus Nisus Eloin Olein

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Definition of the word Polymeniscous, Meaning of Polymeniscous word :
a. - Having numerous facets, -- said of the compound eyes of insects and crustaceans.

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