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Hyped Chyle Chary Harpy Phyla Hyper Haply Phyle Heapy Ochry Hiply Epoch Perch Pacey Hayed Heady Hardy Hydra Copay Parch Poach Peach Cheap Chape Hydro Hyoid Chirp Crepy Pyric Porch Pricy Hoary Chard Pyoid Aphid Dopey Acidy Holly Decay Chide Hilly Hayer Pardy Holey Hoyle Hairy Perdy Hoped Decry Ached Child Ephod Chord Payed Yclad Cyder Decoy Coyed Dicey Plyer Aleph Raphe Reply Chiro Chill Ropey Coyer Lyric Colly Chile Chiel Coped Chore Payor Ephor Choir Phial Hoper Repay Apery Payer Ochre Ocher Pally Ichor Ralph Leach Larch Reach Coaly Chola Chair Orach Loach Roach Chiao Clary Laich Lycra Chare Lycea Paced Caped Lacey Chela Copal Redly Yodle Yield Delly Yodel Odyle Horde Idyll Dilly Doily Dolly Drily Hider Hared Dhole Holed Haled Heard Hired Copra Hoard Pacer Recap Ahold Place Dairy Daily Delay Cripe Layed Leady Coper Price Halid Ready Rayed Caper Crape Deary Deray Diary Lardy Dally Carpi Plica Pical Lyard Yaird Royal Piled Rally Credo Alloy Plied Coder Loyal Cored Decor Cider Dolce Paled Dolci Coled Cried Dicer Riced Roped Helio Cared Cadre Alley Arced Leary Layer Relay Raced Early Cedar Hello Plaid Pardi Rapid Riley Laced Padri Hillo Acred Decal Clade Haler Podia Haole Pored Holla Horal Doper Padle Pedal Riped Redip Pried Pride Riyal Plead Acold Poled Loped Hallo Pedro Alcid Pared Raped Roily Padre Acrid Hilar Caird Daric Drape Lacer Prole Carle Clear Prill Ceorl Ileac Cella Erica Ceria Loper Plier Peril Areic Poler Celli Pareo Opera Claro Carol Coral Lapel Pearl Polar Parol Pilea Paler Parle Cello Oleic Ocrea Relic Lilac Local Coria Pilar Ideal Ailed Droll Drill Aider Aired Deair Irade Drail Laird Lidar Liard Redia Adore Lader Alder Oared Ladle Oread Aroid Radio Allod Aldol Oldie Oiled Riled Idler Older Oiler Oriel Rille Iller Reoil Loral Ileal Ariel

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Chay Achy Yech Hypo Hype Lych Pech Chip Chop Pacy Yodh Pyic Chap Caph Copy Holy Hyla Chid Dopy Hoya Ahoy Yeah Chad Coly Acyl Lacy Help Heap Epha Clay Cloy Harp Racy Opah Paly Each Ache Play Loch Cory Pray Chai Holp Chia Arch Char Chao Prey Lech Pyre Lich Poly Pyro Ropy Ploy Pily Echo Rich Yipe Hope Yelp Cape Pace Clip Cope Herd Epic Pica Pice Ohed Hied Hide Crap Carp Capo Clap Clop Hoed Crop Held Odah Dhal Hard Dahl Odyl Dory Dray Yard Lady Yald Yird Oldy Hade Haed Head Yeld Ahed Hold Idly Idyl Dyer Lyre Rely Oily Aced Cade Lily Dace Lory Yill Hill Yore Oyer Illy Hire Caid Cadi Acid Drip Dorp Plod Coda Card Clad Pled Oped Dope Drop Lehr Herl Hero Hoer Yell Hole Elhi Prod Heil Heir Helo Hell Pied Apod Dopa Harl Paid Aery Padi Cedi Dice Hear Hare Heal Rhea Ally Hale Airy Aryl Pard Eyra Iced Cord Ohia Odic Clod Cold Hila Aped Hair Hoar Halo Hora Hall Hail Deco Coed Year Yare Code Cred Leap Pale Cole Aper Rape Reap Plea Pear Peal Pier Poll Pill Lipe Pile Plie Peri Ripe Lope Pore Repo Rope Pole Pare Coal Calo Cola Pair Carl Loca Loci Coil Ciao Lace Call Alec Arco Orca Proa Prao Opal Pall Laic Coir Lipa Rice Cero Ceil Lice Core Cire Pail Pial Cell Care Acre Race Lard Load Odea Orad Raid Dare Dear Dial Laid Lade Lead Deal Dale Read Arid Road Ired Ride Aide Doll Lord Dire Dill Lode Dole Lido Idol Diol Rode Idle Lied Dirl Idea Diel Deli Loid Doer Dore Deil Dell Redo Rale Lear Rill Lilo Earl Rail Aero Rial Lira Real Leal Roll Rile Riel Oral Ilea Lire Lier Aril Lair Liar Roil Role Lari Olla Orle Lore Aloe Olea

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Definition of the word Polyhedrical, Meaning of Polyhedrical word :
a. - Having many sides, as a solid body.

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In Polyhedrical P is 16th, O is 15th, L is 12th, Y is 25th, H is 8th, E is 5th, D is 4th, R is 18th, I is 9th, C is 3rd, A is 1st letters in Alphabet Series.