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Nymphs Nympho Mighty Hyping Mythoi Smithy Phytin Physes Hyssop Syphon Phyton Typhon Python Phoney Physis Mythos Thymes Hymens Homeys Hominy Phenom Myopes Eighty Mopish Ghosty Goyish Nighty Impish Eponym Shying Honeys Hoseys Spongy Toyish Pigsty Spying Typing Homing Mights Hoping Synths Hysons Shyest Pogeys Etymon Pointy Thesps Moneys Tophes Mysost Moseys Pyosis System Pyoses Sepoys Tepoys Monish Siphon Minish Myoses Isthmi Myosis Mishit Months Smiths Shmoes Theism Moshes Moping Hitmen Homies Pishes Myosin Ophite Stymie Moiety Imping Simony Enmity Inmesh Phones Hemins Potmen Stomps Tempos Yogini Hinges Neighs Thongs Sights Ghosts Eights Hogtie Toying Yogins Stying Hieing Stingy Hoeing Shogis Thegns Hosing Nights Things Stogey Mispen Impost Pitmen Impone Impose Optime Pogies Shotes Tonish Egoism Meting Epigon Pigeon Mongst Toshes Genips Hoists Pieing Stoney Pingos Gipons Posing Thesis Sponge Shines Gismos Ethion Pengos Gossip Heists Hoises Theins Spigot Opting Shiest Toping Genoms Timing Siping Ethnos Noshes Gemots Gnomes Honest Pinots Pintos Spinto Piston Pitons Opsins Points Postin Pities Poises Mioses Posies Spines Pontes Snipes Tiepin Stipes Netops Instep Spinet Postie Pistes Spites Mesons Potsie Eonism Sopite Montes Monies Miosis Posset Ptoses Opines Pointe Ponies Monist Estops Pestos Inmost Somite Intime Pinite Stimes Misset Smites Imines Tmesis Stopes Ptosis Posits Stings Stogie Gnoses Segnos Egoist Tinges Soigne Tieing Ignite Toeing Gneiss Signet Ingest Singes Tigons Stingo Ingots Gnosis Siting Seisin Insist Enosis Noesis Noises Essoin Eosins Seniti Niseis Ionise Ossein Stones Steins Stenos Setons Onsets Sonsie Insets

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Nymph Hempy Syphs Sophy Hypos Hypes Pigmy Phony Gimpy Hymns Meshy Thyme Thymi Hymen Pithy Mothy Homey Myths Hemps Empty Mopey Myope Yoghs Hying Hosey Shiny Hyson Might Hissy Gipsy Pogey Mingy Goyim Synth Honey Ships Sysop Month Piths Tipsy Piety Peony Mossy Mosey Phots Moths Money Sophs Shops Messy Piney Motey Tophs Yipes Types Gimps Poesy Sepoy Tepoy Shims Smith Potsy Typos Pesty Tophi Phons Hemin Mensh Phone Homes Minty Hopes Meths Homie Thesp Stimy Tophe Missy Meiny Spiny Misty Pyins Sight Night Thegn Eight Shogi Sighs Thing Pomes Shogs Tempo Poems Mopes Ghost Eying Thong Temps Hongs Stogy Simps Hongi Ohing Nighs Goths Hinge Impis Tying Yogin Tempi Yogis Neigh Stomp Shone Hones Hosen Shies Shent Pings Hoise Hents Thein Thens Hests Yonis Shote Piing Those Ethos Shine Gismo Hoses Shoes Gipon Pongs Smogs Styes Heist Noisy Oping Pingo Shins Stony Pengo Hosts Shots Soths Sonsy Yetis Gemot Gnome Genom Thine Shist Shits Hists Sinhs Tynes Genip Snyes Hints Thins Toney Nosey Hoist Spits Imino Minis Posit Topis Mitis Tipis Stops Pions Pints Mists Spins Snips Opsin Point Spots Misos Moist Pisos Mosts Pinot Pinto Omits Piton Posts Mints Pesto Inept Spine Snipe Poise Sipes Spite Piste Spies Pines Penis Mites Metis Items Smite Times Peins Opine Stipe Netop Pones Peons Spent Opens Stems Omens Nomes Meson Monte Moste Tomes Smote Motes Emits Semis Imine Monie Miens Seism Mises Mines Pesos Stime Stope Steps Topes Poets Poses Estop Pests Septs Posse Gists Tongs Songs Snogs Tings Singe Segni Sengi Tigon Ingot Tinge Genii Signs Sings Sting Gites Gesso Segos Gents Gests Segno Snits Tones Notes Steno Stone Seton Onset Sones Snots Nests Noses Nisei Issei Stein Tines Sties Sites Senti Nites Eosin Noise Sines Intis Inset Neist

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Definition of the word Physostigmine, Meaning of Physostigmine word :
n. - An alkaloid found in the Calabar bean (the seed of Physostigma venenosum), and extracted as a white, tasteless, substance, amorphous or crystalline, -- formerly called eserine, with which it was regarded as identical.

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