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Phytol Plashy Phyllo Phylon Poshly Typhon Python Phoney Alphyl Phylae Typhus Phenyl Phyton Plushy Syphon Upheap Supply Shoppe Snappy Sloppy Polyps Shlepp Hopple Happen Ethyls Shelty Hostly Honeys Thuyas Hyetal Thusly Shaley Shelly Youths Shanty Hyenas Hoyles Unholy Lushly Shoaly Peyotl Upshot Pathos Phonal Tophus Pusley Teapoy Payout Sulpha Ouphes Pulley Openly Plenty Tophes Pentyl Tepoys Poleyn Yaupon Yapons Platys Shapen Hapten Pylons Alephs Yupons Layups Potash Palely Spathe Psylla Phenol Phones Holpen Appose Supple Peplus Laptop Pupate Peplos Topple Pulpal Upleap Papule Palpus Petnap Nappes Apples Appels Upstep Lappet Applet Lastly Unhats Ethnos Honest Onlays Hustle Tholes Alloys Hotels Housel Hostel Helots Haunts Unlash Uhlans Halons Sleuth Lotahs Hellos Toluyl Alleys Lately Lealty Tolyls Hulloa Neatly Sanely Leanly Loathe Halest Lathes Haslet Haoles Haloes Lethal Enhalo Hansel Thenal Hantle Shelta Lehuas Snouty Lanely Snathe Hasten Thanes Hausen Solely Stoney Yentas Lonely Tellys Uneasy Unlays Slanty Yulans Outsay Auntly Astony Hollas Outlay Hallot Layout Nullah Hallos Lysate Slatey Hullos Pantos Upsent Unstop Putons Puntos Pluton Poults Unstep Pollen Letups Tupelo Netops Pontes Loupes Penult Pullet Pleons Splent Loupen Lepton Sapote Peanut Taupes Nopals Patens Teopan Lapels Pallet Pleats Plates Petals Septal Staple Paeons Tepals Pastel Palets Planes Panels Planet Platen Palest Pelota Aslope Plants Postal Allots Sallet Tauons Sultan Salute Anoles Santol Talons Stanol Stella Llanos Unseat Luteal Tolans Tulles Eluant Atolls Latens Unseal Atones Unsell Sullen Lunate Tousle Solute Lanose Etalon Lentos Stolen Telson Tolane Ensoul Lunets Osteal Solate

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Hoppy Happy Sophy Sylph Heapy Phyla Phony Pushy Phyle Hypos Haply Hypes Sappy Soppy Apply Typps Nappy Pulpy Loppy Polyp Popsy Lathy Shaly Honey Holly Hylas Synth Hosey Hyson Hotly Hasty Tushy Ethyl Hyena Thuya Yeahs Holey Hoyle Hoyas Youth Shoyu Slype Yelps Atopy Heaps Phase Shape Splay Ouphe Palsy Layup Tophe Typal Platy Plays Peony Soapy Ephas Yupon Punty Patly Thesp Pasty Soupy Pouty Aleph Patsy Pally Aptly Yaups Potsy Peaty Typos Plash Tophs Ouphs Pansy Phots Opahs Phone Paths Staph Phons Pylon Plush Phuts Shlep Pesty Helps Hopes Poesy Sepoy Tepoy Types Polys Ploys Yapon Panty Pupal Plops Palps Pulps Pepos Popes Nappe Pupas Pupae Appel Apple Pepla Slaty Nasty Tansy Antsy Atony Unsay Hello Salty Aunty Yuans Hells Shunt Hunts Sloth Holts Thous South Shout Shuln Hulls Youse Hullo Suety Stony Nutsy Lusty Sully Tolyl Sonly Lousy Tynes Ethos Thens Shent Hents Shote Those House Shone Hosen Hosel Holes Helos Sheol Helot Hones Thole Hotel Shute Style Yules Toney Nosey Yells Nelly Telly Shell Halos Uhlan Halon Shoal Altho Halts Lotah Loath Ahull Shall Yenta Yeast Halls Holla Hallo Laths Shalt Alloy Loyal Sally Onlay Tally Shoat Oaths Shaul Hulas Hauls Hants Snath Hosta Unhat Haunt Thane Neath Hanse Haets Haste Haute Heats Hates Ashen Lehua Heals Hales Haole Leash Selah Lathe Sheal Shale Lyase Alley Yeans Yulan Unlay Pesto Estop Paten Poets Stope Pones Peons Netop Spent Topes Opens Peans Aspen Upset Paeon Stupe Setup Panes Sneap Napes Neaps Spean Letup Spell Pelon Pause Taupe Pleon Punas Pants Tepas Tapes Spelt Slept Pelts Pules Pulse Paseo Psoae Loupe Slope Peats Septa Spate Pates Paste Poles Lopes Lapel Punto Poult Loups Panel Pulls Penal Plots Puton Stoup Spout Splat Pouts Punts Plats Plane Plena Leapt Lepta Spale Panto Palet Tepal Pleat Petal Plate Sepal Salep Polls Pales Peals Pleas Leaps Lapse Nopal Plant Ulpan Stupa Opals Sputa Plans Unapt Spall Palls Lutea Aeons Slant Leant Laten Stull Leans Ulnae Aloes Lunts Lanes Elans Tonal Tolls Nulls Notal Talon Tolan Slate Setal Stall Talls Stale Steal Teals Tales Taels Stela Least Alone Santo Tauon Anole Loans Salon Solan Tesla Tunes Stole Telos Toles Unlet Lunet Altos Lunes Louse Ousel Tules Ulnas Ulans Lutes Sault Toeas Stoae Lento Noels Losel Tolas Aunts Snell Tunas Saute Autos Enols Lenos Lotas Tulle Tells Usnea Talus Antes Unset Nates Etnas Touse Llano Atone Oaten Tolus Louts Lotus Atoll Ollas Salol Allot Neats Tonus Lunas Notes Onset Steno Seton Tones Stone Stane Snout

