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Grump Gramp Gamps Pumas Ramps Proms Romps Prams Remap Proem Sperm Pomes Mopes Spume Poems Perms Rumps Moper Sprag Grasp Mungo Gorms Grope Pangs Prong Spang Pargo Unpeg Prang Ogams Among Mango Magus Sagum Gaums Purge Grams Pengo Gnome Genom Pager Grape Gaper Gomer Sprug Group Parge Gamer Peags Pages Gapes Omega Pongs Mange Merge Marge Regma Gorps Progs Geums Pungs Repeg Grume Games Peage Germs Mages Rumen Omens Semen Neems Mesne Mense Neume Omers Morse Mores Peers Peres Speer Spree Neums Preen Perse Prees Prese Menus Nomas Supra Ramus Emeus Penes Arums Muras Apron Praus Praos Proas Sapor Punas Peens Enorm Manor Roman Manos Meson Nomes Puree Rupee Mason Moans Amour Meres Roams Moras Monas Soman Unarm Manus Neeps Ropes Marse Mares Morae Nemas Maser Reams Smear Names Mensa Ramen Namer Morns Reman Amens Means Manse Manes Amuse Spean Sneap Pareo Opera Peans Panes Paeon Neaps Napes Aspen Norms Mourn Roups Ramee Pours Perea Porns Spurn Pease Ameer Enema Muons Paseo Arpen Pones Psoae Pores Peons Opens Prone Poser Prose Spear Spare Reaps Pareu Spore Repos Pause Mouse Meous Moues Serum Muser Mures Rapes Prune Pares Presa Apres Super Apers Purse Asper Parse Pears Prase Sprue Gores Goers Negus Gorse Erugo Rouge Ogres Rogue Goner Genro Grues Rungs Surge Urges Genus Segno Eagre Sargo Argus Gaurs Guars Sugar Grees Egers Range Reges Serge Segue Groan Regna Ogees Organ Guans Genre Green Orang Genes Argon Eager Agone Ragee Anger Genoa Agons Genua Gnars Guano Agree Agene Agues Grans Usage Rugae Auger Rages Sager Gears Sarge Agers Argue Arene Runes Roues Snore Euros Senor Ureas Nurse Aures Ranee Ursae Urase Rouen Saree Erase Usnea Snare Arose Saner Nears Nares Earns Aeons Rouse Arson Sonar Roans Reuse Ensue Erose Ernes Sneer Enure

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Definition of the word Pergamenous, Meaning of Pergamenous word :
a. - Alt. of Pergamentaceous

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