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Drapey Prayed Yauped Played Dupery Deputy Napery Paltry Partly Raptly Pinyin Punily Purely Yauper Penury Purity Pertly Peltry Parley Pearly Pentyl Parity Pyuria Pyrite Typier Plenty Pinery Replay Painty Player Triply Ripely Pantry Dainty Yarned Denary Nudely Rudely Nudity Daylit Aridly Dynein Tidily Ridley Dearly Adenyl Trendy Direly Untidy Aliped Elytra Tinily Pleiad Elapid Realty Upland Lyrate Trepid Redipt Lipide Aerily Airily Updart Pitied Pander Repand Uranyl Auntly Panned Nitery Panted Parted Petard Pinned Pedant Pentad Putrid Punned Planed Tranny Parled Pedlar Pundit Purled Ninety Diaper Paired Repaid Plated Pardie Prated Depart Lineny Nearly Diapir Artily Unpaid Punted Pandit Dipnet Pruned Litany Pinder Update Lenity Pained Neatly Palter Plater Leptin Purlin Pintle Panner Arpent Pleura Unripe Purine Punier Pterin Platen Penult Plutei Triple Pinner Tenpin Unpile Lupine Lineup Uprate Uptear Trepan Parent Entrap Peanut Paulin Pliant Plaint Pinnal Punner Punter Unpent Punnet Rapini Panini Enrapt Panier Palier Aplite Turnip Pennia Pinnae Periti Pinier Tiepin Pinite Pineal Alpine Penial Pitier Euripi Planer Replan Pirate Planet Pineta Patine Rapine Pantie Dinner Endrin Indent Undine Tinned Dunlin Nitrid Aldrin Inland Inlaid Indult Intend Dentin Unread Detail Dilate Relaid Redial Laired Railed Tailed Dentil Rained Denari Audile Linden Dialer Denial Alined Indite Nailed Tineid Derail Tidier Ariled Detain Linted Unlead Dartle Unlade Tirled Reland Dental Aulder Lauder Ardent Dilute Tanned Duenna Lander Nidate Airted Darnel Dautie Uredia Tirade Ranted Turned Rundle Nurled Unlaid Lunted Dunner Tunned Lurdan Ruined Inured United Dunite Tundra Tinder Rident Durian Tuladi Trined Untied Linter Linnet Lunier Inlier Intine Linier Lutein Tinier Tailer Retial Retail Tineal Inaner Narine Retina Retain Ratine Innate Tenail Entail Aliner Renail Nailer Linear Larine Auntie Inturn Nitril Inulin Tanner Learnt Antler Lanner Rental Neural Lunate Eluant Unreal Nature Nutria Triune Uniter Runnel Tunnel Ritual Runlet Rutile Intern Tinner Anilin Unrent Ratlin Trinal Urinal Annuli Unnail

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Updry Payed Typed Perdy Pandy Pardy Peaty Purty Punny Piety Repay Plyer Reply Penny Punty Party Payer Panty Pyran Layup Piney Apery Patly Platy Typal Aptly Pinny Deity Tyred Nerdy Lardy Lyard Randy Tyned Tardy Yauld Layed Leady Yaird Drily Yield Delay Dirty Rindy Redly Daily Dynel Lindy Diary Dairy Deary Ready Deray Rayed Puled Relay Leary Layer Duple Linty Early Pined Lyart Piled Plied Yulan Unlay Laity Riyal Rainy Unary Yurta Riley Aunty Liney Redip Riped Tepid Yenta Yearn Tuyer Pried Entry Layin Inlay Pride Teary Perdu Raped Truly Dript Adept Unity Rapid Runny Tunny Pared Plead Pedal Paled Urped Prude Drape Padre Padle Lipid Paned Purda Plaid Drupe Upend Runty Pated Taped Duper Pardi Tinny Padri Tripe Inapt Pinna Puler Paint Patin Atrip Tapir Pinta Inept Pruta Penni Peril Plier Plant Ulpan Ripen Repin Unapt Penna Panne Pilea Arpen Print Paten Prate Peart Pater Taper Input Pareu Unrip Purin Lipin Uplit Tulip Paler Pearl Parle Plane Plena Penal Panel Unpin Pleat Plate Petal Tepal Lupin Palet Lepta Pieta Leapt Apter Plain Lapin Unpen Pilei Letup Pilau Plait Pilar Erupt Taupe Prune Idler Teiid Tried Tired Nitid Luted Diner Indri Lured Ruled Riled Under Lined Unled Nudie Nuder Trend Inned Trued Tined Tuned Indue Tendu Tiled Teind Lurid Tilde Indie Daunt Delta Lated Dealt Lader Alder Denar Redan Rated Derat Dater Anted Naled Laden Aider Ideal Ailed Aired Deair Eland Adieu Redia Irade Tared Trade Triad Ranid Nadir Drain Audit Ulnad Adult Dural Dinar Dulia Radii Iliad Tread Nidal Drail Tidal Lidar Liard Laird Unlit Inner Renin Ennui Relit Litre Liter Tiler Liner Utile Linin Tuner Linen Uteri Inrun Lunet Unlet Inurn Rutin Untie Inter Niter Inert Until Nitre Trine Inlet Elint Unite Urine Inure Nairu Liane Ariel Telia Elain Anile Alien Aline Ultra Inane Tenia Tinea Entia Ulnar Irate Ureal Urial Trial Taler Ratel Artel Later Trail Lutea Urate Litai Anent Antre Alter Alert Aurei Uraei Terai Annul Retia Lunar Learn Train Riant Ulnae Leant Renal Laten

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Definition of the word Plenitudinary, Meaning of Plenitudinary word :
a. - Having plenitude, full, complete, thorough.

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In Plenitudinary P is 16th, L is 12th, E is 5th, N is 14th, I is 9th, T is 20th, U is 21st, D is 4th, A is 1st, R is 18th, Y is 25th letters in Alphabet Series.