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Hype Hypo Syph Hyps Typp They Hyte Shay Hays Ashy Hoys Yeah Holy Hyla Ahoy Hoya Haps Pehs Opah Hasp Pash Yaps Spay Paty Hope Yaup Help Phat Pyas Pays Path Holp Ploy Ouph Phut Push Poly Typo Posy Yups Pony Play Heap Epha Puny Paly Phot Toph Yelp Espy Hops Posh Shop Soph Type Yeps Phon Pyes Pupa Paps Pope Pepo Peps Pops Pups Plop Pulp Apps Palp Lyse Lyes Yens Syne Yule Snye Stey Stye Hull Tyes Leys Oyes Ayes Easy Yell Eyas Yeas Hues Hets Hall Yean Hols Lush Heat Thae Hate Haet Slay Eath Luny Only Lays Toys Yous Hale Heal Haen Tony Nosy Shea Haes Nosh Huns Shun Hunt Hons Shul Hest Loth Thou Tosh Huts Shut Tush Thus Soth Shot Hots Host Holt Tyne Ally Hell Eths Nays Lath Hent Hone Halt Stay Hoes Hula Oath Lash Shoe Hose Yuan Halo Then Hats Soya Than Hast Hens Hant Haul Shat Haut Hole Helo Post Sept Pets Opts Punt Spun Pans Plot Pule Pelt Lept Step Puns Pest Naps Past Upon Poet Pent Slop Taps Pats Epos Opes Peso Pose Pons Pols Spat Tope Pens Pula Pone Peon Nope Open Plus Puls Lops Slap Opal Puts Plat Nape Span Apos Pals Puna Tups Neap Spue Supe Pane Salp Pant Pall Soap Loup Pull Atop Poll Pean Peas Spae Pase Apse Apes Soup Opus Lope Pole Leap Pots Upas Plea Peal Pale Tops Stop Spot Plan Peat Pout Tepa Tape Laps Alps Snap Pate Lots Stun Tuns Soul Lout Taos Nuts Stoa Lost Oats Oast Latu Lean Slot Unto Onus Luna Ulna Nous Alts Elan Last Saul Lunt Salt Snot Lats Auto Slat Oust Outs Tons Leal Lust Lane Slut Tolu Teal Sent Nets Tens Anus Sola Nest Lens Tone Also Lune Lent Tune Ulan Eats Noel Lone Toes Lets Ates Sane Anes Lota Tola Note Sone Slue Etna Tole Lute Lues Neat Lest Tels Tuna Aunt Tule Sole Eons Noes Nose Ones Ante Toll Sloe Oles Lose Toea Leno East Leas Lase Ales Tall Seal Sall Tela Tale Tael Late Loan Nota Olea Aloe Null Alto Taus Utas Naos Tans Ants Alls Sale Enol Teas Olla Etas Tell Sate Suet Seat Aeon Seta Ells Sell Utes

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Definition of the word Pentaphyllous, Meaning of Pentaphyllous word :
a. - Having five leaves or leaflets.

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